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Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser
Copyright 2005-2010 Dan Gilbert <dan.b.gilbert@gmail.com>
This file is part of Atlas.
Atlas is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Atlas is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Atlas; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
-- Atlas English Localization
-- Compiled by Dan Gilbert
-- loglow@gmail.com
-- Many thanks to all contributors!
-- Global Atlas Strings
AtlasSortIgnore = {"the (.+)"};
ATLAS_TITLE = "Atlas";
ATLAS_SUBTITLE = "Instance Map Browser";
ATLAS_DESC = "Atlas is an instance map browser.";
ATLAS_SLASH = "/atlas";
ATLAS_STRING_SELECT_CAT = "Select Category";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_SHOWBUT = "Show Button on Minimap";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_AUTOSEL = "Auto-Select Instance Map";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_BUTPOS = "Button Position";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_TRANS = "Transparency";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_REPMAP = "Replace the World Map";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_RCLICK = "Right-Click for World Map";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_ACRONYMS = "Display Acronyms";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CLAMPED = "Clamp window to screen";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CTRL = "Hold down Control for tooltips";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_COORDS = "Show coordinates on the World Map";
ATLAS_BUTTON_TOOLTIP_HINT = "Left-click to open Atlas.\nMiddle-click for Atlas options.\nRight-click and drag to move this button.";
ATLAS_LDB_HINT = "Left-Click to open Atlas.\nRight-Click for Atlas options.";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CATDD = "Sort Instance Maps by:";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_EASTERN = "Eastern Kingdoms Instances";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_UNDER45 = "Instances Under Level 45";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_45TO60 = "Instances Level 45-60";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_60TO70 = "Instances Level 60-70";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_70TO80 = "Instances Level 70-80";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_80PLUS = "Instances Level 80+";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_5_AE = "Instances for 5 Players A-E";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_5_FZ = "Instances for 5 Players F-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_10_AQ = "Instances for 10 Players A-Q";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_10_RZ = "Instances for 10 Players R-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_20TO40 = "Instances for 20-40 Players";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_OLD_AO = "Old World Instances A-O";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_OLD_PZ = "Old World Instances P-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_BC = "Burning Crusade Instances";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_WOTLK = "Wrath of the Lich King Instances";
ATLAS_SEARCH_UNAVAIL = "Search Unavailable";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG1 = "Atlas has detected outdated module(s).";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG2 = "They have been disabled for this character.";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG3 = "Delete them from your AddOns folder.";
AtlasZoneSubstitutions = {
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "Sunken Temple";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Temple of Ahn'Qiraj";
["Karazhan"] = "Karazhan [A] (Start)";
["Black Temple"] = "Black Temple [A] (Start)";
AtlasLocale = {
-- Zone Names, Acronyms, and Common Strings
--Common strings
["Adult"] = "Adult";
["AKA"] = "AKA";
["Alliance"] = "Alliance";
["Arcane Container"] = "Arcane Container";
["Argent Dawn"] = "Argent Dawn";
["Argent Crusade"] = "Argent Crusade";
["Arms Warrior"] = "Arms Warrior";
["Attunement Required"] = "Attunement Required";
["Back"] = "Back";
["Basement"] = "Basement";
["Bat"] = "Bat";
["Blacksmithing Plans"] = "Blacksmithing Plans";
["Boss"] = "Boss";
["Brazier of Invocation"] = "Brazier of Invocation";
["Brewfest"] = "Brewfest";
["Chase Begins"] = "Chase Begins";
["Chase Ends"] = "Chase Ends";
["Child"] = "Child";
["Connection"] = "Connection";
["DS2"] = "DS2";
["East"] = "East";
["Elevator"] = "Elevator";
["End"] = "End";
["Engineer"] = "Engineer";
["Entrance"] = "Entrance";
["Event"] = "Event";
["Exalted"] = "Exalted";
["Exit"] = "Exit";
["Fourth Stop"] = "Fourth Stop";
["Front"] = "Front";
["Ghost"] = "Ghost";
["Hallow's End"] = "Hallow's End";
["Heroic"] = "Heroic";
["Holy Paladin"] = "Holy Paladin";
["Holy Priest"] = "Holy Priest";
["Horde"] = "Horde";
["Hunter"] = "Hunter";
["Imp"] = "Imp";
["Inside"] = "Inside";
["Key"] = "Key";
["Love is in the Air"] = "Love is in the Air";
["Lower"] = "Lower";
["Lunar"] = "Lunar";
["Lunar Festival"] = "Lunar Festival";
["Mage"] = "Mage";
["Meeting Stone"] = "Meeting Stone";
["Midsummer Festival"] = "Midsummer Festival";
["Monk"] = "Monk";
["Moonwell"] = "Moonwell";
["North"] = "North";
["Optional"] = "Optional";
["Orange"] = "Orange";
["Outside"] = "Outside";
["Paladin"] = "Paladin";
["Panther"] = "Panther";
["Portal"] = "Portal";
["Priest"] = "Priest";
["Protection Warrior"] = "Protection Warrior";
["Purple"] = "Purple";
["Random"] = "Random";
["Raptor"] = "Raptor";
["Rare"] = "Rare";
["Reputation"] = "Reputation";
["Repair"] = "Repair";
["Retribution Paladin"] = "Retribution Paladin";
["Rewards"] = "Rewards";
["Rogue"] = "Rogue";
["Second Stop"] = "Second Stop";
["Shadow Priest"] = "Shadow Priest";
["Shaman"] = "Shaman";
["Side"] = "Side";
["Snake"] = "Snake";
["Spawn Point"] = "Spawn Point";
["Spider"] = "Spider";
["Start"] = "Start";
["Summon"] = "Summon";
["Teleporter"] = "Teleporter";
["Third Stop"] = "Third Stop";
["Tiger"] = "Tiger";
["Top"] = "Top";
["Undead"] = "Undead";
["Underwater"] = "Underwater";
["Unknown"] = "Unknown";
["Upper"] = "Upper";
["Varies"] = "Varies";
["Wanders"] = "Wanders";
["Warlock"] = "Warlock";
["Warrior"] = "Warrior";
["Wave 5"] = "Wave 5";
["Wave 6"] = "Wave 6";
["Wave 10"] = "Wave 10";
["Wave 12"] = "Wave 12";
["Wave 18"] = "Wave 18";
["West"] = "West";
--Instance names and acronyms
["Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom"] = "Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Ahn'Qiraj"; ["AQ"] = "AQ";
["Armory"] = "Armory";
["Auchenai Crypts"] = "Auchenai Crypts"; ["AC"] = "AC";
["Auchindoun"] = "Auchindoun"; ["Auch"] = "Auch";
["Azjol-Nerub"] = "Azjol-Nerub"; ["AN"] = "AN";
["Black Temple"] = "Black Temple"; ["BT"] = "BT";
["Blackfathom Deeps"] = "Blackfathom Deeps"; ["BFD"] = "BFD";
["Blackrock Depths"] = "Blackrock Depths"; ["BRD"] = "BRD";
["Blackrock Spire"] = "Blackrock Spire"; ["LBRS"] = "LBRS"; ["UBRS"] = "UBRS";
["Blackwing Lair"] = "Blackwing Lair"; ["BWL"] = "BWL";
["Cathedral"] = "Cathedral"; ["Cath"] = "Cath";
["Caverns of Time"] = "Caverns of Time"; ["CoT"] = "CoT";
["Chamber of Aspects"] = "Chamber of Aspects";
["Coilfang Reservoir"] = "Coilfang Reservoir"; ["CR"] = "CR";
["Crusaders' Coliseum"] = "Crusaders' Coliseum";
["Dire Maul"] = "Dire Maul"; ["DM"] = "DM";
["Drak'Tharon Keep"] = "Drak'Tharon Keep";
["Frozen Halls"] = "Frozen Halls";
["Gnomeregan"] = "Gnomeregan"; ["Gnome"] = "Gnome";
["Graveyard"] = "Graveyard"; ["GY"] = "GY";
["Gruul's Lair"] = "Gruul's Lair"; ["GL"] = "GL";
["Gundrak"] = "Gundrak";
["Halls of Lightning"] = "Halls of Lightning";
["Halls of Reflection"] = "Halls of Reflection";
["Halls of Stone"] = "Halls of Stone";
["Hellfire Citadel"] = "Hellfire Citadel"; ["HFC"] = "HFC";
["Hellfire Ramparts"] = "Hellfire Ramparts"; ["Ramp"] = "Ramp";
["Hyjal Summit"] = "Hyjal Summit"; ["CoT3"] = "CoT3";
["Icecrown Citadel"] = "Icecrown Citadel";
["Karazhan"] = "Karazhan"; ["Kara"] = "Kara";
["Library"] = "Library"; ["Lib"] = "Lib";
["Magisters' Terrace"] = "Magisters' Terrace"; ["MaT"] = "MT";
["Magtheridon's Lair"] = "Magtheridon's Lair"; ["Mag"] = "Mag";
["Mana-Tombs"] = "Mana-Tombs"; ["MT"] = "MT";
["Maraudon"] = "Maraudon"; ["Mara"] = "Mara";
["Molten Core"] = "Molten Core"; ["MC"] = "MC";
["Naxxramas"] = "Naxxramas";
["Old Hillsbrad Foothills"] = "Old Hillsbrad Foothills"; ["CoT1"] = "CoT1";
["Onyxia's Lair"] = "Onyxia's Lair"; ["Ony"] = "Ony";
["Pit of Saron"] = "Pit of Saron";
["Ragefire Chasm"] = "Ragefire Chasm"; ["RFC"] = "RFC";
["Razorfen Downs"] = "Razorfen Downs"; ["RFD"] = "RFD";
["Razorfen Kraul"] = "Razorfen Kraul"; ["RFK"] = "RFK";
["Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj"; ["AQ20"] = "AQ20";
["Scarlet Monastery"] = "Scarlet Monastery"; ["SM"] = "SM";
["Scholomance"] = "Scholomance"; ["Scholo"] = "Scholo";
["Serpentshrine Cavern"] = "Serpentshrine Cavern"; ["SC"] = "SC";
["Sethekk Halls"] = "Sethekk Halls"; ["Seth"] = "Seth";
["Shadow Labyrinth"] = "Shadow Labyrinth"; ["SL"] = "SL";
["Shadowfang Keep"] = "Shadowfang Keep"; ["SFK"] = "SFK";
["Stratholme"] = "Stratholme"; ["Strat"] = "Strat";
["Stratholme Past"] = "Stratholme Past";
["Sunken Temple"] = "Sunken Temple"; ["ST"] = "ST";
["Sunwell Plateau"] = "Sunwell Plateau"; ["SuP"] = "SP";
["Tempest Keep"] = "Tempest Keep"; ["TK"] = "TK";
["Temple of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Temple of Ahn'Qiraj"; ["AQ40"] = "AQ40";
["The Arcatraz"] = "The Arcatraz"; ["Arca"] = "Arca";
["The Black Morass"] = "The Black Morass"; ["CoT2"] = "CoT2";
["The Blood Furnace"] = "The Blood Furnace"; ["BF"] = "BF";
["The Botanica"] = "The Botanica"; ["Bota"] = "Bota";
["The Deadmines"] = "The Deadmines"; ["VC"] = "VC";
["The Eye"] = "The Eye"; ["Eye"] = "Eye";
["The Eye of Eternity"] = "The Eye of Eternity";
["The Forge of Souls"] = "The Forge of Souls";
["The Mechanar"] = "The Mechanar"; ["Mech"] = "Mech";
["The Nexus"] = "The Nexus";
["The Obsidian Sanctum"] = "The Obsidian Sanctum";
["The Oculus"] = "The Oculus";
["The Ruby Sanctum"] = "The Ruby Sanctum";
["The Shattered Halls"] = "The Shattered Halls"; ["SH"] = "SH";
["The Slave Pens"] = "The Slave Pens"; ["SP"] = "SP";
["The Steamvault"] = "The Steamvault"; ["SV"] = "SV";
["The Stockade"] = "The Stockade"; ["Stocks"] = "Stocks";
["The Underbog"] = "The Underbog"; ["UB"] = "UB";
["The Violet Hold"] = "The Violet Hold";
["Trial of the Champion"] = "Trial of the Champion";
["Trial of the Crusader"] = "Trial of the Crusader";
["Uldaman"] = "Uldaman"; ["Ulda"] = "Ulda";
["Ulduar"] = "Ulduar";
["Utgarde Keep"] = "Utgarde Keep";
["Utgarde Pinnacle"] = "Utgarde Pinnacle";
["Vault of Archavon"] = "Vault of Archavon";
["Wailing Caverns"] = "Wailing Caverns"; ["WC"] = "WC";
["Zul'Aman"] = "Zul'Aman"; ["ZA"] = "ZA";
["Zul'Farrak"] = "Zul'Farrak"; ["ZF"] = "ZF";
["Zul'Gurub"] = "Zul'Gurub"; ["ZG"] = "ZG";
--WotLK Acronyms
["AK, Kahet"] = "AK, Kahet"; -- Ahn'kahet
["AN, Nerub"] = "AN, Nerub"; -- Azjol-Nerub
["Champ"] = "Champ"; -- Trial of the Champion
["Crus"] = "Crus"; -- Trial of the Crusader
["DTK"] = "DTK"; -- Drak'Tharon Keep
["FoS"] = "FoS"; ["FH1"] = "FH1"; -- The Forge of Souls
["Gun"] = "Gun"; -- Gundrak
["HoL"] = "HoL"; -- Halls of Lightning
["HoR"] = "HoR"; ["FH3"] = "FH3"; -- Halls of Reflection
["HoS"] = "HoS"; -- Halls of Stone
["IC"] = "IC"; -- Icecrown Citadel
["Nax"] = "Nax"; -- Naxxramas
["Nex, Nexus"] = "Nex, Nexus"; -- The Nexus
["Ocu"] = "Ocu"; -- The Oculus
["OS"] = "OS"; -- The Obsidian Sanctum
["PoS"] = "PoS"; ["FH2"] = "FH2"; -- Pit of Saron
["RS"] = "RS"; -- The Ruby Sanctum
["Strat, CoT-Strat"] = "Strat, CoT-Strat"; -- Culling of Stratholme
["TEoE"] = "TEoE"; -- The Eye of Eternity
["UK, Keep"] = "UK, Keep"; -- Utgarde Keep
["Uldu"] = "Uldu"; -- Ulduar
["UP, Pinn"] = "UP, Pinn"; -- Utgarde Pinnacle
["VH"] = "VH"; -- The Violet Hold
["VoA"] = "VoA"; -- Vault of Archavon
["Eastern Kingdoms"] = "Eastern Kingdoms";
["Kalimdor"] = "Kalimdor";
["Northrend"] = "Northrend";
["Outland"] = "Outland";
--Outdoor zones, Locations
["Ashenvale"] = "Ashenvale";
["Badlands"] = "Badlands";
["Blackrock Mountain"] = "Blackrock Mountain"; ["BRM"] = "BRM";
["Blade's Edge Mountains"] = "Blade's Edge Mountains";
["Borean Tundra"] = "Borean Tundra";
["Burning Steppes"] = "Burning Steppes";
["Dalaran"] = "Dalaran";
["Deadwind Pass"] = "Deadwind Pass";
["Desolace"] = "Desolace";
["Dragonblight"] = "Dragonblight";
["Dun Morogh"] = "Dun Morogh";
["Dustwallow Marsh"] = "Dustwallow Marsh";
["Eastern Plaguelands"] = "Eastern Plaguelands";
["Feralas"] = "Feralas";
["Ghostlands"] = "Ghostlands";
["Grizzly Hills"] = "Grizzly Hills";
["Hellfire Peninsula"] = "Hellfire Peninsula";
["Howling Fjord"] = "Howling Fjord";
["Icecrown"] = "Icecrown";
["Isle of Quel'Danas"] = "Isle of Quel'Danas";
["Netherstorm"] = "Netherstorm";
["Orgrimmar"] = "Orgrimmar";
["Searing Gorge"] = "Searing Gorge";
["Shadowmoon Valley"] = "Shadowmoon Valley";
["Silithus"] = "Silithus";
["Silverpine Forest"] = "Silverpine Forest";
["Stormwind City"] = "Stormwind City";
["Stranglethorn Vale"] = "Stranglethorn Vale";
["Swamp of Sorrows"] = "Swamp of Sorrows";
["Tanaris"] = "Tanaris";
["Terokkar Forest"] = "Terokkar Forest";
["The Barrens"] = "The Barrens";
["The Storm Peaks"] = "The Storm Peaks";
["Tirisfal Glades"] = "Tirisfal Glades";
["Western Plaguelands"] = "Western Plaguelands";
["Westfall"] = "Westfall";
["Wintergrasp"] = "Wintergrasp";
["Zangarmarsh"] = "Zangarmarsh";
["Zul'Drak"] = "Zul'Drak";
-- Kalimdor Instance Data
--Ragefire Chasm
["Maur Grimtotem"] = "Maur Grimtotem";
["Oggleflint <Ragefire Chieftain>"] = "Oggleflint <Ragefire Chieftain>";
["Taragaman the Hungerer"] = "Taragaman the Hungerer";
["Jergosh the Invoker"] = "Jergosh the Invoker";
["Zelemar the Wrathful"] = "Zelemar the Wrathful";
["Bazzalan"] = "Bazzalan";
--Wailing Caverns
["Disciple of Naralex"] = "Disciple of Naralex";
["Lord Cobrahn <Fanglord>"] = "Lord Cobrahn <Fanglord>";
["Lady Anacondra <Fanglord>"] = "Lady Anacondra <Fanglord>";
["Kresh"] = "Kresh";
["Lord Pythas <Fanglord>"] = "Lord Pythas <Fanglord>";
["Skum"] = "Skum";
["Lord Serpentis <Fanglord>"] = "Lord Serpentis <Fanglord>";
["Verdan the Everliving"] = "Verdan the Everliving";
["Mutanus the Devourer"] = "Mutanus the Devourer";
["Naralex"] = "Naralex";
["Deviate Faerie Dragon"] = "Deviate Faerie Dragon";
--Blackfathom Deeps
["Ghamoo-ra"] = "Ghamoo-ra";
["Lorgalis Manuscript"] = "Lorgalis Manuscript";
["Lady Sarevess"] = "Lady Sarevess";
["Argent Guard Thaelrid <The Argent Dawn>"] = "Argent Guard Thaelrid <The Argent Dawn>";
["Gelihast"] = "Gelihast";
["Shrine of Gelihast"] = "Shrine of Gelihast";
["Lorgus Jett"] = "Lorgus Jett";
["Fathom Stone"] = "Fathom Stone";
["Baron Aquanis"] = "Baron Aquanis";
["Twilight Lord Kelris"] = "Twilight Lord Kelris";
["Old Serra'kis"] = "Old Serra'kis";
["Aku'mai"] = "Aku'mai";
["Morridune"] = "Morridune";
["Altar of the Deeps"] = "Altar of the Deeps";
--Razorfen Kraul
["Roogug"] = "Roogug";
["Aggem Thorncurse <Death's Head Prophet>"] = "Aggem Thorncurse <Death's Head Prophet>";
["Death Speaker Jargba <Death's Head Captain>"] = "Death Speaker Jargba <Death's Head Captain>";
["Overlord Ramtusk"] = "Overlord Ramtusk";
["Razorfen Spearhide"] = "Razorfen Spearhide";
["Agathelos the Raging"] = "Agathelos the Raging";
["Blind Hunter"] = "Blind Hunter";
["Charlga Razorflank <The Crone>"] = "Charlga Razorflank <The Crone>";
["Willix the Importer"] = "Willix the Importer";
["Heralath Fallowbrook"] = "Heralath Fallowbrook";
["Earthcaller Halmgar"] = "Earthcaller Halmgar";
--Razorfen Downs
["Tuten'kash"] = "Tuten'kash";
["Henry Stern"] = "Henry Stern";
["Belnistrasz"] = "Belnistrasz";
["Sah'rhee"] = "Sah'rhee";
["Mordresh Fire Eye"] = "Mordresh Fire Eye";
["Glutton"] = "Glutton";
["Ragglesnout"] = "Ragglesnout";
["Amnennar the Coldbringer"] = "Amnennar the Coldbringer";
["Plaguemaw the Rotting"] = "Plaguemaw the Rotting";
["Antu'sul <Overseer of Sul>"] = "Antu'sul <Overseer of Sul>";
["Theka the Martyr"] = "Theka the Martyr";
["Witch Doctor Zum'rah"] = "Witch Doctor Zum'rah";
["Zul'Farrak Dead Hero"] = "Zul'Farrak Dead Hero";
["Nekrum Gutchewer"] = "Nekrum Gutchewer";
["Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz"] = "Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz";
["Dustwraith"] = "Dustwraith";
["Sergeant Bly"] = "Sergeant Bly";
["Weegli Blastfuse"] = "Weegli Blastfuse";
["Murta Grimgut"] = "Murta Grimgut";
["Raven"] = "Raven";
["Oro Eyegouge"] = "Oro Eyegouge";
["Sandfury Executioner"] = "Sandfury Executioner";
["Hydromancer Velratha"] = "Hydromancer Velratha";
["Gahz'rilla"] = "Gahz'rilla";
["Elder Wildmane"] = "Elder Wildmane";
["Chief Ukorz Sandscalp"] = "Chief Ukorz Sandscalp";
["Ruuzlu"] = "Ruuzlu";
["Zerillis"] = "Zerillis";
["Sandarr Dunereaver"] = "Sandarr Dunereaver";
["Scepter of Celebras"] = "Scepter of Celebras";
["Veng <The Fifth Khan>"] = "Veng <The Fifth Khan>";
["Noxxion"] = "Noxxion";
["Razorlash"] = "Razorlash";
["Maraudos <The Fourth Khan>"] = "Maraudos <The Fourth Khan>";
["Lord Vyletongue"] = "Lord Vyletongue";
["Meshlok the Harvester"] = "Meshlok the Harvester";
["Celebras the Cursed"] = "Celebras the Cursed";
["Landslide"] = "Landslide";
["Tinkerer Gizlock"] = "Tinkerer Gizlock";
["Rotgrip"] = "Rotgrip";
["Princess Theradras"] = "Princess Theradras";
["Elder Splitrock"] = "Elder Splitrock";
--Dire Maul (East)
["Pusillin"] = "Pusillin";
["Zevrim Thornhoof"] = "Zevrim Thornhoof";
["Hydrospawn"] = "Hydrospawn";
["Lethtendris"] = "Lethtendris";
["Pimgib"] = "Pimgib";
["Old Ironbark"] = "Old Ironbark";
["Alzzin the Wildshaper"] = "Alzzin the Wildshaper";
["Isalien"] = "Isalien";
--Dire Maul (North)
["Crescent Key"] = "Crescent Key";--omitted from Dire Maul (West)
--"Library" omitted from here and DM West because of SM: "Library" duplicate
["Guard Mol'dar"] = "Guard Mol'dar";
["Stomper Kreeg <The Drunk>"] = "Stomper Kreeg <The Drunk>";
["Guard Fengus"] = "Guard Fengus";
["Knot Thimblejack"] = "Knot Thimblejack";
["Guard Slip'kik"] = "Guard Slip'kik";
["Captain Kromcrush"] = "Captain Kromcrush";
["King Gordok"] = "King Gordok";
["Cho'Rush the Observer"] = "Cho'Rush the Observer";
--Dire Maul (West)
["J'eevee's Jar"] = "J'eevee's Jar";
["Pylons"] = "Pylons";
["Shen'dralar Ancient"] = "Shen'dralar Ancient";
["Tendris Warpwood"] = "Tendris Warpwood";
["Ancient Equine Spirit"] = "Ancient Equine Spirit";
["Illyanna Ravenoak"] = "Illyanna Ravenoak";
["Ferra"] = "Ferra";
["Magister Kalendris"] = "Magister Kalendris";
["Tsu'zee"] = "Tsu'zee";
["Immol'thar"] = "Immol'thar";
["Lord Hel'nurath"] = "Lord Hel'nurath";
["Prince Tortheldrin"] = "Prince Tortheldrin";
["Falrin Treeshaper"] = "Falrin Treeshaper";
["Lorekeeper Lydros"] = "Lorekeeper Lydros";
["Lorekeeper Javon"] = "Lorekeeper Javon";
["Lorekeeper Kildrath"] = "Lorekeeper Kildrath";
["Lorekeeper Mykos"] = "Lorekeeper Mykos";
["Shen'dralar Provisioner"] = "Shen'dralar Provisioner";
["Skeletal Remains of Kariel Winthalus"] = "Skeletal Remains of Kariel Winthalus";
--Onyxia's Lair
["Onyxian Warders"] = "Onyxian Warders";
["Whelp Eggs"] = "Whelp Eggs";
["Onyxia"] = "Onyxia";
--Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
["Brood of Nozdormu"] = "Brood of Nozdormu";
["The Prophet Skeram"] = "The Prophet Skeram";
["The Bug Family"] = "The Bug Family";
["Vem"] = "Vem";
["Lord Kri"] = "Lord Kri";
["Princess Yauj"] = "Princess Yauj";
["Battleguard Sartura"] = "Battleguard Sartura";
["Fankriss the Unyielding"] = "Fankriss the Unyielding";
["Viscidus"] = "Viscidus";
["Princess Huhuran"] = "Princess Huhuran";
["Twin Emperors"] = "Twin Emperors";
["Emperor Vek'lor"] = "Emperor Vek'lor";
["Emperor Vek'nilash"] = "Emperor Vek'nilash";
["Ouro"] = "Ouro";
["Eye of C'Thun"] = "Eye of C'Thun";
["C'Thun"] = "C'Thun";
["Andorgos <Brood of Malygos>"] = "Andorgos <Brood of Malygos>";
["Vethsera <Brood of Ysera>"] = "Vethsera <Brood of Ysera>";
["Kandrostrasz <Brood of Alexstrasza>"] = "Kandrostrasz <Brood of Alexstrasza>";
["Arygos"] = "Arygos";
["Caelestrasz"] = "Caelestrasz";
["Merithra of the Dream"] = "Merithra of the Dream";
--Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
["Cenarion Circle"] = "Cenarion Circle";
["Kurinnaxx"] = "Kurinnaxx";
["Lieutenant General Andorov"] = "Lieutenant General Andorov";
["Four Kaldorei Elites"] = "Four Kaldorei Elites";
["General Rajaxx"] = "General Rajaxx";
["Captain Qeez"] = "Captain Qeez";
["Captain Tuubid"] = "Captain Tuubid";
["Captain Drenn"] = "Captain Drenn";
["Captain Xurrem"] = "Captain Xurrem";
["Major Yeggeth"] = "Major Yeggeth";
["Major Pakkon"] = "Major Pakkon";
["Colonel Zerran"] = "Colonel Zerran";
["Moam"] = "Moam";
["Buru the Gorger"] = "Buru the Gorger";
["Ayamiss the Hunter"] = "Ayamiss the Hunter";
["Ossirian the Unscarred"] = "Ossirian the Unscarred";
["Safe Room"] = "Safe Room";
--CoT: The Black Morass
["Opening of the Dark Portal"] = "Opening of the Dark Portal";
["Keepers of Time"] = "Keepers of Time";--omitted from Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Key of Time"] = "Key of Time";--omitted from Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Sa'at <Keepers of Time>"] = "Sa'at <Keepers of Time>";
["Chrono Lord Deja"] = "Chrono Lord Deja";
["Temporus"] = "Temporus";
["Aeonus"] = "Aeonus";
["The Dark Portal"] = "The Dark Portal";
["Medivh"] = "Medivh";
--CoT: Hyjal Summit
["Battle for Mount Hyjal"] = "Battle for Mount Hyjal";
["The Scale of the Sands"] = "The Scale of the Sands";
["Alliance Base"] = "Alliance Base";
["Lady Jaina Proudmoore"] = "Lady Jaina Proudmoore";
["Horde Encampment"] = "Horde Encampment";
["Thrall <Warchief>"] = "Thrall <Warchief>";
["Night Elf Village"] = "Night Elf Village";
["Tyrande Whisperwind <High Priestess of Elune>"] = "Tyrande Whisperwind <High Priestess of Elune>";
["Rage Winterchill"] = "Rage Winterchill";
["Anetheron"] = "Anetheron";
["Kaz'rogal"] = "Kaz'rogal";
["Azgalor"] = "Azgalor";
["Archimonde"] = "Archimonde";
["Indormi <Keeper of Ancient Gem Lore>"] = "Indormi <Keeper of Ancient Gem Lore>";
["Tydormu <Keeper of Lost Artifacts>"] = "Tydormu <Keeper of Lost Artifacts>";
--CoT: Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Escape from Durnholde Keep"] = "Escape from Durnholde Keep";
["Erozion"] = "Erozion";
["Brazen"] = "Brazen";
["Landing Spot"] = "Landing Spot";
["Southshore"] = "Southshore";
["Tarren Mill"] = "Tarren Mill";
["Lieutenant Drake"] = "Lieutenant Drake";
["Thrall"] = "Thrall";
["Captain Skarloc"] = "Captain Skarloc";
["Epoch Hunter"] = "Epoch Hunter";
["Taretha"] = "Taretha";
["Jonathan Revah"] = "Jonathan Revah";
["Jerry Carter"] = "Jerry Carter";
["Traveling"] = "Traveling";
["Thomas Yance <Travelling Salesman>"] = "Thomas Yance <Travelling Salesman>";
["Aged Dalaran Wizard"] = "Aged Dalaran Wizard";
["Kel'Thuzad <The Kirin Tor>"] = "Kel'Thuzad <The Kirin Tor>";
["Helcular"] = "Helcular";
["Farmer Kent"] = "Farmer Kent";
["Sally Whitemane"] = "Sally Whitemane";
["Renault Mograine"] = "Renault Mograine";
["Little Jimmy Vishas"] = "Little Jimmy Vishas";
["Herod the Bully"] = "Herod the Bully";
["Nat Pagle"] = "Nat Pagle";
["Hal McAllister"] = "Hal McAllister";
["Zixil <Aspiring Merchant>"] = "Zixil <Aspiring Merchant>";
["Overwatch Mark 0 <Protector>"] = "Overwatch Mark 0 <Protector>";
["Southshore Inn"] = "Southshore Inn";
["Captain Edward Hanes"] = "Captain Edward Hanes";
["Captain Sanders"] = "Captain Sanders";
["Commander Mograine"] = "Commander Mograine";
["Isillien"] = "Isillien";
["Abbendis"] = "Abbendis";
["Fairbanks"] = "Fairbanks";
["Tirion Fordring"] = "Tirion Fordring";
["Arcanist Doan"] = "Arcanist Doan";
["Taelan"] = "Taelan";
["Barkeep Kelly <Bartender>"] = "Barkeep Kelly <Bartender>";
["Frances Lin <Barmaid>"] = "Frances Lin <Barmaid>";
["Chef Jessen <Speciality Meat & Slop>"] = "Chef Jessen <Speciality Meat & Slop>";
["Stalvan Mistmantle"] = "Stalvan Mistmantle";
["Phin Odelic <The Kirin Tor>"] = "Phin Odelic <The Kirin Tor>";
["Southshore Town Hall"] = "Southshore Town Hall";
["Magistrate Henry Maleb"] = "Magistrate Henry Maleb";
["Raleigh the True"] = "Raleigh the True";
["Nathanos Marris"] = "Nathanos Marris";
["Bilger the Straight-laced"] = "Bilger the Straight-laced";
["Innkeeper Monica"] = "Innkeeper Monica";
["Julie Honeywell"] = "Julie Honeywell";
["Jay Lemieux"] = "Jay Lemieux";
["Young Blanchy"] = "Young Blanchy";
["Don Carlos"] = "Don Carlos";
["Guerrero"] = "Guerrero";
-- Eastern Kingdoms Instances
--Blackrock Depths
["Shadowforge Key"] = "Shadowforge Key";
["Prison Cell Key"] = "Prison Cell Key";
["Jail Break!"] = "Jail Break!";
["Banner of Provocation"] = "Banner of Provocation";
["Lord Roccor"] = "Lord Roccor";
["Kharan Mighthammer"] = "Kharan Mighthammer";
["Commander Gor'shak <Kargath Expeditionary Force>"] = "Commander Gor'shak <Kargath Expeditionary Force>";
["Marshal Windsor"] = "Marshal Windsor";
["High Interrogator Gerstahn <Twilight's Hammer Interrogator>"] = "High Interrogator Gerstahn <Twilight's Hammer Interrogator>";
["Ring of Law"] = "Ring of Law";
["Anub'shiah"] = "Anub'shiah";
["Eviscerator"] = "Eviscerator";
["Gorosh the Dervish"] = "Gorosh the Dervish";
["Grizzle"] = "Grizzle";
["Hedrum the Creeper"] = "Hedrum the Creeper";
["Ok'thor the Breaker"] = "Ok'thor the Breaker";
["Theldren"] = "Theldren";
["Lefty"] = "Lefty";
["Malgen Longspear"] = "Malgen Longspear";
["Gnashjaw <Malgen Longspear's Pet>"] = "Gnashjaw <Malgen Longspear's Pet>";
["Rotfang"] = "Rotfang";
["Va'jashni"] = "Va'jashni";
["Houndmaster Grebmar"] = "Houndmaster Grebmar";
["Elder Morndeep"] = "Elder Morndeep";
["High Justice Grimstone"] = "High Justice Grimstone";
["Monument of Franclorn Forgewright"] = "Monument of Franclorn Forgewright";
["Pyromancer Loregrain"] = "Pyromancer Loregrain";
["The Vault"] = "The Vault";
["Warder Stilgiss"] = "Warder Stilgiss";
["Verek"] = "Verek";
["Watchman Doomgrip"] = "Watchman Doomgrip";
["Fineous Darkvire <Chief Architect>"] = "Fineous Darkvire <Chief Architect>";
["The Black Anvil"] = "The Black Anvil";
["Lord Incendius"] = "Lord Incendius";
["Bael'Gar"] = "Bael'Gar";
["Shadowforge Lock"] = "Shadowforge Lock";
["General Angerforge"] = "General Angerforge";
["Golem Lord Argelmach"] = "Golem Lord Argelmach";
["Field Repair Bot 74A"] = "Field Repair Bot 74A";
["The Grim Guzzler"] = "The Grim Guzzler";
["Hurley Blackbreath"] = "Hurley Blackbreath";
["Lokhtos Darkbargainer <The Thorium Brotherhood>"] = "Lokhtos Darkbargainer <The Thorium Brotherhood>";
["Mistress Nagmara"] = "Mistress Nagmara";
["Phalanx"] = "Phalanx";
["Plugger Spazzring"] = "Plugger Spazzring";
["Private Rocknot"] = "Private Rocknot";
["Ribbly Screwspigot"] = "Ribbly Screwspigot";
["Coren Direbrew"] = "Coren Direbrew";
["Griz Gutshank <Arena Vendor>"] = "Griz Gutshank <Arena Vendor>";
["Ambassador Flamelash"] = "Ambassador Flamelash";
["Panzor the Invincible"] = "Panzor the Invincible";
["Summoner's Tomb"] = "Summoner's Tomb";
["The Lyceum"] = "The Lyceum";
["Magmus"] = "Magmus";
["Emperor Dagran Thaurissan"] = "Emperor Dagran Thaurissan";
["Princess Moira Bronzebeard <Princess of Ironforge>"] = "Princess Moira Bronzebeard <Princess of Ironforge>";
["High Priestess of Thaurissan"] = "High Priestess of Thaurissan";
["The Black Forge"] = "The Black Forge";
["Core Fragment"] = "Core Fragment";
["Overmaster Pyron"] = "Overmaster Pyron";
--Blackrock Spire (Lower)
["Vaelan"] = "Vaelan";
["Warosh <The Cursed>"] = "Warosh <The Cursed>";
["Elder Stonefort"] = "Elder Stonefort";
["Roughshod Pike"] = "Roughshod Pike";
["Spirestone Butcher"] = "Spirestone Butcher";
["Highlord Omokk"] = "Highlord Omokk";
["Spirestone Battle Lord"] = "Spirestone Battle Lord";
["Spirestone Lord Magus"] = "Spirestone Lord Magus";
["Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin"] = "Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin";
["Fifth Mosh'aru Tablet"] = "Fifth Mosh'aru Tablet";
["Bijou"] = "Bijou";
["War Master Voone"] = "War Master Voone";
["Mor Grayhoof"] = "Mor Grayhoof";
["Sixth Mosh'aru Tablet"] = "Sixth Mosh'aru Tablet";
["Bijou's Belongings"] = "Bijou's Belongings";
["Human Remains"] = "Human Remains";
["Unfired Plate Gauntlets"] = "Unfired Plate Gauntlets";
["Bannok Grimaxe <Firebrand Legion Champion>"] = "Bannok Grimaxe <Firebrand Legion Champion>";
["Mother Smolderweb"] = "Mother Smolderweb";
["Crystal Fang"] = "Crystal Fang";
["Urok's Tribute Pile"] = "Urok's Tribute Pile";
["Urok Doomhowl"] = "Urok Doomhowl";
["Quartermaster Zigris <Bloodaxe Legion>"] = "Quartermaster Zigris <Bloodaxe Legion>";
["Halycon"] = "Halycon";
["Gizrul the Slavener"] = "Gizrul the Slavener";
["Ghok Bashguud <Bloodaxe Champion>"] = "Ghok Bashguud <Bloodaxe Champion>";
["Overlord Wyrmthalak"] = "Overlord Wyrmthalak";
["Burning Felguard"] = "Burning Felguard";
--Blackrock Spire (Upper)
["Pyroguard Emberseer"] = "Pyroguard Emberseer";
["Solakar Flamewreath"] = "Solakar Flamewreath";
["Father Flame"] = "Father Flame";
["Darkstone Tablet"] = "Darkstone Tablet";
["Doomrigger's Coffer"] = "Doomrigger's Coffer";
["Jed Runewatcher <Blackhand Legion>"] = "Jed Runewatcher <Blackhand Legion>";
["Goraluk Anvilcrack <Blackhand Legion Armorsmith>"] = "Goraluk Anvilcrack <Blackhand Legion Armorsmith>";
["Warchief Rend Blackhand"] = "Warchief Rend Blackhand";
["Gyth <Rend Blackhand's Mount>"] = "Gyth <Rend Blackhand's Mount>";
["Awbee"] = "Awbee";
["The Beast"] = "The Beast";
["Lord Valthalak"] = "Lord Valthalak";
["Finkle Einhorn"] = "Finkle Einhorn";
["General Drakkisath"] = "General Drakkisath";
["Drakkisath's Brand"] = "Drakkisath's Brand";
--Blackwing Lair
["Razorgore the Untamed"] = "Razorgore the Untamed";
["Vaelastrasz the Corrupt"] = "Vaelastrasz the Corrupt";
["Broodlord Lashlayer"] = "Broodlord Lashlayer";
["Firemaw"] = "Firemaw";
["Draconic for Dummies (Chapter VII)"] = "Draconic for Dummies (Chapter VII)";
["Master Elemental Shaper Krixix"] = "Master Elemental Shaper Krixix";
["Ebonroc"] = "Ebonroc";
["Flamegor"] = "Flamegor";
["Chromaggus"] = "Chromaggus";
["Nefarian"] = "Nefarian";
["Workshop Key"] = "Workshop Key";
["Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse"] = "Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse";
["Grubbis"] = "Grubbis";
["Chomper"] = "Chomper";
["Clean Room"] = "Clean Room";
["Tink Sprocketwhistle <Engineering Supplies>"] = "Tink Sprocketwhistle <Engineering Supplies>";
["The Sparklematic 5200"] = "The Sparklematic 5200";
["Mail Box"] = "Mail Box";
["Kernobee"] = "Kernobee";
["Alarm-a-bomb 2600"] = "Alarm-a-bomb 2600";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-B"] = "Matrix Punchograph 3005-B";
["Viscous Fallout"] = "Viscous Fallout";
["Electrocutioner 6000"] = "Electrocutioner 6000";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-C"] = "Matrix Punchograph 3005-C";
["Crowd Pummeler 9-60"] = "Crowd Pummeler 9-60";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-D"] = "Matrix Punchograph 3005-D";
["Dark Iron Ambassador"] = "Dark Iron Ambassador";
["Mekgineer Thermaplugg"] = "Mekgineer Thermaplugg";
--Molten Core
["Hydraxian Waterlords"] = "Hydraxian Waterlords";
["Lucifron"] = "Lucifron";
["Magmadar"] = "Magmadar";
["Gehennas"] = "Gehennas";
["Garr"] = "Garr";
["Shazzrah"] = "Shazzrah";
["Baron Geddon"] = "Baron Geddon";
["Golemagg the Incinerator"] = "Golemagg the Incinerator";
["Sulfuron Harbinger"] = "Sulfuron Harbinger";
["Majordomo Executus"] = "Majordomo Executus";
["Ragnaros"] = "Ragnaros";
--SM: Library
["Houndmaster Loksey"] = "Houndmaster Loksey";
["Arcanist Doan"] = "Arcanist Doan";
--SM: Armory
["The Scarlet Key"] = "The Scarlet Key";--omitted from SM: Cathedral
["Herod <The Scarlet Champion>"] = "Herod <The Scarlet Champion>";
--SM: Cathedral
["High Inquisitor Fairbanks"] = "High Inquisitor Fairbanks";
["Scarlet Commander Mograine"] = "Scarlet Commander Mograine";
["High Inquisitor Whitemane"] = "High Inquisitor Whitemane";
--SM: Graveyard
["Interrogator Vishas"] = "Interrogator Vishas";
["Vorrel Sengutz"] = "Vorrel Sengutz";
["Pumpkin Shrine"] = "Pumpkin Shrine";
["Headless Horseman"] = "Headless Horseman";
["Bloodmage Thalnos"] = "Bloodmage Thalnos";
["Ironspine"] = "Ironspine";
["Azshir the Sleepless"] = "Azshir the Sleepless";
["Fallen Champion"] = "Fallen Champion";
["Skeleton Key"] = "Skeleton Key";
["Viewing Room Key"] = "Viewing Room Key";
["Viewing Room"] = "Viewing Room";
["Blood of Innocents"] = "Blood of Innocents";
["Divination Scryer"] = "Divination Scryer";
["Blood Steward of Kirtonos"] = "Blood Steward of Kirtonos";
["The Deed to Southshore"] = "The Deed to Southshore";
["Kirtonos the Herald"] = "Kirtonos the Herald";
["Jandice Barov"] = "Jandice Barov";
["The Deed to Tarren Mill"] = "The Deed to Tarren Mill";
["Rattlegore"] = "Rattlegore";
["Death Knight Darkreaver"] = "Death Knight Darkreaver";
["Marduk Blackpool"] = "Marduk Blackpool";
["Vectus"] = "Vectus";
["Ras Frostwhisper"] = "Ras Frostwhisper";
["The Deed to Brill"] = "The Deed to Brill";
["Kormok"] = "Kormok";
["Instructor Malicia"] = "Instructor Malicia";
["Doctor Theolen Krastinov <The Butcher>"] = "Doctor Theolen Krastinov <The Butcher>";
["Lorekeeper Polkelt"] = "Lorekeeper Polkelt";
["The Ravenian"] = "The Ravenian";
["Lord Alexei Barov"] = "Lord Alexei Barov";
["The Deed to Caer Darrow"] = "The Deed to Caer Darrow";
["Lady Illucia Barov"] = "Lady Illucia Barov";
["Darkmaster Gandling"] = "Darkmaster Gandling";
["Torch Lever"] = "Torch Lever";
["Secret Chest"] = "Secret Chest";
["Alchemy Lab"] = "Alchemy Lab";
--Shadowfang Keep
["Deathsworn Captain"] = "Deathsworn Captain";
["Rethilgore <The Cell Keeper>"] = "Rethilgore <The Cell Keeper>";
["Sorcerer Ashcrombe"] = "Sorcerer Ashcrombe";
["Deathstalker Adamant"] = "Deathstalker Adamant";
["Landen Stilwell"] = "Landen Stilwell";
["Investigator Fezzen Brasstacks"] = "Investigator Fezzen Brasstacks";
["Deathstalker Vincent"] = "Deathstalker Vincent";
["Apothecary Trio"] = "Apothecary Trio";
["Apothecary Hummel <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "Apothecary Hummel <Crown Chemical Co.>";
["Apothecary Baxter <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "Apothecary Baxter <Crown Chemical Co.>";
["Apothecary Frye <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "Apothecary Frye <Crown Chemical Co.>";
["Fel Steed"] = "Fel Steed";
["Jordan's Hammer"] = "Jordan's Hammer";
["Crate of Ingots"] = "Crate of Ingots";
["Razorclaw the Butcher"] = "Razorclaw the Butcher";
["Baron Silverlaine"] = "Baron Silverlaine";
["Commander Springvale"] = "Commander Springvale";
["Odo the Blindwatcher"] = "Odo the Blindwatcher";
["Fenrus the Devourer"] = "Fenrus the Devourer";
["Arugal's Voidwalker"] = "Arugal's Voidwalker";
["The Book of Ur"] = "The Book of Ur";
["Wolf Master Nandos"] = "Wolf Master Nandos";
["Archmage Arugal"] = "Archmage Arugal";
["The Scarlet Key"] = "The Scarlet Key";
["Key to the City"] = "Key to the City";
["Various Postbox Keys"] = "Various Postbox Keys";
["Living Side"] = "Living Side";
["Undead Side"] = "Undead Side";
["Skul"] = "Skul";
["Stratholme Courier"] = "Stratholme Courier";
["Fras Siabi"] = "Fras Siabi";
["Atiesh <Hand of Sargeras>"] = "Atiesh <Hand of Sargeras>";
["Hearthsinger Forresten"] = "Hearthsinger Forresten";
["The Unforgiven"] = "The Unforgiven";
["Elder Farwhisper"] = "Elder Farwhisper";
["Timmy the Cruel"] = "Timmy the Cruel";
["Malor the Zealous"] = "Malor the Zealous";
["Malor's Strongbox"] = "Malor's Strongbox";
["Crimson Hammersmith"] = "Crimson Hammersmith";
["Cannon Master Willey"] = "Cannon Master Willey";
["Archivist Galford"] = "Archivist Galford";
["Grand Crusader Dathrohan"] = "Grand Crusader Dathrohan";
["Balnazzar"] = "Balnazzar";
["Sothos"] = "Sothos";
["Jarien"] = "Jarien";
["Magistrate Barthilas"] = "Magistrate Barthilas";
["Aurius"] = "Aurius";
["Stonespine"] = "Stonespine";
["Baroness Anastari"] = "Baroness Anastari";
["Black Guard Swordsmith"] = "Black Guard Swordsmith";
["Nerub'enkan"] = "Nerub'enkan";
["Maleki the Pallid"] = "Maleki the Pallid";
["Ramstein the Gorger"] = "Ramstein the Gorger";
["Baron Rivendare"] = "Baron Rivendare";
["Ysida Harmon"] = "Ysida Harmon";
["Crusaders' Square Postbox"] = "Crusaders' Square Postbox";
["Market Row Postbox"] = "Market Row Postbox";
["Festival Lane Postbox"] = "Festival Lane Postbox";
["Elders' Square Postbox"] = "Elders' Square Postbox";
["King's Square Postbox"] = "King's Square Postbox";
["Fras Siabi's Postbox"] = "Fras Siabi's Postbox";
["3rd Box Opened"] = "3rd Box Opened";
["Postmaster Malown"] = "Postmaster Malown";
--The Deadmines
["Rhahk'Zor <The Foreman>"] = "Rhahk'Zor <The Foreman>";
["Miner Johnson"] = "Miner Johnson";
["Sneed <Lumbermaster>"] = "Sneed <Lumbermaster>";
["Sneed's Shredder <Lumbermaster>"] = "Sneed's Shredder <Lumbermaster>";
["Gilnid <The Smelter>"] = "Gilnid <The Smelter>";
["Defias Gunpowder"] = "Defias Gunpowder";
["Captain Greenskin"] = "Captain Greenskin";
["Edwin VanCleef <Defias Kingpin>"] = "Edwin VanCleef <Defias Kingpin>";
["Mr. Smite <The Ship's First Mate>"] = "Mr. Smite <The Ship's First Mate>";
["Cookie <The Ship's Cook>"] = "Cookie <The Ship's Cook>";
--The Stockade
["Targorr the Dread"] = "Targorr the Dread";
["Kam Deepfury"] = "Kam Deepfury";
["Hamhock"] = "Hamhock";
["Bazil Thredd"] = "Bazil Thredd";
["Dextren Ward"] = "Dextren Ward";
["Bruegal Ironknuckle"] = "Bruegal Ironknuckle";
--The Sunken Temple
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "The Temple of Atal'Hakkar";
["Yeh'kinya's Scroll"] = "Yeh'kinya's Scroll";
["Atal'ai Defenders"] = "Atal'ai Defenders";
["Gasher"] = "Gasher";
["Loro"] = "Loro";
["Hukku"] = "Hukku";
["Zolo"] = "Zolo";
["Mijan"] = "Mijan";
["Zul'Lor"] = "Zul'Lor";
["Altar of Hakkar"] = "Altar of Hakkar";
["Atal'alarion <Guardian of the Idol>"] = "Atal'alarion <Guardian of the Idol>";
["Dreamscythe"] = "Dreamscythe";
["Weaver"] = "Weaver";
["Avatar of Hakkar"] = "Avatar of Hakkar";
["Jammal'an the Prophet"] = "Jammal'an the Prophet";
["Ogom the Wretched"] = "Ogom the Wretched";
["Morphaz"] = "Morphaz";
["Hazzas"] = "Hazzas";
["Shade of Eranikus"] = "Shade of Eranikus";
["Essence Font"] = "Essence Font";
["Spawn of Hakkar"] = "Spawn of Hakkar";
["Elder Starsong"] = "Elder Starsong";
["Statue Activation Order"] = "Statue Activation Order";
["Staff of Prehistoria"] = "Staff of Prehistoria";
["Baelog"] = "Baelog";
["Eric \"The Swift\""] = "Eric \"The Swift\"";
["Olaf"] = "Olaf";
["Baelog's Chest"] = "Baelog's Chest";
["Conspicuous Urn"] = "Conspicuous Urn";
["Remains of a Paladin"] = "Remains of a Paladin";
["Revelosh"] = "Revelosh";
["Ironaya"] = "Ironaya";
["Obsidian Sentinel"] = "Obsidian Sentinel";
["Annora <Enchanting Trainer>"] = "Annora <Enchanting Trainer>";
["Ancient Stone Keeper"] = "Ancient Stone Keeper";
["Galgann Firehammer"] = "Galgann Firehammer";
["Tablet of Will"] = "Tablet of Will";
["Shadowforge Cache"] = "Shadowforge Cache";
["Grimlok <Stonevault Chieftain>"] = "Grimlok <Stonevault Chieftain>";
["Archaedas <Ancient Stone Watcher>"] = "Archaedas <Ancient Stone Watcher>";
["The Discs of Norgannon"] = "The Discs of Norgannon";
["Ancient Treasure"] = "Ancient Treasure";
["Zandalar Tribe"] = "Zandalar Tribe";
["Mudskunk Lure"] = "Mudskunk Lure";
["Gurubashi Mojo Madness"] = "Gurubashi Mojo Madness";
["High Priestess Jeklik"] = "High Priestess Jeklik";
["High Priest Venoxis"] = "High Priest Venoxis";
["Zanza the Restless"] = "Zanza the Restless";
["High Priestess Mar'li"] = "High Priestess Mar'li";
["Bloodlord Mandokir"] = "Bloodlord Mandokir";
["Ohgan"] = "Ohgan";
["Edge of Madness"] = "Edge of Madness";
["Gri'lek"] = "Gri'lek";
["Hazza'rah"] = "Hazza'rah";
["Renataki"] = "Renataki";
["Wushoolay"] = "Wushoolay";
["Gahz'ranka"] = "Gahz'ranka";
["High Priest Thekal"] = "High Priest Thekal";
["Zealot Zath"] = "Zealot Zath";
["Zealot Lor'Khan"] = "Zealot Lor'Khan";
["High Priestess Arlokk"] = "High Priestess Arlokk";
["Jin'do the Hexxer"] = "Jin'do the Hexxer";
["Hakkar"] = "Hakkar";
["Muddy Churning Waters"] = "Muddy Churning Waters";
--Karazhan Start
["The Violet Eye"] = "The Violet Eye";--omitted from Karazhan End
["The Master's Key"] = "The Master's Key";--omitted from Karazhan End
["Staircase to the Ballroom"] = "Staircase to the Ballroom";
["Stairs to Upper Stable"] = "Stairs to Upper Stable";
["Ramp to the Guest Chambers"] = "Ramp to the Guest Chambers";
["Stairs to Opera House Orchestra Level"] = "Stairs to Opera House Orchestra Level";
["Ramp from Mezzanine to Balcony"] = "Ramp from Mezzanine to Balcony";
["Connection to Master's Terrace"] = "Connection to Master's Terrace";
["Path to the Broken Stairs"] = "Path to the Broken Stairs";--omitted from Karazhan End
["Hastings <The Caretaker>"] = "Hastings <The Caretaker>";
["Servant Quarters"] = "Servant Quarters";
["Hyakiss the Lurker"] = "Hyakiss the Lurker";
["Rokad the Ravager"] = "Rokad the Ravager";
["Shadikith the Glider"] = "Shadikith the Glider";
["Berthold <The Doorman>"] = "Berthold <The Doorman>";
["Calliard <The Nightman>"] = "Calliard <The Nightman>";
["Attumen the Huntsman"] = "Attumen the Huntsman";
["Midnight"] = "Midnight";
["Koren <The Blacksmith>"] = "Koren <The Blacksmith>";
["Moroes <Tower Steward>"] = "Moroes <Tower Steward>";
["Baroness Dorothea Millstipe"] = "Baroness Dorothea Millstipe";
["Lady Catriona Von'Indi"] = "Lady Catriona Von'Indi";
["Lady Keira Berrybuck"] = "Lady Keira Berrybuck";
["Baron Rafe Dreuger"] = "Baron Rafe Dreuger";
["Lord Robin Daris"] = "Lord Robin Daris";
["Lord Crispin Ference"] = "Lord Crispin Ference";
["Bennett <The Sergeant at Arms>"] = "Bennett <The Sergeant at Arms>";
["Ebonlocke <The Noble>"] = "Ebonlocke <The Noble>";
["Keanna's Log"] = "Keanna's Log";
["Maiden of Virtue"] = "Maiden of Virtue";
["Sebastian <The Organist>"] = "Sebastian <The Organist>";
["Barnes <The Stage Manager>"] = "Barnes <The Stage Manager>";
["The Opera Event"] = "The Opera Event";
["Red Riding Hood"] = "Red Riding Hood";
["The Big Bad Wolf"] = "The Big Bad Wolf";
["Wizard of Oz"] = "Wizard of Oz";
["Dorothee"] = "Dorothee";
["Tito"] = "Tito";
["Strawman"] = "Strawman";
["Tinhead"] = "Tinhead";
["Roar"] = "Roar";
["The Crone"] = "The Crone";
["Romulo and Julianne"] = "Romulo and Julianne";
["Romulo"] = "Romulo";
["Julianne"] = "Julianne";
["The Master's Terrace"] = "The Master's Terrace";
["Nightbane"] = "Nightbane";
--Karazhan End
["Broken Stairs"] = "Broken Stairs";
["Ramp to Guardian's Library"] = "Ramp to Guardian's Library";
["Suspicious Bookshelf"] = "Suspicious Bookshelf";
["Ramp up to the Celestial Watch"] = "Ramp up to the Celestial Watch";
["Ramp down to the Gamesman's Hall"] = "Ramp down to the Gamesman's Hall";
["Chess Event"] = "Chess Event";
["Ramp to Medivh's Chamber"] = "Ramp to Medivh's Chamber";
["Spiral Stairs to Netherspace"] = "Spiral Stairs to Netherspace";
["The Curator"] = "The Curator";
["Wravien <The Mage>"] = "Wravien <The Mage>";
["Gradav <The Warlock>"] = "Gradav <The Warlock>";
["Kamsis <The Conjurer>"] = "Kamsis <The Conjurer>";
["Terestian Illhoof"] = "Terestian Illhoof";
["Kil'rek"] = "Kil'rek";
["Shade of Aran"] = "Shade of Aran";
["Netherspite"] = "Netherspite";
["Ythyar"] = "Ythyar";
["Echo of Medivh"] = "Echo of Medivh";
["Dust Covered Chest"] = "Dust Covered Chest";
["Prince Malchezaar"] = "Prince Malchezaar";
["Harrison Jones"] = "Harrison Jones";
["Nalorakk <Bear Avatar>"] = "Nalorakk <Bear Avatar>";
["Tanzar"] = "Tanzar";
["The Map of Zul'Aman"] = "The Map of Zul'Aman";
["Akil'Zon <Eagle Avatar>"] = "Akil'Zon <Eagle Avatar>";
["Harkor"] = "Harkor";
["Jan'Alai <Dragonhawk Avatar>"] = "Jan'Alai <Dragonhawk Avatar>";
["Kraz"] = "Kraz";
["Halazzi <Lynx Avatar>"] = "Halazzi <Lynx Avatar>";
["Ashli"] = "Ashli";
["Zungam"] = "Zungam";
["Hex Lord Malacrass"] = "Hex Lord Malacrass";
["Thurg"] = "Thurg";
["Gazakroth"] = "Gazakroth";
["Lord Raadan"] = "Lord Raadan";
["Darkheart"] = "Darkheart";
["Alyson Antille"] = "Alyson Antille";
["Slither"] = "Slither";
["Fenstalker"] = "Fenstalker";
["Koragg"] = "Koragg";
["Zul'jin"] = "Zul'jin";
["Forest Frogs"] = "Forest Frogs";
["Kyren <Reagents>"] = "Kyren <Reagents>";
["Gunter <Food Vendor>"] = "Gunter <Food Vendor>";
["Adarrah"] = "Adarrah";
["Brennan"] = "Brennan";
["Darwen"] = "Darwen";
["Deez"] = "Deez";
["Galathryn"] = "Galathryn";
["Mitzi"] = "Mitzi";
["Mannuth"] = "Mannuth";
--Magisters Terrace
["Shattered Sun Offensive"] = "Shattered Sun Offensive";
["Selin Fireheart"] = "Selin Fireheart";
["Fel Crystals"] = "Fel Crystals";
["Tyrith"] = "Tyrith";
["Vexallus"] = "Vexallus";
["Scrying Orb"] = "Scrying Orb";
["Kalecgos"] = "Kalecgos";--omitted from SP
["Priestess Delrissa"] = "Priestess Delrissa";
["Apoko"] = "Apoko";
["Eramas Brightblaze"] = "Eramas Brightblaze";
["Ellrys Duskhallow"] = "Ellrys Duskhallow";
["Fizzle"] = "Fizzle";
["Garaxxas"] = "Garaxxas";
["Sliver <Garaxxas' Pet>"] = "Sliver <Garaxxas' Pet>";
["Kagani Nightstrike"] = "Kagani Nightstrike";
["Warlord Salaris"] = "Warlord Salaris";
["Yazzai"] = "Yazzai";
["Zelfan"] = "Zelfan";
["Kael'thas Sunstrider <Lord of the Blood Elves>"] = "Kael'thas Sunstrider <Lord of the Blood Elves>";--omitted from TK: The Eye
--Sunwell Plateau
["Sathrovarr the Corruptor"] = "Sathrovarr the Corruptor";
["Madrigosa"] = "Madrigosa";
["Brutallus"] = "Brutallus";
["Felmyst"] = "Felmyst";
["Eredar Twins"] = "Eredar Twins";
["Grand Warlock Alythess"] = "Grand Warlock Alythess";
["Lady Sacrolash"] = "Lady Sacrolash";
["M'uru"] = "M'uru";
["Entropius"] = "Entropius";
["Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver>"] = "Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver>";
-- Outland Instances
--HFC: The Blood Furnace
["Thrallmar"] = "Thrallmar"; --omitted from other HFC
["Honor Hold"] = "Honor Hold";--omitted from other HFC
["Flamewrought Key"] = "Flamewrought Key";--omitted from other HFC
["The Maker"] = "The Maker";
["Broggok"] = "Broggok";
["Keli'dan the Breaker"] = "Keli'dan the Breaker";
--HFC: The Shattered Halls
["Shattered Halls Key"] = "Shattered Halls Key";
["Randy Whizzlesprocket"] = "Randy Whizzlesprocket";
["Drisella"] = "Drisella";
["Grand Warlock Nethekurse"] = "Grand Warlock Nethekurse";
["Blood Guard Porung"] = "Blood Guard Porung";
["Warbringer O'mrogg"] = "Warbringer O'mrogg";
["Warchief Kargath Bladefist"] = "Warchief Kargath Bladefist";
["Shattered Hand Executioner"] = "Shattered Hand Executioner";
["Private Jacint"] = "Private Jacint";
["Rifleman Brownbeard"] = "Rifleman Brownbeard";
["Captain Alina"] = "Captain Alina";
["Scout Orgarr"] = "Scout Orgarr";
["Korag Proudmane"] = "Korag Proudmane";
["Captain Boneshatter"] = "Captain Boneshatter";
--HFC: Hellfire Ramparts
["Watchkeeper Gargolmar"] = "Watchkeeper Gargolmar";
["Omor the Unscarred"] = "Omor the Unscarred";
["Vazruden"] = "Vazruden";
["Nazan <Vazruden's Mount>"] = "Nazan <Vazruden's Mount>";
["Reinforced Fel Iron Chest"] = "Reinforced Fel Iron Chest";
--HFC: Magtheridon's Lair
["Magtheridon"] = "Magtheridon";
--CR: The Slave Pens
["Cenarion Expedition"] = "Cenarion Expedition";--omitted from other CR
["Reservoir Key"] = "Reservoir Key";--omitted from other CR
["Mennu the Betrayer"] = "Mennu the Betrayer";
["Weeder Greenthumb"] = "Weeder Greenthumb";
["Skar'this the Heretic"] = "Skar'this the Heretic";
["Rokmar the Crackler"] = "Rokmar the Crackler";
["Naturalist Bite"] = "Naturalist Bite";
["Quagmirran"] = "Quagmirran";
["Ahune <The Frost Lord>"] = "Ahune <The Frost Lord>";
--CR: The Underbog
["Hungarfen"] = "Hungarfen";
["The Underspore"] = "The Underspore";
["Ghaz'an"] = "Ghaz'an";
["Earthbinder Rayge"] = "Earthbinder Rayge";
["Swamplord Musel'ek"] = "Swamplord Musel'ek";
["Claw <Swamplord Musel'ek's Pet>"] = "Claw <Swamplord Musel'ek's Pet>";
["The Black Stalker"] = "The Black Stalker";
--CR: The Steamvault
["Hydromancer Thespia"] = "Hydromancer Thespia";
["Main Chambers Access Panel"] = "Main Chambers Access Panel";
["Second Fragment Guardian"] = "Second Fragment Guardian";
["Mekgineer Steamrigger"] = "Mekgineer Steamrigger";
["Warlord Kalithresh"] = "Warlord Kalithresh";
--CR: Serpentshrine Cavern
["Hydross the Unstable <Duke of Currents>"] = "Hydross the Unstable <Duke of Currents>";
["The Lurker Below"] = "The Lurker Below";
["Leotheras the Blind"] = "Leotheras the Blind";
["Fathom-Lord Karathress"] = "Fathom-Lord Karathress";
["Seer Olum"] = "Seer Olum";
["Morogrim Tidewalker"] = "Morogrim Tidewalker";
["Lady Vashj <Coilfang Matron>"] = "Lady Vashj <Coilfang Matron>";
--Auch: Mana-Tombs
["The Consortium"] = "The Consortium";
["Auchenai Key"] = "Auchenai Key";--omitted from other Auch
["The Eye of Haramad"] = "The Eye of Haramad";
["Pandemonius"] = "Pandemonius";
["Shadow Lord Xiraxis"] = "Shadow Lord Xiraxis";
["Ambassador Pax'ivi"] = "Ambassador Pax'ivi";
["Tavarok"] = "Tavarok";
["Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen"] = "Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen";
["Ethereal Transporter Control Panel"] = "Ethereal Transporter Control Panel";
["Nexus-Prince Shaffar"] = "Nexus-Prince Shaffar";
["Yor <Void Hound of Shaffar>"] = "Yor <Void Hound of Shaffar>";
--Auch: Auchenai Crypts
["Lower City"] = "Lower City";--omitted from other Auch
["Shirrak the Dead Watcher"] = "Shirrak the Dead Watcher";
["Exarch Maladaar"] = "Exarch Maladaar";
["Avatar of the Martyred"] = "Avatar of the Martyred";
["D'ore"] = "D'ore";
--Auch: Sethekk Halls
["Essence-Infused Moonstone"] = "Essence-Infused Moonstone";
["Darkweaver Syth"] = "Darkweaver Syth";
["Lakka"] = "Lakka";
["The Saga of Terokk"] = "The Saga of Terokk";
["Anzu"] = "Anzu";
["Talon King Ikiss"] = "Talon King Ikiss";
--Auch: Shadow Labyrinth
["Shadow Labyrinth Key"] = "Shadow Labyrinth Key";
["Spy To'gun"] = "Spy To'gun";
["Ambassador Hellmaw"] = "Ambassador Hellmaw";
["Blackheart the Inciter"] = "Blackheart the Inciter";
["Grandmaster Vorpil"] = "Grandmaster Vorpil";
["The Codex of Blood"] = "The Codex of Blood";
["Murmur"] = "Murmur";
["First Fragment Guardian"] = "First Fragment Guardian";
--TK: The Botanica
["The Sha'tar"] = "The Sha'tar";--omitted from other TK
["Warpforged Key"] = "Warpforged Key";--omitted from other TK
["Commander Sarannis"] = "Commander Sarannis";
["High Botanist Freywinn"] = "High Botanist Freywinn";
["Thorngrin the Tender"] = "Thorngrin the Tender";
["Laj"] = "Laj";
["Warp Splinter"] = "Warp Splinter";
--TK: The Arcatraz
["Key to the Arcatraz"] = "Key to the Arcatraz";
["Zereketh the Unbound"] = "Zereketh the Unbound";
["Third Fragment Guardian"] = "Third Fragment Guardian";
["Dalliah the Doomsayer"] = "Dalliah the Doomsayer";
["Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates"] = "Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates";
["Udalo"] = "Udalo";
["Harbinger Skyriss"] = "Harbinger Skyriss";
["Warden Mellichar"] = "Warden Mellichar";
["Millhouse Manastorm"] = "Millhouse Manastorm";
--TK: The Mechanar
["Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill"] = "Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill";
["Gatewatcher Iron-Hand"] = "Gatewatcher Iron-Hand";
["Cache of the Legion"] = "Cache of the Legion";
["Mechano-Lord Capacitus"] = "Mechano-Lord Capacitus";
["Overcharged Manacell"] = "Overcharged Manacell";
["Nethermancer Sepethrea"] = "Nethermancer Sepethrea";
["Pathaleon the Calculator"] = "Pathaleon the Calculator";
--TK: The Eye
["Al'ar <Phoenix God>"] = "Al'ar <Phoenix God>";
["Void Reaver"] = "Void Reaver";
["High Astromancer Solarian"] = "High Astromancer Solarian";
["Thaladred the Darkener <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "Thaladred the Darkener <Advisor to Kael'thas>";
["Master Engineer Telonicus <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "Master Engineer Telonicus <Advisor to Kael'thas>";
["Grand Astromancer Capernian <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "Grand Astromancer Capernian <Advisor to Kael'thas>";
["Lord Sanguinar <The Blood Hammer>"] = "Lord Sanguinar <The Blood Hammer>";
--Gruul's Lair
["High King Maulgar <Lord of the Ogres>"] = "High King Maulgar <Lord of the Ogres>";
["Kiggler the Crazed"] = "Kiggler the Crazed";
["Blindeye the Seer"] = "Blindeye the Seer";
["Olm the Summoner"] = "Olm the Summoner";
["Krosh Firehand"] = "Krosh Firehand";
["Gruul the Dragonkiller"] = "Gruul the Dragonkiller";
--Black Temple (Start)
["Ashtongue Deathsworn"] = "Ashtongue Deathsworn";--omitted from other BT
["Towards Reliquary of Souls"] = "Towards Reliquary of Souls";
["Towards Teron Gorefiend"] = "Towards Teron Gorefiend";
["Towards Illidan Stormrage"] = "Towards Illidan Stormrage";
["Spirit of Olum"] = "Spirit of Olum";
["High Warlord Naj'entus"] = "High Warlord Naj'entus";
["Supremus"] = "Supremus";
["Shade of Akama"] = "Shade of Akama";
["Spirit of Udalo"] = "Spirit of Udalo";
["Aluyen <Reagents>"] = "Aluyen <Reagents>";
["Okuno <Ashtongue Deathsworn Quartermaster>"] = "Okuno <Ashtongue Deathsworn Quartermaster>";
["Seer Kanai"] = "Seer Kanai";
--Black Temple (Basement)
["Gurtogg Bloodboil"] = "Gurtogg Bloodboil";
["Reliquary of Souls"] = "Reliquary of Souls";
["Essence of Suffering"] = "Essence of Suffering";
["Essence of Desire"] = "Essence of Desire";
["Essence of Anger"] = "Essence of Anger";
["Teron Gorefiend"] = "Teron Gorefiend";
--Black Temple (Top)
["Mother Shahraz"] = "Mother Shahraz";
["The Illidari Council"] = "The Illidari Council";
["Lady Malande"] = "Lady Malande";
["Gathios the Shatterer"] = "Gathios the Shatterer";
["High Nethermancer Zerevor"] = "High Nethermancer Zerevor";
["Veras Darkshadow"] = "Veras Darkshadow";
["Illidan Stormrage <The Betrayer>"] = "Illidan Stormrage <The Betrayer>";
-- Instance Entrance Maps
--Auchindoun (Entrance)
["Ha'Lei"] = "Ha'Lei";
["Greatfather Aldrimus"] = "Greatfather Aldrimus";
["Clarissa"] = "Clarissa";
["Ramdor the Mad"] = "Ramdor the Mad";
["Horvon the Armorer <Armorsmith>"] = "Horvon the Armorer <Armorsmith>";
["Nexus-Prince Haramad"] = "Nexus-Prince Haramad";
["Artificer Morphalius"] = "Artificer Morphalius";
["Mamdy the \"Ologist\""] = "Mamdy the \"Ologist\"";
["\"Slim\" <Shady Dealer>"] = "\"Slim\" <Shady Dealer>";
["\"Captain\" Kaftiz"] = "\"Captain\" Kaftiz";
["Isfar"] = "Isfar";
["Field Commander Mahfuun"] = "Field Commander Mahfuun";
["Spy Grik'tha"] = "Spy Grik'tha";
["Provisioner Tsaalt"] = "Provisioner Tsaalt";
["Dealer Tariq <Shady Dealer>"] = "Dealer Tariq <Shady Dealer>";
--Blackfathom Deeps (Entrance)
--Nothing to translate!
--Blackrock Mountain (Entrance)
["Bodley"] = "Bodley";
["Overmaster Pyron"] = "Overmaster Pyron";
["Lothos Riftwaker"] = "Lothos Riftwaker";
["Franclorn Forgewright"] = "Franclorn Forgewright";
["Orb of Command"] = "Orb of Command";
["Scarshield Quartermaster <Scarshield Legion>"] = "Scarshield Quartermaster <Scarshield Legion>";
--Coilfang Reservoir (Entrance)
["Watcher Jhang"] = "Watcher Jhang";
["Mortog Steamhead"] = "Mortog Steamhead";
--Gnomeregan (Entrance)
["Transpolyporter"] = "Transpolyporter";
["Sprok <Away Team>"] = "Sprok <Away Team>";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-A"] = "Matrix Punchograph 3005-A";
["Namdo Bizzfizzle <Engineering Supplies>"] = "Namdo Bizzfizzle <Engineering Supplies>";
["Techbot"] = "Techbot";
--Maraudon (Entrance)
["The Nameless Prophet"] = "The Nameless Prophet";
["Kolk <The First Kahn>"] = "Kolk <The First Kahn>";
["Gelk <The Second Kahn>"] = "Gelk <The Second Kahn>";
["Magra <The Third Kahn>"] = "Magra <The Third Kahn>";
["Cavindra"] = "Cavindra";
--The Deadmines (Entrance)
["Marisa du'Paige"] = "Marisa du'Paige";
["Brainwashed Noble"] = "Brainwashed Noble";
["Foreman Thistlenettle"] = "Foreman Thistlenettle";
--Sunken Temple (Entrance)
["Jade"] = "Jade";
["Kazkaz the Unholy"] = "Kazkaz the Unholy";
["Zekkis"] = "Zekkis";
["Veyzhak the Cannibal"] = "Veyzhak the Cannibal";
--Uldaman (Entrance)
["Hammertoe Grez"] = "Hammertoe Grez";
["Magregan Deepshadow"] = "Magregan Deepshadow";
["Tablet of Ryun'Eh"] = "Tablet of Ryun'Eh";
["Krom Stoutarm's Chest"] = "Krom Stoutarm's Chest";
["Garrett Family Chest"] = "Garrett Family Chest";
["Digmaster Shovelphlange"] = "Digmaster Shovelphlange";
--Wailing Caverns (Entrance)
["Mad Magglish"] = "Mad Magglish";
["Trigore the Lasher"] = "Trigore the Lasher";
["Boahn <Druid of the Fang>"] = "Boahn <Druid of the Fang>";
["Above the Entrance:"] = "Above the Entrance:";
["Ebru <Disciple of Naralex>"] = "Ebru <Disciple of Naralex>";
["Nalpak <Disciple of Naralex>"] = "Nalpak <Disciple of Naralex>";
["Kalldan Felmoon <Specialist Leatherworking Supplies>"] = "Kalldan Felmoon <Specialist Leatherworking Supplies>";
["Waldor <Leatherworking Trainer>"] = "Waldor <Leatherworking Trainer>";
--Dire Maul (Entrance)
["Dire Pool"] = "Dire Pool";
["Dire Maul Arena"] = "Dire Maul Arena";
["Mushgog"] = "Mushgog";
["Skarr the Unbreakable"] = "Skarr the Unbreakable";
["The Razza"] = "The Razza";
["Elder Mistwalker"] = "Elder Mistwalker";
--Caverns of Time (Entrance)
["Steward of Time <Keepers of Time>"] = "Steward of Time <Keepers of Time>";
["Alexston Chrome <Tavern of Time>"] = "Alexston Chrome <Tavern of Time>";
["Yarley <Armorer>"] = "Yarley <Armorer>";
["Bortega <Reagents & Poison Supplies>"] = "Bortega <Reagents & Poison Supplies>";
["Galgrom <Provisioner>"] = "Galgrom <Provisioner>";
["Alurmi <Keepers of Time Quartermaster>"] = "Alurmi <Keepers of Time Quartermaster>";
["Zaladormu"] = "Zaladormu";
["Soridormi <The Scale of Sands>"] = "Soridormi <The Scale of Sands>";
["Arazmodu <The Scale of Sands>"] = "Arazmodu <The Scale of Sands>";
["Andormu <Keepers of Time>"] = "Andormu <Keepers of Time>";
["Nozari <Keepers of Time>"] = "Nozari <Keepers of Time>";
--Karazhan (Entrance)
["Archmage Leryda"] = "Archmage Leryda";
["Apprentice Darius"] = "Apprentice Darius";
["Archmage Alturus"] = "Archmage Alturus";
["Stairs to Underground Pond"] = "Stairs to Underground Pond";
["Stairs to Underground Well"] = "Stairs to Underground Well";
["Charred Bone Fragment"] = "Charred Bone Fragment";
--Scarlet Monastery (Entrance)
--Nothing to translate!
-- WotLK Instances
--I'm switching from continent grouping to expansion grouping.
--Azjol-Nerub: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
["Elder Nadox"] = "Elder Nadox";
["Prince Taldaram"] = "Prince Taldaram";
["Jedoga Shadowseeker"] = "Jedoga Shadowseeker";
["Herald Volazj"] = "Herald Volazj";
["Amanitar"] = "Amanitar";
["Ahn'kahet Brazier"] = "Ahn'kahet Brazier";
--Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub
["Krik'thir the Gatewatcher"] = "Krik'thir the Gatewatcher";
["Watcher Gashra"] = "Watcher Gashra";
["Watcher Narjil"] = "Watcher Narjil";
["Watcher Silthik"] = "Watcher Silthik";
["Hadronox"] = "Hadronox";
["Anub'arak"] = "Anub'arak";
--Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme
["The Culling of Stratholme"] = "The Culling of Stratholme";
["Meathook"] = "Meathook";
["Salramm the Fleshcrafter"] = "Salramm the Fleshcrafter";
["Chrono-Lord Epoch"] = "Chrono-Lord Epoch";
["Mal'Ganis"] = "Mal'Ganis";
["Chromie"] = "Chromie";
["Infinite Corruptor"] = "Infinite Corruptor";
["Guardian of Time"] = "Guardian of Time";
["Scourge Invasion Points"] = "Scourge Invasion Points";
--Drak'Tharon Keep
["Trollgore"] = "Trollgore";
["Novos the Summoner"] = "Novos the Summoner";
["King Dred"] = "King Dred";
["The Prophet Tharon'ja"] = "The Prophet Tharon'ja";
["Kurzel"] = "Kurzel";
["Drakuru's Brazier"] = "Drakuru's Brazier";
["Slad'ran <High Prophet of Sseratus>"] = "Slad'ran <High Prophet of Sseratus>";
["Drakkari Colossus"] = "Drakkari Colossus";
["Moorabi <High Prophet of Mam'toth>"] = "Moorabi <High Prophet of Mam'toth>";
["Gal'darah <High Prophet of Akali>"] = "Gal'darah <High Prophet of Akali>";
["Eck the Ferocious"] = "Eck the Ferocious";
--Icecrown Citadel
["The Ashen Verdict"] = "The Ashen Verdict";
["Lord Marrowgar"] = "Lord Marrowgar";
["Lady Deathwhisper"] = "Lady Deathwhisper";
["Gunship Battle"] = "Gunship Battle";
["Deathbringer Saurfang"] = "Deathbringer Saurfang";
["Festergut"] = "Festergut";
["Rotface"] = "Rotface";
["Professor Putricide"] = "Professor Putricide";
["Blood Prince Council"] = "Blood Prince Council";
["Prince Keleseth"] = "Prince Keleseth";
["Prince Taldaram"] = "Prince Taldaram";
["Prince Valanar"] = "Prince Valanar";
["Blood-Queen Lana'thel"] = "Blood-Queen Lana'thel";
["Valithria Dreamwalker"] = "Valithria Dreamwalker";
["Sindragosa <Queen of the Frostbrood>"] = "Sindragosa <Queen of the Frostbrood>";
["The Lich King"] = "The Lich King";
["To next map"] = "To next map";
["From previous map"] = "From previous map";
["Light's Hammer"] = "Light's Hammer";
["Oratory of the Damned"] = "Oratory of the Damned";
["Rampart of Skulls"] = "Rampart of Skulls";
["Deathbringer's Rise"] = "Deathbringer's Rise";
["Upper Spire"] = "Upper Spire";
["Sindragosa's Lair"] = "Sindragosa's Lair";
["The Frozen Throne"] = "The Frozen Throne";
["Mr. Bigglesworth"] = "Mr. Bigglesworth";
["Construct Quarter"] = "Construct Quarter";
["Patchwerk"] = "Patchwerk";
["Grobbulus"] = "Grobbulus";
["Gluth"] = "Gluth";
["Thaddius"] = "Thaddius";
["Arachnid Quarter"] = "Arachnid Quarter";
["Anub'Rekhan"] = "Anub'Rekhan";
["Grand Widow Faerlina"] = "Grand Widow Faerlina";
["Maexxna"] = "Maexxna";
["Military Quarter"] = "Military Quarter";
["Instructor Razuvious"] = "Instructor Razuvious";
["Gothik the Harvester"] = "Gothik the Harvester";
["The Four Horsemen"] = "The Four Horsemen";
["Thane Korth'azz"] = "Thane Korth'azz";
["Lady Blaumeux"] = "Lady Blaumeux";
--Baron Rivendare omitted, listed under Stratholme
["Sir Zeliek"] = "Sir Zeliek";
["Four Horsemen Chest"] = "Four Horsemen Chest";
["Plague Quarter"] = "Plague Quarter";
["Noth the Plaguebringer"] = "Noth the Plaguebringer";
["Heigan the Unclean"] = "Heigan the Unclean";
["Loatheb"] = "Loatheb";
["Frostwyrm Lair"] = "Frostwyrm Lair";
["Sapphiron"] = "Sapphiron";
["Kel'Thuzad"] = "Kel'Thuzad";
--The Nexus: The Nexus
["Anomalus"] = "Anomalus";
["Ormorok the Tree-Shaper"] = "Ormorok the Tree-Shaper";
["Grand Magus Telestra"] = "Grand Magus Telestra";
["Keristrasza"] = "Keristrasza";
["Commander Stoutbeard"] = "Commander Stoutbeard";
["Berinand's Research"] = "Berinand's Research";
["Commander Kolurg"] = "Commander Kolurg";
--The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity
["Malygos"] = "Malygos";
["Key to the Focusing Iris"] = "Key to the Focusing Iris";
--The Nexus: The Oculus
["Drakos the Interrogator"] = "Drakos the Interrogator";
["Mage-Lord Urom"] = "Mage-Lord Urom";
["Ley-Guardian Eregos"] = "Ley-Guardian Eregos";
["Varos Cloudstrider <Azure-Lord of the Blue Dragonflight>"] = "Varos Cloudstrider <Azure-Lord of the Blue Dragonflight>";
["Centrifuge Construct"] = "Centrifuge Construct";
["Cache of Eregos"] = "Cache of Eregos";
--The Frozen Halls: The Forge of Souls
--Lady Jaina Proudmoore omitted, in Hyjal Summit
["Archmage Koreln <Kirin Tor>"] = "Archmage Koreln <Kirin Tor>";
["Archmage Elandra <Kirin Tor>"] = "Archmage Elandra <Kirin Tor>";
["Lady Sylvanas Windrunner <Banshee Queen>"] = "Lady Sylvanas Windrunner <Banshee Queen>";
["Dark Ranger Loralen"] = "Dark Ranger Loralen";
["Dark Ranger Kalira"] = "Dark Ranger Kalira";
["Bronjahm <Godfather of Souls>"] = "Bronjahm <Godfather of Souls>";
["Devourer of Souls"] = "Devourer of Souls";
--The Frozen Halls: Pit of Saron
--6 beginning NPCs omitted, see The Forge of Souls
["Forgemaster Garfrost"] = "Forgemaster Garfrost";
["Martin Victus"] = "Martin Victus";
["Gorkun Ironskull"] = "Gorkun Ironskull";
["Krick and Ick"] = "Krick and Ick";
["Scourgelord Tyrannus"] = "Scourgelord Tyrannus";
["Rimefang"] = "Rimefang";
--The Frozen Halls: Halls of Reflection
--3 beginning NPCs omitted, see The Forge of Souls
["Falric"] = "Falric";
["Marwyn"] = "Marwyn";
["Wrath of the Lich King"] = "Wrath of the Lich King";
["The Captain's Chest"] = "The Captain's Chest";
--The Obsidian Sanctum
["Black Dragonflight Chamber"] = "Black Dragonflight Chamber";
["Sartharion <The Onyx Guardian>"] = "Sartharion <The Onyx Guardian>";
["Tenebron"] = "Tenebron";
["Shadron"] = "Shadron";
["Vesperon"] = "Vesperon";
--The Violet Hold
["Erekem"] = "Erekem";
["Zuramat the Obliterator"] = "Zuramat the Obliterator";
["Xevozz"] = "Xevozz";
["Ichoron"] = "Ichoron";
["Moragg"] = "Moragg";
["Lavanthor"] = "Lavanthor";
["Cyanigosa"] = "Cyanigosa";
["The Violet Hold Key"] = "The Violet Hold Key";
--Trial of the Champion
["Grand Champions"] = "Grand Champions";
["Champions of the Alliance"] = "Champions of the Alliance";
["Marshal Jacob Alerius"] = "Marshal Jacob Alerius";
["Ambrose Boltspark"] = "Ambrose Boltspark";
["Colosos"] = "Colosos";
["Jaelyne Evensong"] = "Jaelyne Evensong";
["Lana Stouthammer"] = "Lana Stouthammer";
["Champions of the Horde"] = "Champions of the Horde";
["Mokra the Skullcrusher"] = "Mokra the Skullcrusher";
["Eressea Dawnsinger"] = "Eressea Dawnsinger";
["Runok Wildmane"] = "Runok Wildmane";
["Zul'tore"] = "Zul'tore";
["Deathstalker Visceri"] = "Deathstalker Visceri";
["Eadric the Pure <Grand Champion of the Argent Crusade>"] = "Eadric the Pure <Grand Champion of the Argent Crusade>";
["Argent Confessor Paletress"] = "Argent Confessor Paletress";
["The Black Knight"] = "The Black Knight";
--Trial of the Crusader
["Cavern Entrance"] = "Cavern Entrance";
["Northrend Beasts"] = "Northrend Beasts";
["Gormok the Impaler"] = "Gormok the Impaler";
["Acidmaw"] = "Acidmaw";
["Dreadscale"] = "Dreadscale";
["Icehowl"] = "Icehowl";
["Lord Jaraxxus"] = "Lord Jaraxxus";
["Faction Champions"] = "Faction Champions";
["Twin Val'kyr"] = "Twin Val'kyr";
["Fjola Lightbane"] = "Fjola Lightbane";
["Eydis Darkbane"] = "Eydis Darkbane";
["Anub'arak"] = "Anub'arak";
["Heroic: Trial of the Grand Crusader"] = "Heroic: Trial of the Grand Crusader";
--Ulduar: Halls of Lightning
["General Bjarngrim"] = "General Bjarngrim";
["Volkhan"] = "Volkhan";
["Ionar"] = "Ionar";
["Loken"] = "Loken";
--Ulduar: Halls of Stone
["Tribunal Chest"] = "Tribunal Chest";
["Krystallus"] = "Krystallus";
["Brann Bronzebeard"] = "Brann Bronzebeard";
["Sjonnir the Ironshaper"] = "Sjonnir the Ironshaper";
["Maiden of Grief"] = "Maiden of Grief";
-- Ulduar General
["Celestial Planetarium Key"] = "Celestial Planetarium Key";
["The Siege"] = "The Siege";
["The Antechamber"] = "The Antechamber"; --B
["The Keepers"] = "The Keepers"; --C
["Spark of Imagination"] = "Spark of Imagination"; --D
["Descent into Madness"] = "Descent into Madness"; --E
-- Ulduar A
["Flame Leviathan"] = "Flame Leviathan";
["Ignis the Furnace Master"] = "Ignis the Furnace Master";
["Razorscale"] = "Razorscale";
["XT-002 Deconstructor"] = "XT-002 Deconstructor";
["Expedition Base Camp"] = "Expedition Base Camp";
["Formation Grounds"] = "Formation Grounds";
["The Colossal Forge"] = "The Colossal Forge";
["The Scrapyard"] = "The Scrapyard";
["Tower of Life"] = "Tower of Life";
["Tower of Flame"] = "Tower of Flame";
["Tower of Frost"] = "Tower of Frost";
["Tower of Storms"] = "Tower of Storms";
-- Ulduar B
["Assembly of Iron"] = "Assembly of Iron";
["Steelbreaker"] = "Steelbreaker";
["Runemaster Molgeim"] = "Runemaster Molgeim";
["Stormcaller Brundir"] = "Stormcaller Brundir";
["Kologarn"] = "Kologarn";
["Algalon the Observer"] = "Algalon the Observer";
["Antechamber of Ulduar"] = "Antechamber of Ulduar";
["Prospector Doren"] = "Prospector Doren";
["Archivum Console"] = "Archivum Console";
-- Ulduar C
["Auriaya"] = "Auriaya";
["Freya"] = "Freya";
["Thorim"] = "Thorim";
["Hodir"] = "Hodir";
["The Shattered Walkway"] = "The Shattered Walkway";
["The Conservatory of Life"] = "The Conservatory of Life";
-- Ulduar D
["Mimiron"] = "Mimiron";
-- Ulduar E
["General Vezax"] = "General Vezax";
["Yogg-Saron"] = "Yogg-Saron";
["Prison of Yogg-Saron"] = "Prison of Yogg-Saron";
--Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep
["Prince Keleseth <The San'layn>"] = "Prince Keleseth <The San'layn>";
["Dalronn the Controller"] = "Dalronn the Controller";
["Ingvar the Plunderer"] = "Ingvar the Plunderer";
["Dark Ranger Marrah"] = "Dark Ranger Marrah";
--Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle
["Brigg Smallshanks"] = "Brigg Smallshanks";
["Svala Sorrowgrave"] = "Svala Sorrowgrave";
["Gortok Palehoof"] = "Gortok Palehoof";
["Skadi the Ruthless"] = "Skadi the Ruthless";
["King Ymiron"] = "King Ymiron";
["Skarvald the Constructor"] = "Skarvald the Constructor";
--Vault of Archavon
["Archavon the Stone Watcher"] = "Archavon the Stone Watcher";
["Emalon the Storm Watcher"] = "Emalon the Storm Watcher";
["Koralon the Flame Watcher"] = "Koralon the Flame Watcher";
["Toravon the Ice Watcher"] = "Toravon the Ice Watcher";
--The Ruby Sanctum
["Red Dragonflight Chamber"] = "Red Dragonflight Chamber";
["Halion the Twilight Destroyer"] = "Halion the Twilight Destroyer";
["Saviana Ragefire"] = "Saviana Ragefire";
["Baltharus the Warborn"] = "Baltharus the Warborn";
["General Zarithrian"] = "General Zarithrian";
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Locale/Atlas-zhTW.lua New file
0,0 → 1,1748
Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser
Copyright 2005-2010 Dan Gilbert <dan.b.gilbert@gmail.com>
This file is part of Atlas.
Atlas is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Atlas is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Atlas; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
-- Atlas Traditional Chinese Localization
-- $Date: 2010-02-10 17:10:09 +1030 (Wed, 10 Feb 2010) $
-- $Revision: 840 $
if ( GetLocale() == "zhTW" ) then
-- Global Atlas Strings
AtlasSortIgnore = {"the (.+)"};
ATLAS_TITLE = "Atlas 地圖集";
ATLAS_DESC = "Atlas 是一個副本地圖增強插件.";
ATLAS_SLASH = "/atlas";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_SHOWBUT = "在小地圖旁顯示 Atlas 按鈕";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_RCLICK = "點擊滑鼠右鍵開啟世界地圖";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CLAMPED = "使 Atlas 視窗不超出遊戲畫面";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CTRL = "按住 Ctrl 鍵以顯示工具提示";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_COORDS = "在世界地圖顯示玩家座標";
ATLAS_BUTTON_TOOLTIP_HINT = "左鍵開啟 Atlas.\n中鍵開啟 Atlas 選項.\n右鍵並拖曳以移動圖示按鈕位置.";
ATLAS_LDB_HINT = "左鍵開啟 Atlas.\n中鍵開啟 Atlas 選項.\n右鍵打開顯示選單.";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CATDD = "副本地圖排序方式:";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_UNDER45 = "副本等級低於 45";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_45TO60 = "副本等級介於 45-60";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_60TO70 = "副本等級介於 60-70";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_70TO80 = "副本等級介於 70-80";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_80PLUS = "副本等級大於 80";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_20TO40 = "20-40 人副本";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG1 = "Atlas 偵測到過期的模組";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG2 = "這些模組已從這個角色被停用";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG3 = "請將這些模組從 AddOns 目錄移除";
AtlasZoneSubstitutions = {
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "沈沒的神廟";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "安其拉神廟";
["Karazhan"] = "卡拉贊 - 1.開始";
["Black Temple"] = "黑暗神廟 - 1.開始";
AtlasLocale = {
-- Zone Names, Acronyms, and Common Strings
--Common strings
["Adult"] = "成年";
["AKA"] = "亦即";
["Alliance"] = "聯盟";
["Arcane Container"] = "秘法容器";
["Argent Dawn"] = "銀色黎明";
["Argent Crusade"] = "銀白十字軍";
["Arms Warrior"] = "武戰";
["Attunement Required"] = "需完成傳送門/鑰匙前置任務";
["Back"] = "後方";
["Basement"] = "地下室";
["Bat"] = "蝙蝠";
["Blacksmithing Plans"] = "黑鐵鍛造圖樣";
["Boss"] = "首領";
["Brazier of Invocation"] = "祈願火盆";
["Brewfest"] = "啤酒節";
["Chase Begins"] = "追逐開始";
["Chase Ends"] = "追逐結束";
["Child"] = "幼年";
["Connection"] = "通道";
["DS2"] = "副本套裝2";
["East"] = "東方";
["Elevator"] = "電梯";
["End"] = "結束";
["Engineer"] = "工程師";
["Entrance"] = "入口";
["Event"] = "事件";
["Exalted"] = "崇拜";
["Exit"] = "出口";
["Fourth Stop"] = "第四停留點";
["Front"] = "前方";
["Ghost"] = "鬼魂";
["Hallow's End"] = "萬鬼節";
["Heroic"] = "英雄";
["Holy Paladin"] = "神聖聖騎";
["Holy Priest"] = "神聖牧師";
["Horde"] = "部落";
["Hunter"] = "獵人";
["Imp"] = "小鬼";
["Inside"] = "內部";
["Key"] = "鑰匙";
["Love is in the Air"] = "愛就在身邊";
["Lower"] = "下層";
["Lunar"] = "新年慶典";
["Lunar Festival"] = "新年慶典";
["Mage"] = "法師";
["Meeting Stone"] = "集合石";
["Midsummer Festival"] = "仲夏節慶";
["Monk"] = "僧侶";
["Moonwell"] = "月井";
["North"] = "北方";
["Optional"] = "可選擇";
["Orange"] = "橙";
["Outside"] = "戶外";
["Paladin"] = "聖騎士";
["Panther"] = "黑豹";
["Portal"] = "入口/傳送門";
["Priest"] = "牧師";
["Protection Warrior"] = "防戰";
["Purple"] = "ç´«";
["Random"] = "隨機";
["Raptor"] = "迅猛龍";
["Rare"] = "稀有";
["Reputation"] = "聲望";
["Repair"] = "修理";
["Retribution Paladin"] = "懲戒聖騎";
["Rewards"] = "獎勵";
["Rogue"] = "盜賊";
["Second Stop"] = "第二停留點";
["Shadow Priest"] = "暗影牧師";
["Shaman"] = "薩滿";
["Side"] = "側邊";
["Snake"] = "蛇";
["Spawn Point"] = "生成點";
["Spider"] = "蜘蛛";
["Start"] = "開始";
["Summon"] = "召喚";
["Teleporter"] = "傳送";
["Third Stop"] = "第三停留點";
["Tiger"] = "虎";
["Top"] = "上方";
["Undead"] = "不死族";
["Underwater"] = "水下";
["Unknown"] = "未知";
["Upper"] = "上層";
["Varies"] = "多處";
["Wanders"] = "徘徊";
["Warlock"] = "術士";
["Warrior"] = "戰士";
["Wave 5"] = "第 5 波";
["Wave 6"] = "第 6 波";
["Wave 10"] = "第 10 波";
["Wave 12"] = "第 12 波";
["Wave 18"] = "第 18 波";
["West"] = "西方";
--Instance names and acronyms
["Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom"] = "安卡罕特: 古王國";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "安其拉神廟"; ["AQ"] = "AQ";
["Armory"] = "軍械庫";
["Auchenai Crypts"] = "奧奇奈地穴"; ["AC"] = "AC";
["Auchindoun"] = "奧齊頓"; ["Auch"] = "Auch";
["Azjol-Nerub"] = "阿茲歐-奈幽"; ["AN"] = "AN/奈幽";
["Black Temple"] = "黑暗神廟"; ["BT"] = "BT/黑廟";
["Blackfathom Deeps"] = "黑暗深淵"; ["BFD"] = "BFD/黑淵";
["Blackrock Depths"] = "黑石深淵"; ["BRD"] = "BRD/黑石淵";
["Blackrock Spire"] = "黑石塔"; ["LBRS"] = "LBRS/黑下"; ["UBRS"] = "UBRS/黑上";
["Blackwing Lair"] = "黑翼之巢"; ["BWL"] = "BWL";
["Cathedral"] = "大教堂"; ["Cath"] = "Cath";
["Caverns of Time"] = "時光之穴"; ["CoT"] = "CoT";
["Chamber of Aspects"] = "守護密室";
["Coilfang Reservoir"] = "盤牙蓄湖"; ["CR"] = "CR/盤牙";
["Crusaders' Coliseum"] = "銀白大競技場";
["Dire Maul"] = "厄運之槌"; ["DM"] = "DM/厄運";
["Drak'Tharon Keep"] = "德拉克薩隆要塞";
["Frozen Halls"] = "冰封大廳";
["Gnomeregan"] = "諾姆瑞根"; ["Gnome"] = "Gnome/諾姆";
["Graveyard"] = "墓園"; ["GY"] = "GY";
["Gruul's Lair"] = "戈魯爾之巢"; ["GL"] = "GL/戈魯爾";
["Gundrak"] = "剛德拉克";
["Halls of Lightning"] = "雷光大廳";
["Halls of Reflection"] = "倒影大廳";
["Halls of Stone"] = "石之大廳";
["Hellfire Citadel"] = "地獄火堡壘"; ["HFC"] = "HFC/火堡";
["Hellfire Ramparts"] = "地獄火壁壘"; ["Ramp"] = "Ramp";
["Hyjal Summit"] = "海加爾山"; ["CoT3"] = "CoT3/海山";
["Icecrown Citadel"] = "冰冠城塞";
["Karazhan"] = "卡拉贊"; ["Kara"] = "Kara/卡拉";
["Library"] = "圖書館"; ["Lib"] = "Lib";
["Magisters' Terrace"] = "博學者殿堂"; ["MaT"] = "MT/博學";
["Magtheridon's Lair"] = "瑪瑟里頓的巢穴"; ["Mag"] = "Mag/瑪瑟";
["Mana-Tombs"] = "法力墓地"; ["MT"] = "MT/法力";
["Maraudon"] = "瑪拉頓"; ["Mara"] = "Mara/瑪拉";
["Molten Core"] = "熔火之心"; ["MC"] = "MC";
["Naxxramas"] = "納克薩瑪斯";
["Old Hillsbrad Foothills"] = "希爾斯布萊德丘陵舊址"; ["CoT1"] = "CoT1/舊址";
["Onyxia's Lair"] = "奧妮克希亞的巢穴"; ["Ony"] = "Ony/黑龍";
["Pit of Saron"] = "薩倫之淵";
["Ragefire Chasm"] = "怒焰裂谷"; ["RFC"] = "RFC/怒焰";
["Razorfen Downs"] = "剃刀高地"; ["RFD"] = "RFD";
["Razorfen Kraul"] = "剃刀沼澤"; ["RFK"] = "RFK";
["Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "安其拉廢墟"; ["AQ20"] = "AQ20";
["Scarlet Monastery"] = "血色修道院"; ["SM"] = "SM/血色";
["Scholomance"] = "通靈學院"; ["Scholo"] = "Scholo/通靈";
["Serpentshrine Cavern"] = "毒蛇神殿洞穴"; ["SC"] = "SC/毒蛇";
["Sethekk Halls"] = "塞司克大廳"; ["Seth"] = "Seth/塞司克";
["Shadow Labyrinth"] = "暗影迷宮"; ["SL"] = "SL/迷宮";
["Shadowfang Keep"] = "影牙城堡"; ["SFK"] = "SFK/影牙";
["Stratholme"] = "斯坦索姆"; ["Strat"] = "Strat/斯坦";
["Stratholme Past"] = "斯坦索姆廢墟";
["Sunken Temple"] = "沉沒的神廟"; ["ST"] = "ST/神廟";
["Sunwell Plateau"] = "太陽之井高地"; ["SuP"] = "SP/太陽井";
["Tempest Keep"] = "風暴要塞"; ["TK"] = "TK";
["Temple of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "安其拉神廟"; ["AQ40"] = "AQ40";
["The Arcatraz"] = "亞克崔茲"; ["Arca"] = "Arca 亞克";
["The Black Morass"] = "黑色沼澤"; ["CoT2"] = "CoT2/黑沼";
["The Blood Furnace"] = "血熔爐"; ["BF"] = "BF";
["The Botanica"] = "波塔尼卡"; ["Bota"] = "Bota/波塔";
["The Deadmines"] = "死亡礦坑"; ["VC"] = "VC/死礦";
["The Eye"] = "風暴要塞"; ["Eye"] = "Eye"; --中文版裡 The Eye 名稱被刪除,以 風暴要塞 命名這個25人副本
["The Eye of Eternity"] = "永恆之眼";
["The Forge of Souls"] = "眾魂熔爐";
["The Mechanar"] = "麥克納爾"; ["Mech"] = "Mech/麥克";
["The Nexus"] = "奧核之心";
["The Obsidian Sanctum"] = "黑曜聖所";
["The Oculus"] = "奧核之眼";
["The Shattered Halls"] = "破碎大廳"; ["SH"] = "SH/破碎";
["The Slave Pens"] = "奴隸監獄"; ["SP"] = "SP";
["The Steamvault"] = "蒸汽洞窟"; ["SV"] = "SV/蒸汽";
["The Stockade"] = "監獄"; ["Stocks"] = "監獄";
["The Underbog"] = "深幽泥沼"; ["UB"] = "UB/深幽";
["The Violet Hold"] = "紫羅蘭堡";
["Trial of the Champion"] = "勇士試煉";
["Trial of the Crusader"] = "十字軍試煉";
["Uldaman"] = "奧達曼"; ["Ulda"] = "Ulda";
["Ulduar"] = "奧杜亞";
["Utgarde Keep"] = "俄特加德要塞";
["Utgarde Pinnacle"] = "俄特加德之巔";
["Vault of Archavon"] = "亞夏梵穹殿";
["Wailing Caverns"] = "哀嚎洞穴"; ["WC"] = "WC/哀嚎";
["Zul'Aman"] = "祖阿曼"; ["ZA"] = "ZA";
["Zul'Farrak"] = "祖爾法拉克"; ["ZF"] = "ZF/祖法";
["Zul'Gurub"] = "祖爾格拉布"; ["ZG"] = "ZG/祖爾";
--WotLK Acronyms
["AK, Kahet"] = "AK/安卡"; -- Ahn'kahet -- 安卡罕特
["AN, Nerub"] = "AN/奈幽"; -- Azjol-Nerub -- 阿茲歐-奈幽
["Champ"] = "勇士"; -- Trial of the Champion -- 勇士試煉
["Crus"] = "十字軍"; -- Trial of the Crusader --十字軍試煉
["DTK"] = "DTK/德拉克"; -- Drak'Tharon Keep -- 德拉克薩隆要塞
["FoS"] = "FoS/熔爐"; ["FH1"] = "FH1"; -- The Forge of Souls -- 眾魂熔爐
["Gun"] = "Gun/剛德"; -- Gundrak -- 剛德拉克
["HoL"] = "HoL/雷光"; -- Halls of Lightning --雷光大廳
["HoR"] = "HoR/倒影"; ["FH3"] = "FH3"; -- Halls of Reflection -- 倒影大廳
["HoS"] = "HoS/石廳"; -- Halls of Stone -- 石之大廳
["IC"] = "IC"; -- Icecrown Citadel -- 冰冠城塞
["Nax"] = "Nax/納克"; -- Naxxramas -- 納克薩瑪斯
["Nex, Nexus"] = "Nex/奧心"; -- The Nexus -- 奧核之心
["Ocu"] = "Ocu/奧眼"; -- The Oculus -- 奧核之眼
["OS"] = "OS/黑曜"; -- The Obsidian Sanctum -- 黑曜聖所
["PoS"] = "PoS"; ["FH2"] = "FH2"; -- Pit of Saron -- 薩倫之淵
["Strat, CoT-Strat"] = "CoT斯坦"; -- Culling of Stratholme -- 斯坦索姆的抉擇
["TEoE"] = "TEoE/永恆"; -- The Eye of Eternity--永恆之眼
["UK, Keep"] = "UK/俄塞"; -- Utgarde Keep -- 俄特加德要塞
["Uldu"] = "Uldu/奧杜亞"; -- Ulduar-- 奧杜亞
["UP, Pinn"] = "UP/俄巔"; -- Utgarde Pinnacl -- 俄特加德之巔
["VH"] = "VH/紫堡"; -- The Violet Hold -- 紫羅蘭堡
["VoA"] = "VoA/亞夏"; -- Vault of Archavon--亞夏梵穹殿
["Eastern Kingdoms"] = "東部王國";
["Kalimdor"] = "卡林多";
["Outland"] = "外域";
["Northrend"] = "北裂境";
--Outdoor zones, Locations
["Ashenvale"] = "梣谷";
["Badlands"] = "荒蕪之地";
["Blackrock Mountain"] = "黑石山"; ["BRM"] = "BRM";
["Blade's Edge Mountains"] = "劍刃山脈";
["Borean Tundra"] = "北風凍原";
["Burning Steppes"] = "燃燒平原";
["Dalaran"] = "達拉然";
["Deadwind Pass"] = "逆風小徑";
["Desolace"] = "淒涼之地";
["Dragonblight"] = "龍骨荒野";
["Dun Morogh"] = "丹莫洛";
["Dustwallow Marsh"] = "塵泥沼澤";
["Eastern Plaguelands"] = "東瘟疫之地";
["Feralas"] = "菲拉斯";
["Ghostlands"] = "鬼魂之地";
["Grizzly Hills"] = "灰白之丘";
["Hellfire Peninsula"] = "地獄火半島";
["Howling Fjord"] = "凜風峽灣";
["Icecrown"] = "寒冰皇冠";
["Isle of Quel'Danas"] = "奎爾達納斯之島";
["Netherstorm"] = "虛空風暴";
["Orgrimmar"] = "奧格瑪";
["Searing Gorge"] = "灼熱峽谷";
["Shadowmoon Valley"] = "影月谷";
["Silithus"] = "希利蘇斯";
["Silverpine Forest"] = "銀松森林";
["Stormwind City"] = "暴風城";
["Stranglethorn Vale"] = "荊棘谷";
["Swamp of Sorrows"] = "悲傷沼澤";
["Tanaris"] = "塔納利斯";
["Terokkar Forest"] = "泰洛卡森林";
["The Barrens"] = "貧瘠之地";
["The Storm Peaks"] = "風暴群山";
["Tirisfal Glades"] = "提里斯法林地";
["Western Plaguelands"] = "西瘟疫之地";
["Westfall"] = "西部荒野";
["Wintergrasp"] = "冬握湖";
["Zangarmarsh"] = "贊格沼澤";
["Zul'Drak"] = "祖爾德拉克";
-- Kalimdor Instance Data
--Ragefire Chasm
["Maur Grimtotem"] = "瑪爾·恐怖圖騰";
["Oggleflint <Ragefire Chieftain>"] = "奧格弗林特";
["Taragaman the Hungerer"] = "『飢餓者』塔拉加曼";
["Jergosh the Invoker"] = "『塑能師』耶戈什";
["Zelemar the Wrathful"] = "憤怒者·賽勒瑪爾";
["Bazzalan"] = "巴札蘭";
--Wailing Caverns
["Disciple of Naralex"] = "納拉雷克斯的信徒";
["Lord Cobrahn <Fanglord>"] = "考布萊恩領主";
["Lady Anacondra <Fanglord>"] = "安娜科德拉";
["Kresh"] = "克雷什";
["Lord Pythas <Fanglord>"] = "皮薩斯領主";
["Skum"] = "斯卡姆";
["Lord Serpentis <Fanglord>"] = "瑟芬迪斯領主";
["Verdan the Everliving"] = "永生者沃爾丹";
["Mutanus the Devourer"] = "『吞噬者』穆坦努斯";
["Naralex"] = "納拉雷克斯";
["Deviate Faerie Dragon"] = "變異精靈龍";
--Blackfathom Deeps
["Ghamoo-ra"] = "加摩拉";
["Lorgalis Manuscript"] = "洛迦里斯手稿";
["Lady Sarevess"] = "薩利維絲";
["Argent Guard Thaelrid <The Argent Dawn>"] = "銀色黎明守衛塞爾瑞德";
["Gelihast"] = "格里哈斯特";
["Shrine of Gelihast"] = "格里哈斯特神殿";
["Lorgus Jett"] = "洛古斯·傑特";
["Fathom Stone"] = "深淵之石";
["Baron Aquanis"] = "阿奎尼斯男爵";
["Twilight Lord Kelris"] = "夢遊者克爾里斯";
["Old Serra'kis"] = "瑟拉吉斯";
["Aku'mai"] = "阿庫麥爾";
["Morridune"] = "莫瑞杜恩";
["Altar of the Deeps"] = "瑪塞斯特拉祭壇";
--Razorfen Kraul
["Roogug"] = "魯古格";
["Aggem Thorncurse <Death's Head Prophet>"] = "阿格姆";
["Death Speaker Jargba <Death's Head Captain>"] = "亡語者賈格巴";
["Overlord Ramtusk"] = "拉姆塔斯主宰";
["Razorfen Spearhide"] = "剃刀沼澤刺鬃守衛";
["Agathelos the Raging"] = "暴怒的阿迦賽羅斯";
["Blind Hunter"] = "盲眼獵手";
["Charlga Razorflank <The Crone>"] = "卡爾加·刺肋";
["Willix the Importer"] = "進口商威利克斯";
["Heralath Fallowbrook"] = "赫爾拉斯·靜水";
["Earthcaller Halmgar"] = "喚地者哈穆加";
--Razorfen Downs
["Tuten'kash"] = "圖特卡什";
["Henry Stern"] = "亨利·斯特恩";
["Belnistrasz"] = "貝尼斯特拉茲";
["Sah'rhee"] = "薩哈斯";
["Mordresh Fire Eye"] = "火眼莫德雷斯";
["Glutton"] = "暴食者";
["Ragglesnout"] = "拉戈斯諾特";
["Amnennar the Coldbringer"] = "『寒冰使者』亞門納爾";
["Plaguemaw the Rotting"] = "腐爛的普雷莫爾";
["Antu'sul <Overseer of Sul>"] = "安圖蘇爾";
["Theka the Martyr"] = "殉教者塞卡";
["Witch Doctor Zum'rah"] = "巫醫祖穆拉恩";
["Zul'Farrak Dead Hero"] = "祖爾法拉克陣亡英雄";
["Nekrum Gutchewer"] = "耐克魯姆";
["Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz"] = "暗影祭司塞瑟斯";
["Dustwraith"] = "灰塵怨靈";
["Sergeant Bly"] = "布萊中士";
["Weegli Blastfuse"] = "維格利";
["Murta Grimgut"] = "莫爾塔";
["Raven"] = "拉文";
["Oro Eyegouge"] = "奧羅";
["Sandfury Executioner"] = "沙怒劊子手";
["Hydromancer Velratha"] = "水占師維蕾薩";
["Gahz'rilla"] = "加茲瑞拉";
["Elder Wildmane"] = "蠻鬃長者";
["Chief Ukorz Sandscalp"] = "烏克茲·沙頂";
["Ruuzlu"] = "盧茲魯";
["Zerillis"] = "澤雷利斯";
["Sandarr Dunereaver"] = "杉達爾·沙掠者";
["Scepter of Celebras"] = "塞雷布拉斯節杖";
["Veng <The Fifth Khan>"] = "溫格 <第五可汗>";
["Noxxion"] = "諾克賽恩";
["Razorlash"] = "銳刺鞭笞者";
["Maraudos <The Fourth Khan>"] = "瑪拉多斯 <第四可汗>";
["Lord Vyletongue"] = "維利塔恩";
["Meshlok the Harvester"] = "收割者麥什洛克";
["Celebras the Cursed"] = "被詛咒的塞雷布拉斯";
["Landslide"] = "蘭斯利德";
["Tinkerer Gizlock"] = "工匠吉茲洛克";
["Rotgrip"] = "洛特格里普";
["Princess Theradras"] = "瑟萊德絲公主";
["Elder Splitrock"] = "碎石長者";
--Dire Maul (East)
["Pusillin"] = "普希林";
["Zevrim Thornhoof"] = "瑟雷姆·刺蹄";
["Hydrospawn"] = "海多斯博恩";
["Lethtendris"] = "蕾瑟塔蒂絲";
["Pimgib"] = "匹姆吉布";
["Old Ironbark"] = "埃隆巴克";
["Alzzin the Wildshaper"] = "『狂野變形者』奧茲恩";
["Isalien"] = "依薩利恩 (召喚)";
--Dire Maul (North)
["Crescent Key"] = "月牙鑰匙";--omitted from Dire Maul (West)
--"Library" omitted from here and DM West because of SM: "Library" duplicate
["Guard Mol'dar"] = "衛兵摩爾達";
["Stomper Kreeg <The Drunk>"] = "踐踏者克雷格";
["Guard Fengus"] = "衛兵芬古斯";
["Knot Thimblejack"] = "諾特·希姆加克";
["Guard Slip'kik"] = "衛兵斯里基克";
["Captain Kromcrush"] = "克羅卡斯";
["King Gordok"] = "戈多克大王";
["Cho'Rush the Observer"] = "『觀察者』克魯什";
--Dire Maul (West)
["J'eevee's Jar"] = "耶維爾的瓶子";
["Pylons"] = "水晶塔";
["Shen'dralar Ancient"] = "辛德拉古靈";
["Tendris Warpwood"] = "特迪斯·扭木";
["Ancient Equine Spirit"] = "上古聖馬之魂";
["Illyanna Ravenoak"] = "伊琳娜·暗木";
["Ferra"] = "費拉";
["Magister Kalendris"] = "博學者卡雷迪斯";
["Tsu'zee"] = "蘇斯";
["Immol'thar"] = "伊莫塔爾";
["Lord Hel'nurath"] = "赫爾努拉斯";
["Prince Tortheldrin"] = "托塞德林王子";
["Falrin Treeshaper"] = "法琳·樹形者";
["Lorekeeper Lydros"] = "博學者萊德羅斯";
["Lorekeeper Javon"] = "博學者亞沃";
["Lorekeeper Kildrath"] = "博學者基爾達斯";
["Lorekeeper Mykos"] = "博學者麥庫斯";
["Shen'dralar Provisioner"] = "辛德拉聖職者";
["Skeletal Remains of Kariel Winthalus"] = "卡里爾·溫薩魯斯的骸骨";
--Onyxia's Lair
["Onyxian Warders"] = "奧妮克希亞守衛";
["Whelp Eggs"] = "雛龍蛋";
["Onyxia"] = "奧妮克希亞";
--Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
["Brood of Nozdormu"] = "諾茲多姆的子嗣";
["The Prophet Skeram"] = "預言者斯克拉姆";
["The Bug Family"] = "蟲族";
["Vem"] = "維姆";
["Lord Kri"] = "克里勳爵";
["Princess Yauj"] = "亞爾基公主";
["Battleguard Sartura"] = "沙爾圖拉";
["Fankriss the Unyielding"] = "頑強的范克里斯";
["Viscidus"] = "維希度斯";
["Princess Huhuran"] = "哈霍蘭公主";
["Twin Emperors"] = "雙子帝王";
["Emperor Vek'lor"] = "維克洛爾大帝";
["Emperor Vek'nilash"] = "維克尼拉斯";
["Ouro"] = "奧羅";
["Eye of C'Thun"] = "克蘇恩";
["C'Thun"] = "克蘇恩";
["Andorgos <Brood of Malygos>"] = "安多葛斯";
["Vethsera <Brood of Ysera>"] = "溫瑟拉";
["Kandrostrasz <Brood of Alexstrasza>"] = "坎多斯特拉茲";
["Arygos"] = "亞雷戈斯";
["Caelestrasz"] = "凱雷斯特拉茲";
["Merithra of the Dream"] = "夢境之龍麥琳瑟拉";
--Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
["Cenarion Circle"] = "塞納里奧議會";
["Kurinnaxx"] = "庫林納克斯";
["Lieutenant General Andorov"] = "安多洛夫中將";
["Four Kaldorei Elites"] = "四個卡多雷精英";
["General Rajaxx"] = "拉賈克斯將軍";
["Captain Qeez"] = "奎茲上尉";
["Captain Tuubid"] = "圖畢德上尉";
["Captain Drenn"] = "德蘭上尉";
["Captain Xurrem"] = "瑟瑞姆上尉";
["Major Yeggeth"] = "葉吉斯少校";
["Major Pakkon"] = "帕康少校";
["Colonel Zerran"] = "澤朗上校";
["Moam"] = "莫阿姆";
["Buru the Gorger"] = "吞咽者布魯";
["Ayamiss the Hunter"] = "狩獵者阿亞米斯";
["Ossirian the Unscarred"] = "無疤者奧斯里安";
["Safe Room"] = "安全的空間";
--CoT: The Black Morass
["Opening of the Dark Portal"] = "開啟黑暗之門";
["Keepers of Time"] = "時光守衛者";--omitted from Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Key of Time"] = "時光之鑰";--omitted from Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Sa'at <Keepers of Time>"] = "塞特";
["Chrono Lord Deja"] = "第六波: 克洛諾斯領主迪賈";
["Temporus"] = "第十二波: 坦普拉斯";
["Aeonus"] = "第十八波: 艾奧那斯";
["The Dark Portal"] = "黑暗之門";
["Medivh"] = "麥迪文";
--CoT: Hyjal Summit
["Battle for Mount Hyjal"] = "海加爾山戰場";
["The Scale of the Sands"] = "流沙之鱗";
["Alliance Base"] = "聯盟營地";
["Lady Jaina Proudmoore"] = "珍娜·普勞德摩爾女士";
["Horde Encampment"] = "部落營地";
["Thrall <Warchief>"] = "索爾 <首領>";
["Night Elf Village"] = "夜精靈村";
["Tyrande Whisperwind <High Priestess of Elune>"] = "泰蘭妲·語風";
["Rage Winterchill"] = "瑞奇·寒冬";
["Anetheron"] = "安納斯隆";
["Kaz'rogal"] = "卡斯羅高";
["Azgalor"] = "埃加洛爾";
["Archimonde"] = "阿克蒙德";
["Indormi <Keeper of Ancient Gem Lore>"] = "隱多米";
["Tydormu <Keeper of Lost Artifacts>"] = "提多姆";
--CoT: Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Escape from Durnholde Keep"] = "逃離敦霍爾德";
["Erozion"] = "伊洛森";
["Brazen"] = "布瑞茲恩";
["Landing Spot"] = "降落點";
["Southshore"] = "南海鎮";
["Tarren Mill"] = "塔倫米爾";
["Lieutenant Drake"] = "中尉崔克";
["Thrall"] = "索爾";
["Captain Skarloc"] = "史卡拉克上尉";
["Epoch Hunter"] = "伊波奇獵人";
["Taretha"] = "塔蕾莎";
["Jonathan Revah"] = "強納森·瑞瓦";
["Jerry Carter"] = "傑瑞·卡特";
["Traveling"] = "旅行中";
["Thomas Yance <Travelling Salesman>"] = "湯瑪斯·陽斯";
["Aged Dalaran Wizard"] = "年邁的達拉然法師";
["Kel'Thuzad <The Kirin Tor>"] = "科爾蘇加德";
["Helcular"] = "赫爾庫拉";
["Farmer Kent"] = "農夫肯特";
["Sally Whitemane"] = "莎麗·白鬃";
["Renault Mograine"] = "雷諾·莫根尼";
["Little Jimmy Vishas"] = "小吉米·維希斯";
["Herod the Bully"] = "流氓希洛特";
["Nat Pagle"] = "納特·帕格";
["Hal McAllister"] = "哈爾·馬克奧里斯特";
["Zixil <Aspiring Merchant>"] = "吉克希爾";
["Overwatch Mark 0 <Protector>"] = "守候者零型";
["Southshore Inn"] = "南海鎮旅館";
["Captain Edward Hanes"] = "隊長艾德華·漢尼斯";
["Captain Sanders"] = "桑德斯船長";
["Commander Mograine"] = "指揮官莫格萊尼";
["Isillien"] = "伊斯利恩";
["Abbendis"] = "阿比迪斯";
["Fairbanks"] = "費爾班克";
["Tirion Fordring"] = "提里恩·弗丁";
["Arcanist Doan"] = "祕法師杜安";
["Taelan"] = "泰蘭";
["Barkeep Kelly <Bartender>"] = "酒吧老闆凱利";
["Frances Lin <Barmaid>"] = "法蘭斯·林";
["Chef Jessen <Speciality Meat & Slop>"] = "廚師傑森";
["Stalvan Mistmantle"] = "斯塔文·密斯特曼托";
["Phin Odelic <The Kirin Tor>"] = "費恩·奧德利克";
["Southshore Town Hall"] = "南海鎮城鎮大廳";
["Magistrate Henry Maleb"] = "赫尼·馬雷布鎮長";
["Raleigh the True"] = "純真者洛歐欸";
["Nathanos Marris"] = "納薩諾斯·瑪瑞斯";
["Bilger the Straight-laced"] = "嚴厲者畢歐吉";
["Innkeeper Monica"] = "旅店老闆莫妮卡";
["Julie Honeywell"] = "喬莉·哈妮威爾";
["Jay Lemieux"] = "杰·黎米厄斯";
["Young Blanchy"] = "小馬布蘭契";
["Don Carlos"] = "卡洛斯大爺";
["Guerrero"] = "葛雷洛";
-- Eastern Kingdoms Instances
--Blackrock Depths
["Shadowforge Key"] = "暗爐鑰匙";
["Prison Cell Key"] = "監獄牢房鑰匙";
["Jail Break!"] = "衝破牢籠";
["Banner of Provocation"] = "挑釁旗幟";
["Lord Roccor"] = "洛考爾";
["Kharan Mighthammer"] = "卡蘭·巨錘";
["Commander Gor'shak <Kargath Expeditionary Force>"] = "指揮官哥沙克";
["Marshal Windsor"] = "溫德索爾元帥";
["High Interrogator Gerstahn <Twilight's Hammer Interrogator>"] = "審訊官格斯塔恩";
["Ring of Law"] = "競技場";
["Anub'shiah"] = "阿努希爾";
["Eviscerator"] = "剜眼者";
["Gorosh the Dervish"] = "修行者高羅什";
["Grizzle"] = "格里茲爾";
["Hedrum the Creeper"] = "爬行者赫杜姆";
["Ok'thor the Breaker"] = "破壞者奧科索爾";
["Theldren"] = "瑟爾倫";
["Lefty"] = "左撇";
["Malgen Longspear"] = "瑪根·長矛";
["Gnashjaw <Malgen Longspear's Pet>"] = "碎顎";
["Rotfang"] = "腐牙";
["Va'jashni"] = "瓦加什尼";
["Houndmaster Grebmar"] = "馴犬者格雷布瑪爾";
["Elder Morndeep"] = "晨深長者";
["High Justice Grimstone"] = "裁決者格里斯通";
["Monument of Franclorn Forgewright"] = "弗蘭克羅恩·鑄鐵的雕像";
["Pyromancer Loregrain"] = "控火師羅格雷恩";
["The Vault"] = "黑色寶庫";
["Warder Stilgiss"] = "典獄官斯迪爾基斯";
["Verek"] = "維雷克";
["Watchman Doomgrip"] = "衛兵杜格瑞普";
["Fineous Darkvire <Chief Architect>"] = "弗諾斯·達克維爾";
["The Black Anvil"] = "黑鐵砧";
["Lord Incendius"] = "伊森迪奧斯";
["Bael'Gar"] = "貝爾加";
["Shadowforge Lock"] = "暗爐之鎖";
["General Angerforge"] = "安格弗將軍";
["Golem Lord Argelmach"] = "傀儡統帥阿格曼奇";
["Field Repair Bot 74A"] = "修理機器人74A型";
["The Grim Guzzler"] = "黑鐵酒吧";
["Hurley Blackbreath"] = "霍爾雷·黑鬚";
["Lokhtos Darkbargainer <The Thorium Brotherhood>"] = "羅克圖斯·暗契";
["Mistress Nagmara"] = "娜瑪拉小姐";
["Phalanx"] = "法拉克斯";
["Plugger Spazzring"] = "普拉格";
["Private Rocknot"] = "羅克諾特下士";
["Ribbly Screwspigot"] = "雷布里·斯庫比格特";
["Coren Direbrew"] = "寇仁·恐酒";
["Griz Gutshank <Arena Vendor>"] = "格利茲·易柄";
["Ambassador Flamelash"] = "弗萊拉斯大使";
["Panzor the Invincible"] = "無敵的潘佐爾";
["Summoner's Tomb"] = "召喚者之墓";
["The Lyceum"] = "講學廳";
["Magmus"] = "瑪格姆斯";
["Emperor Dagran Thaurissan"] = "達格蘭·索瑞森大帝";
["Princess Moira Bronzebeard <Princess of Ironforge>"] = "茉艾拉·銅鬚公主";
["High Priestess of Thaurissan"] = "索瑞森高階女祭司";
["The Black Forge"] = "黑熔爐";
["Core Fragment"] = "熔火碎片";
["Overmaster Pyron"] = "征服者派隆";
--Blackrock Spire (Lower)
["Vaelan"] = "維埃蘭";
["Warosh <The Cursed>"] = "瓦羅什";
["Elder Stonefort"] = "石壘長者 (新年慶典)";
["Roughshod Pike"] = "尖銳長矛";
["Spirestone Butcher"] = "尖石屠夫";
["Highlord Omokk"] = "歐莫克大王";
["Spirestone Battle Lord"] = "尖石戰鬥統帥";
["Spirestone Lord Magus"] = "尖石首席魔導師";
["Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin"] = "暗影獵手沃許加斯";
["Fifth Mosh'aru Tablet"] = "第五塊摩沙魯石板";
["Bijou"] = "比修";
["War Master Voone"] = "指揮官沃恩";
["Mor Grayhoof"] = "莫爾·灰蹄";
["Sixth Mosh'aru Tablet"] = "第六塊摩沙魯石板";
["Bijou's Belongings"] = "比修的裝置";
["Human Remains"] = "人類殘骸";
["Unfired Plate Gauntlets"] = "未淬火的鎧甲護手";
["Bannok Grimaxe <Firebrand Legion Champion>"] = "班諾克·巨斧";
["Mother Smolderweb"] = "煙網蛛后";
["Crystal Fang"] = "水晶之牙";
["Urok's Tribute Pile"] = "烏洛克的貢品堆";
["Urok Doomhowl"] = "烏洛克";
["Quartermaster Zigris <Bloodaxe Legion>"] = "軍需官茲格雷斯";
["Halycon"] = "哈雷肯";
["Gizrul the Slavener"] = "奴役者基茲盧爾";
["Ghok Bashguud <Bloodaxe Champion>"] = "霍克·巴什古德";
["Overlord Wyrmthalak"] = "維姆薩拉克";
["Burning Felguard"] = "燃燒地獄衛士";
--Blackrock Spire (Upper)
["Pyroguard Emberseer"] = "烈焰衛士艾博希爾";
["Solakar Flamewreath"] = "索拉卡·火冠";
["Father Flame"] = "烈焰之父";
["Darkstone Tablet"] = "黑暗石板";
["Doomrigger's Coffer"] = "末日扣環之箱";
["Jed Runewatcher <Blackhand Legion>"] = "傑德";
["Goraluk Anvilcrack <Blackhand Legion Armorsmith>"] = "古拉魯克";
["Warchief Rend Blackhand"] = "大酋長雷德·黑手";
["Gyth <Rend Blackhand's Mount>"] = "蓋斯";
["Awbee"] = "奧比";
["The Beast"] = "比斯巨獸";
["Lord Valthalak"] = "瓦薩拉克";
["Finkle Einhorn"] = "芬克·恩霍爾";
["General Drakkisath"] = "達基薩斯將軍";
["Drakkisath's Brand"] = "達基薩斯徽記";
--Blackwing Lair
["Razorgore the Untamed"] = "狂野的拉佐格爾";
["Vaelastrasz the Corrupt"] = "墮落的瓦拉斯塔茲";
["Broodlord Lashlayer"] = "勒西雷爾";
["Firemaw"] = "費爾默";
["Draconic for Dummies (Chapter VII)"] = "龍語傻瓜教程";
["Master Elemental Shaper Krixix"] = "大元素師克里希克";
["Ebonroc"] = "埃博諾克";
["Flamegor"] = "弗萊格爾";
["Chromaggus"] = "克洛瑪古斯";
["Nefarian"] = "奈法利安";
["Workshop Key"] = "車間鑰匙";
["Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse"] = "爆破專家艾米·短線";
["Grubbis"] = "格魯比斯";
["Chomper"] = "咀嚼者";
["Clean Room"] = "清洗區";
["Tink Sprocketwhistle <Engineering Supplies>"] = "丁克·鐵哨";
["The Sparklematic 5200"] = "超級清潔器5200型!";
["Mail Box"] = "鎖甲箱";
["Kernobee"] = "克努比";
["Alarm-a-bomb 2600"] = "警報炸彈2600型";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-B"] = "矩陣式打孔電腦 3005-B";
["Viscous Fallout"] = "粘性輻射塵";
["Electrocutioner 6000"] = "電刑器6000型";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-C"] = "矩陣式打孔電腦 3005-C";
["Crowd Pummeler 9-60"] = "群體打擊者9-60";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-D"] = "矩陣式打孔電腦 3005-D";
["Dark Iron Ambassador"] = "黑鐵大師";
["Mekgineer Thermaplugg"] = "麥克尼爾·瑟瑪普拉格";
--Molten Core
["Hydraxian Waterlords"] = "海達希亞水元素";
["Lucifron"] = "魯西弗隆";
["Magmadar"] = "瑪格曼達";
["Gehennas"] = "基赫納斯";
["Garr"] = "加爾";
["Shazzrah"] = "沙斯拉爾";
["Baron Geddon"] = "迦頓男爵";
["Golemagg the Incinerator"] = "焚化者古雷曼格";
["Sulfuron Harbinger"] = "薩弗隆先驅者";
["Majordomo Executus"] = "管理者埃克索圖斯";
["Ragnaros"] = "拉格納羅斯";
--SM: Library
["Houndmaster Loksey"] = "馴犬者洛克希";
["Arcanist Doan"] = "祕法師杜安";
--SM: Armory
["The Scarlet Key"] = "血色十字軍鑰匙";--omitted from SM: Cathedral
["Herod <The Scarlet Champion>"] = "赫洛德";
--SM: Cathedral
["High Inquisitor Fairbanks"] = "大檢察官法爾班克斯";
["Scarlet Commander Mograine"] = "血色十字軍指揮官莫格萊尼";
["High Inquisitor Whitemane"] = "大檢察官懷特邁恩";
--SM: Graveyard
["Interrogator Vishas"] = "審訊員韋沙斯";
["Vorrel Sengutz"] = "沃瑞爾·森古斯";
["Pumpkin Shrine"] = "無頭騎士南瓜";
["Headless Horseman"] = "無頭騎士";
["Bloodmage Thalnos"] = "血法師薩爾諾斯";
["Ironspine"] = "鐵脊死靈";
["Azshir the Sleepless"] = "永醒的艾希爾";
["Fallen Champion"] = "死靈勇士";
["Skeleton Key"] = "骷髏鑰匙";
["Viewing Room Key"] = "鑰匙: 觀察室鑰匙";
["Viewing Room"] = "觀察室";
["Blood of Innocents"] = "鑰匙: 無辜者之血";
["Divination Scryer"] = "鑰匙: 預言水晶球";
["Blood Steward of Kirtonos"] = "基爾圖諾斯的衛士";
["The Deed to Southshore"] = "南海鎮地契";
["Kirtonos the Herald"] = "傳令官基爾圖諾斯";
["Jandice Barov"] = "詹迪斯·巴羅夫";
["The Deed to Tarren Mill"] = "塔倫米爾地契";
["Rattlegore"] = "血骨傀儡";
["Death Knight Darkreaver"] = "死亡騎士達克雷爾";
["Marduk Blackpool"] = "馬杜克·布萊克波爾";
["Vectus"] = "維克圖斯";
["Ras Frostwhisper"] = "萊斯·霜語";
["The Deed to Brill"] = "布瑞爾地契";
["Kormok"] = "科爾莫克";
["Instructor Malicia"] = "講師瑪麗希亞";
["Doctor Theolen Krastinov <The Butcher>"] = "瑟爾林·卡斯迪諾夫教授";
["Lorekeeper Polkelt"] = "博學者普克爾特";
["The Ravenian"] = "拉文尼亞";
["Lord Alexei Barov"] = "阿萊克斯·巴羅夫";
["The Deed to Caer Darrow"] = "凱爾達隆地契";
["Lady Illucia Barov"] = "伊露希亞·巴羅夫";
["Darkmaster Gandling"] = "黑暗院長加丁";
["Torch Lever"] = "火炬";
["Secret Chest"] = "舊寶藏箱";
["Alchemy Lab"] = "煉金實驗室";
--Shadowfang Keep
["Deathsworn Captain"] = "死亡之誓";
["Rethilgore <The Cell Keeper>"] = "雷希戈爾";
["Sorcerer Ashcrombe"] = "巫士阿克魯比";
["Deathstalker Adamant"] = "亡靈哨兵阿達曼特";
["Landen Stilwell"] = "藍登·史帝威爾";
["Investigator Fezzen Brasstacks"] = "調查員菲贊·銅釘";
["Deathstalker Vincent"] = "亡靈哨兵文森特";
["Apothecary Trio"] = "藥劑師三人組";
["Apothecary Hummel <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "藥劑師胡默爾 <王冠化學製藥公司>";
["Apothecary Baxter <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "藥劑師巴克斯特 <王冠化學製藥公司>";
["Apothecary Frye <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "藥劑師弗萊伊 <王冠化學製藥公司>";
["Fel Steed"] = "魔化戰馬";
["Jordan's Hammer"] = "喬丹的鐵錘";
["Crate of Ingots"] = "一箱鐵錠";
["Razorclaw the Butcher"] = "屠夫拉佐克勞";
["Baron Silverlaine"] = "席瓦萊恩男爵";
["Commander Springvale"] = "指揮官斯普林瓦爾";
["Odo the Blindwatcher"] = "『盲眼守衛』奧杜";
["Fenrus the Devourer"] = "『吞噬者』芬魯斯";
["Arugal's Voidwalker"] = "阿魯高的虛無行者";
["The Book of Ur"] = "烏爾之書";
["Wolf Master Nandos"] = "狼王南杜斯";
["Archmage Arugal"] = "大法師阿魯高";
["The Scarlet Key"] = "血色十字軍鑰匙";
["Key to the City"] = "城市大門鑰匙";
["Various Postbox Keys"] = "郵箱鑰匙";
["Living Side"] = "血色區";
["Undead Side"] = "不死區";
["Skul"] = "斯庫爾";
["Stratholme Courier"] = "斯坦索姆信差";
["Fras Siabi"] = "弗拉斯·希亞比";
["Atiesh <Hand of Sargeras>"] = "阿泰絲";
["Hearthsinger Forresten"] = "弗雷斯特恩";
["The Unforgiven"] = "不可寬恕者";
["Elder Farwhisper"] = "遙語長者";
["Timmy the Cruel"] = "悲慘的提米";
["Malor the Zealous"] = "狂熱的瑪洛爾";
["Malor's Strongbox"] = "瑪洛爾的保險箱";
["Crimson Hammersmith"] = "紅衣錘匠";
["Cannon Master Willey"] = "炮手威利";
["Archivist Galford"] = "檔案管理員加爾福特";
["Grand Crusader Dathrohan"] = "大十字軍戰士達索漢";
["Balnazzar"] = "巴納札爾";
["Sothos"] = "索索斯";
["Jarien"] = "賈林";
["Magistrate Barthilas"] = "巴瑟拉斯鎮長s";
["Aurius"] = "奧里克斯";
["Stonespine"] = "石脊";
["Baroness Anastari"] = "安娜絲塔麗男爵夫人";
["Black Guard Swordsmith"] = "黑衣守衛鑄劍師";
["Nerub'enkan"] = "奈魯布恩坎";
["Maleki the Pallid"] = "蒼白的瑪勒基";
["Ramstein the Gorger"] = "吞嚥者拉姆斯登";
["Baron Rivendare"] = "瑞文戴爾男爵";
["Ysida Harmon"] = "亞希達·哈莫";
["Crusaders' Square Postbox"] = "十字軍廣場郵箱";
["Market Row Postbox"] = "市場郵箱";
["Festival Lane Postbox"] = "節日小道郵箱";
["Elders' Square Postbox"] = "長者廣場郵箱";
["King's Square Postbox"] = "國王廣場郵箱";
["Fras Siabi's Postbox"] = "弗拉斯·希亞比的郵箱";
["3rd Box Opened"] = "第三個郵箱被開啟";
["Postmaster Malown"] = "郵差瑪羅恩";
--The Deadmines
["Rhahk'Zor <The Foreman>"] = "拉克佐";
["Miner Johnson"] = "礦工約翰森";
["Sneed <Lumbermaster>"] = "斯尼德";
["Sneed's Shredder <Lumbermaster>"] = "斯尼德的伐木機";
["Gilnid <The Smelter>"] = "基爾尼格";
["Defias Gunpowder"] = "迪菲亞火藥";
["Captain Greenskin"] = "綠皮隊長";
["Edwin VanCleef <Defias Kingpin>"] = "艾德溫·范克里夫";
["Mr. Smite <The Ship's First Mate>"] = "重拳先生";
["Cookie <The Ship's Cook>"] = "曲奇";
--The Stockade
["Targorr the Dread"] = "可怕的塔高爾";
["Kam Deepfury"] = "卡姆·深怒";
["Hamhock"] = "哈姆霍克";
["Bazil Thredd"] = "巴基爾·斯瑞德";
["Dextren Ward"] = "迪克斯特·瓦德";
["Bruegal Ironknuckle"] = "布魯戈·艾爾克納寇";
--The Sunken Temple
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "阿塔哈卡神廟";
["Yeh'kinya's Scroll"] = "葉基亞的卷軸";
["Atal'ai Defenders"] = "阿塔萊防禦者";
["Gasher"] = "加什爾";
["Loro"] = "洛若爾";
["Hukku"] = "胡庫";
["Zolo"] = "祖羅";
["Mijan"] = "米杉";
["Zul'Lor"] = "祖羅爾";
["Altar of Hakkar"] = "哈卡祭壇";
["Atal'alarion <Guardian of the Idol>"] = "阿塔拉利恩";
["Dreamscythe"] = "德姆塞卡爾";
["Weaver"] = "德拉維沃爾";
["Avatar of Hakkar"] = "哈卡的化身";
["Jammal'an the Prophet"] = "預言者迦瑪蘭";
["Ogom the Wretched"] = "可悲的奧戈姆";
["Morphaz"] = "摩弗拉斯";
["Hazzas"] = "哈札斯";
["Shade of Eranikus"] = "伊蘭尼庫斯的陰影";
["Essence Font"] = "精華之泉";
["Spawn of Hakkar"] = "哈卡的後代";
["Elder Starsong"] = "星歌長者";
["Statue Activation Order"] = "雕像啟動順序";
["Staff of Prehistoria"] = "史前法杖";
["Baelog"] = "巴爾洛戈";
["Eric \"The Swift\""] = "埃瑞克";
["Olaf"] = "奧拉夫";
["Baelog's Chest"] = "巴爾洛戈的箱子";
["Conspicuous Urn"] = "顯眼的石罐";
["Remains of a Paladin"] = "聖騎士的遺體";
["Revelosh"] = "魯維羅什";
["Ironaya"] = "艾隆納亞";
["Obsidian Sentinel"] = "黑曜石哨兵";
["Annora <Enchanting Trainer>"] = "安諾拉 <附魔師>";
["Ancient Stone Keeper"] = "古代的石頭看守者";
["Galgann Firehammer"] = "加加恩·火錘";
["Tablet of Will"] = "意志石板";
["Shadowforge Cache"] = "暗影熔爐地窖";
["Grimlok <Stonevault Chieftain>"] = "格瑞姆洛克";
["Archaedas <Ancient Stone Watcher>"] = "阿札達斯";
["The Discs of Norgannon"] = "諾甘農圓盤";
["Ancient Treasure"] = "古代寶藏";
["Zandalar Tribe"] = "贊達拉部族";
["Mudskunk Lure"] = "臭泥魚誘餌";
["Gurubashi Mojo Madness"] = "古拉巴什瘋狂魔精";
["High Priestess Jeklik"] = "高階祭司耶克里克";
["High Priest Venoxis"] = "高階祭司溫諾希斯";
["Zanza the Restless"] = "無眠者贊札";
["High Priestess Mar'li"] = "哈卡萊安魂者";
["Bloodlord Mandokir"] = "血領主曼多基爾";
["Ohgan"] = "奧根";
["Edge of Madness"] = "瘋狂之緣";
["Gri'lek"] = "格里雷克";
["Hazza'rah"] = "哈札拉爾";
["Renataki"] = "雷納塔基";
["Wushoolay"] = "烏蘇雷";
["Gahz'ranka"] = "加茲蘭卡";
["High Priest Thekal"] = "古拉巴什食腐者";
["Zealot Zath"] = "狂熱者札斯";
["Zealot Lor'Khan"] = "狂熱者洛卡恩";
["High Priestess Arlokk"] = "哈卡萊先知";
["Jin'do the Hexxer"] = "妖術師金度";
["Hakkar"] = "哈卡";
["Muddy Churning Waters"] = "混濁的水";
--Karazhan Start
["The Violet Eye"] = "紫羅蘭之眼";--omitted from Karazhan End
["The Master's Key"] = "主人鑰匙";--omitted from Karazhan End
["Staircase to the Ballroom"] = "通往舞廳的樓梯間";
["Stairs to Upper Stable"] = "通往上層的樓梯";
["Ramp to the Guest Chambers"] = "通往迎賓廳斜坡";
["Stairs to Opera House Orchestra Level"] = "通往歌劇院樂團層的樓梯";
["Ramp from Mezzanine to Balcony"] = "夾層至包廂的斜坡";
["Connection to Master's Terrace"] = "通往大師的露台";
["Path to the Broken Stairs"] = "通往損壞的階梯";--omitted from Karazhan End
["Hastings <The Caretaker>"] = "哈斯丁";
["Servant Quarters"] = "伺從區";
["Hyakiss the Lurker"] = "潛伏者亞奇斯";
["Rokad the Ravager"] = "劫掠者·拉卡";
["Shadikith the Glider"] = "滑翔者·薛迪依斯";
["Berthold <The Doorman>"] = "勃特霍德";
["Calliard <The Nightman>"] = "卡利卡";
["Attumen the Huntsman"] = "獵人阿圖曼";
["Midnight"] = "午夜";
["Koren <The Blacksmith>"] = "卡爾侖";
["Moroes <Tower Steward>"] = "摩洛";
["Baroness Dorothea Millstipe"] = "女爵朵洛希·米爾斯泰普";
["Lady Catriona Von'Indi"] = "凱崔娜·瓦映迪女士";
["Lady Keira Berrybuck"] = "凱伊拉·拜瑞巴克女士";
["Baron Rafe Dreuger"] = "男爵洛夫·崔克爾";
["Lord Robin Daris"] = "貴族羅賓·達利斯";
["Lord Crispin Ference"] = "貴族克利斯平·費蘭斯";
["Bennett <The Sergeant at Arms>"] = "班尼特";
["Ebonlocke <The Noble>"] = "埃伯洛克";
["Keanna's Log"] = "琪安娜的日誌";
["Maiden of Virtue"] = "貞潔聖女";
["Sebastian <The Organist>"] = "塞巴斯汀";
["Barnes <The Stage Manager>"] = "巴奈斯";
["The Opera Event"] = "歌劇事件";
["Red Riding Hood"] = "小紅帽";
["The Big Bad Wolf"] = "大野狼";
["Wizard of Oz"] = "綠野仙蹤";
["Dorothee"] = "桃樂絲";
["Tito"] = "多多";
["Strawman"] = "稻草人";
["Tinhead"] = "機器人";
["Roar"] = "獅子";
["The Crone"] = "老巫婆";
["Romulo and Julianne"] = "羅密歐與茱莉葉";
["Romulo"] = "羅密歐";
["Julianne"] = "茱莉葉";
["The Master's Terrace"] = "大師的露臺";
["Nightbane"] = "夜禍";
--Karazhan End
["Broken Stairs"] = "損壞的階梯";
["Ramp to Guardian's Library"] = "通往管理員圖書館的斜坡";
["Suspicious Bookshelf"] = "神秘的書架";
["Ramp up to the Celestial Watch"] = "通往天文觀測台的斜坡";
["Ramp down to the Gamesman's Hall"] = "通往投機者大廳的斜坡";
["Chess Event"] = "西洋棋事件";
["Ramp to Medivh's Chamber"] = "通往麥迪文房間的斜坡";
["Spiral Stairs to Netherspace"] = "通往虛空空間的螺旋梯";
["The Curator"] = "館長";
["Wravien <The Mage>"] = "瑞依恩 <法師>";
["Gradav <The Warlock>"] = "葛瑞戴 <術士>";
["Kamsis <The Conjurer>"] = "康席斯 <咒術師>";
["Terestian Illhoof"] = "泰瑞斯提安·疫蹄";
["Kil'rek"] = "基瑞克";
["Shade of Aran"] = "艾蘭之影";
["Netherspite"] = "尼德斯";
["Ythyar"] = "伊斯亞爾";
["Echo of Medivh"] = "麥迪文的回音";
["Dust Covered Chest"] = "滿佈灰塵箱子";
["Prince Malchezaar"] = "莫克札王子";
["Harrison Jones"] = "哈利森·瓊斯";
["Nalorakk <Bear Avatar>"] = "納羅拉克 <熊化身>";
["Tanzar"] = "坦札爾";
["The Map of Zul'Aman"] = "祖阿曼地圖";
["Akil'Zon <Eagle Avatar>"] = "阿奇爾森 <雄鷹化身>";
["Harkor"] = "哈克爾";
["Jan'Alai <Dragonhawk Avatar>"] = "賈納雷 <龍鷹化身>";
["Kraz"] = "卡拉茲";
["Halazzi <Lynx Avatar>"] = "哈拉齊 <山貓化身>";
["Ashli"] = "阿西利";
["Zungam"] = "祖剛";
["Hex Lord Malacrass"] = "妖術領主瑪拉克雷斯";
["Thurg"] = "瑟吉";
["Gazakroth"] = "葛薩克羅司";
["Lord Raadan"] = "領主雷阿登";
["Darkheart"] = "黑心";
["Alyson Antille"] = "艾利森·安第列";
["Slither"] = "史立塞";
["Fenstalker"] = "沼群巡者";
["Koragg"] = "可拉格";
["Zul'jin"] = "祖爾金";
["Forest Frogs"] = "森林樹蛙";
["Kyren <Reagents>"] = "凱倫 <施法材料>";
["Gunter <Food Vendor>"] = "甘特 <食物商人>";
["Adarrah"] = "阿達拉";
["Brennan"] = "布里納";
["Darwen"] = "達爾溫";
["Deez"] = "迪滋";
["Galathryn"] = "加拉瑟林";
["Mitzi"] = "米特辛";
["Mannuth"] = "曼努斯";
--Magisters Terrace
["Shattered Sun Offensive"] = "破碎之日進攻部隊";
["Selin Fireheart"] = "斯琳·炎心";
["Fel Crystals"] = "惡魔水晶";
["Tyrith"] = "提里斯";
["Vexallus"] = "維克索魯斯";
["Scrying Orb"] = "索蘭尼亞的占卜寶珠";
["Kalecgos"] = "卡雷苟斯";--omitted from SP
["Priestess Delrissa"] = "女牧師戴利莎";
["Apoko"] = "阿波考";
["Eramas Brightblaze"] = "依拉瑪·火光";
["Ellrys Duskhallow"] = "艾爾里斯·聖暮";
["Fizzle"] = "費索";
["Garaxxas"] = "卡拉克薩斯";
["Sliver <Garaxxas' Pet>"] = "割裂者 <卡拉克薩斯的寵物>";
["Kagani Nightstrike"] = "卡嘉尼·夜擊";
["Warlord Salaris"] = "督軍沙拉利思";
["Yazzai"] = "耶賽";
["Zelfan"] = "塞爾汎";
["Kael'thas Sunstrider <Lord of the Blood Elves>"] = "凱爾薩斯·逐日者 <血精靈領主>";--omitted from TK: The Eye
--Sunwell Plateau
["Sathrovarr the Corruptor"] = "『墮落者』塞斯諾瓦";
["Madrigosa"] = "瑪德里茍沙";
["Brutallus"] = "布魯托魯斯";
["Felmyst"] = "魔霧";
["Eredar Twins"] = "埃雷達爾雙子";
["Grand Warlock Alythess"] = "大術士艾黎瑟絲";
["Lady Sacrolash"] = "莎珂蕾希女士";
["M'uru"] = "莫魯";
["Entropius"] = "安卓普斯";
["Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver>"] = "基爾加丹";
-- Outland Instances
--HFC: The Blood Furnace
["Thrallmar"] = "索爾瑪";--omitted from other HFC
["Honor Hold"] = "榮譽堡";--omitted from other HFC
["Flamewrought Key"] = "火鑄之鑰";--omitted from other HFC
["The Maker"] = "創造者";
["Broggok"] = "布洛克";
["Keli'dan the Breaker"] = "破壞者·凱利丹";
--HFC: The Shattered Halls
["Shattered Halls Key"] = "破碎大廳鑰匙";
["Randy Whizzlesprocket"] = "藍迪·威索洛克";
["Drisella"] = "崔賽拉";
["Grand Warlock Nethekurse"] = "大術士·奈德克斯";
["Blood Guard Porung"] = "血衛士波洛克";
["Warbringer O'mrogg"] = "戰爭製造者·歐姆拉格";
["Warchief Kargath Bladefist"] = "大酋長卡加斯·刃拳";
["Shattered Hand Executioner"] = "破碎之手劊子手";
["Private Jacint"] = "士兵賈辛特";
["Rifleman Brownbeard"] = "槍兵伯朗畢爾";
["Captain Alina"] = "隊長阿蓮娜";
["Scout Orgarr"] = "斥候歐卡爾";
["Korag Proudmane"] = "科洛特·波特曼";
["Captain Boneshatter"] = "隊長碎骨";
--HFC: Hellfire Ramparts
["Watchkeeper Gargolmar"] = "看護者卡爾古瑪";
["Omor the Unscarred"] = "無疤者歐瑪爾";
["Vazruden"] = "先驅者維斯路登";
["Nazan <Vazruden's Mount>"] = "納桑";
["Reinforced Fel Iron Chest"] = "強化惡魔鐵箱";
--HFC: Magtheridon's Lair
["Magtheridon"] = "瑪瑟里頓";
--CR: The Slave Pens
["Cenarion Expedition"] = "塞納里奧遠征隊";--omitted from other CR
["Reservoir Key"] = "蓄湖之鑰";--omitted from other CR
["Mennu the Betrayer"] = "背叛者曼紐";
["Weeder Greenthumb"] = "威德·綠指";
["Skar'this the Heretic"] = "異教徒司卡利斯";
["Rokmar the Crackler"] = "爆裂者洛克瑪";
["Naturalist Bite"] = "博物學家·拜特";
["Quagmirran"] = "奎克米瑞";
["Ahune <The Frost Lord>"] = "艾胡恩";
--CR: The Underbog
["Hungarfen"] = "飢餓之牙";
["The Underspore"] = "地孢";
["Ghaz'an"] = "高薩安";
["Earthbinder Rayge"] = "縛地者瑞吉";
["Swamplord Musel'ek"] = "沼澤之王莫斯萊克";
["Claw <Swamplord Musel'ek's Pet>"] = "喚風者卡勞";
["The Black Stalker"] = "黑色捕獵者";
--CR: The Steamvault
["Hydromancer Thespia"] = "海法師希斯比亞";
["Main Chambers Access Panel"] = "主房間通道面板";
["Second Fragment Guardian"] = "第二碎片守衛者";
["Mekgineer Steamrigger"] = "米克吉勒·蒸汽操控者";
["Warlord Kalithresh"] = "督軍卡利斯瑞";
--CR: Serpentshrine Cavern
["Hydross the Unstable <Duke of Currents>"] = "不穩定者海卓司";
["The Lurker Below"] = "海底潛伏者";
["Leotheras the Blind"] = "盲目者李奧薩拉斯";
["Fathom-Lord Karathress"] = "深淵之王卡拉薩瑞斯";
["Seer Olum"] = "先知歐蘭";
["Morogrim Tidewalker"] = "莫洛葛利姆·潮行者";
["Lady Vashj <Coilfang Matron>"] = "瓦許女士";
--Auch: Mana-Tombs
["The Consortium"] = "聯合團";
["Auchenai Key"] = "奧奇奈鑰匙";--omitted from other Auch
["The Eye of Haramad"] = "哈拉瑪德之眼";
["Pandemonius"] = "班提蒙尼厄斯";
["Shadow Lord Xiraxis"] = "暗影領主希瑞西斯";
["Ambassador Pax'ivi"] = "帕克西維大使";
["Tavarok"] = "塔瓦洛克";
["Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen"] = "工程師薩希恩";
["Ethereal Transporter Control Panel"] = "虛空傳送者控制面板";
["Nexus-Prince Shaffar"] = "奈薩斯王子薩法爾";
["Yor <Void Hound of Shaffar>"] = "約兒";
--Auch: Auchenai Crypts
["Lower City"] = "陰鬱城";--omitted from other Auch
["Shirrak the Dead Watcher"] = "死亡看守者辛瑞克";
["Exarch Maladaar"] = "主教瑪拉達爾";
["Avatar of the Martyred"] = "馬丁瑞德的化身";
["D'ore"] = "迪歐瑞";
--Auch: Sethekk Halls
["Essence-Infused Moonstone"] = "精華灌注的月亮石";
["Darkweaver Syth"] = "暗法師希斯";
["Lakka"] = "拉卡";
["The Saga of Terokk"] = "泰洛克的傳說";
["Anzu"] = "安祖";
["Talon King Ikiss"] = "鷹王伊奇斯";
--Auch: Shadow Labyrinth
["Shadow Labyrinth Key"] = "暗影迷宮鑰匙";
["Spy To'gun"] = "間諜·吐剛";
["Ambassador Hellmaw"] = "海爾瑪大使";
["Blackheart the Inciter"] = "煽動者黑心";
["Grandmaster Vorpil"] = "領導者瓦皮歐";
["The Codex of Blood"] = "血之聖典";
["Murmur"] = "莫爾墨";
["First Fragment Guardian"] = "第一碎片守衛者";
--TK: The Botanica
["The Sha'tar"] = "薩塔";--omitted from other TK
["Warpforged Key"] = "扭曲鍛造鑰匙";--omitted from other TK
["Commander Sarannis"] = "指揮官薩瑞尼斯";
["High Botanist Freywinn"] = "大植物學家費瑞衛恩";
["Thorngrin the Tender"] = "看管者索古林";
["Laj"] = "拉杰";
["Warp Splinter"] = "扭曲分裂者";
--TK: The Arcatraz
["Key to the Arcatraz"] = "亞克崔茲鑰匙";
["Zereketh the Unbound"] = "無約束的希瑞奇斯";
["Third Fragment Guardian"] = "第三碎片守衛者";
["Dalliah the Doomsayer"] = "末日預言者達利亞";
["Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates"] = "怒鐮者索扣斯瑞特";
["Udalo"] = "先知烏達羅";
["Harbinger Skyriss"] = "先驅者史蓋力司";
["Warden Mellichar"] = "守望者米利恰爾";
["Millhouse Manastorm"] = "米歐浩斯·曼納斯頓";
--TK: The Mechanar
["Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill"] = "看守者蓋洛奇歐";
["Gatewatcher Iron-Hand"] = "看守者鐵手";
["Cache of the Legion"] = "軍團儲藏處";
["Mechano-Lord Capacitus"] = "機械王卡帕希特斯";
["Overcharged Manacell"] = "滿溢的法力容器";
["Nethermancer Sepethrea"] = "虛空術師賽派斯瑞";
["Pathaleon the Calculator"] = "計算者帕薩里歐";
--TK: The Eye
["Al'ar <Phoenix God>"] = "歐爾 <鳳凰神>";
["Void Reaver"] = "虛空劫掠者";
["High Astromancer Solarian"] = "大星術師索拉瑞恩";
["Thaladred the Darkener <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "凱爾薩斯·日行者 <凱爾薩斯諫言者>";
["Master Engineer Telonicus <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "首席技師泰隆尼卡斯 <凱爾薩斯諫言者>";
["Grand Astromancer Capernian <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "大星術師卡普尼恩 <凱爾薩斯諫言者>";
["Lord Sanguinar <The Blood Hammer>"] = "桑古納爾領主 <血錘>";
--Gruul's Lair
["High King Maulgar <Lord of the Ogres>"] = "大君王莫卡爾 <巨魔之王>";
["Kiggler the Crazed"] = "瘋癲者奇克勒";
["Blindeye the Seer"] = "先知盲眼";
["Olm the Summoner"] = "召喚者歐莫";
["Krosh Firehand"] = "克羅斯·火手";
["Gruul the Dragonkiller"] = "弒龍者戈魯爾";
--Black Temple (Start)
["Ashtongue Deathsworn"] = "灰舌死亡誓言者";--omitted from other BT
["Towards Reliquary of Souls"] = "通往靈魂聖盒";
["Towards Teron Gorefiend"] = "通往泰朗·血魔";
["Towards Illidan Stormrage"] = "通往伊利丹";
["Spirit of Olum"] = "歐蘭的靈魂";
["High Warlord Naj'entus"] = "高階督軍納珍塔斯";
["Supremus"] = "瑟普莫斯";
["Shade of Akama"] = "阿卡瑪的黑暗面";
["Spirit of Udalo"] = "烏達羅之靈";
["Aluyen <Reagents>"] = "阿魯焰 <施法材料>";
["Okuno <Ashtongue Deathsworn Quartermaster>"] = "歐庫諾 <灰舌死亡誓言者軍需官>";
["Seer Kanai"] = "先知卡奈";
--Black Temple (Basement)
["Gurtogg Bloodboil"] = "葛塔格·血沸";
["Reliquary of Souls"] = "靈魂聖盒";
["Essence of Suffering"] = "受難精華";
["Essence of Desire"] = "慾望精華";
["Essence of Anger"] = "憤怒精華";
["Teron Gorefiend"] = "泰朗·血魔";
--Black Temple (Top)
["Mother Shahraz"] = "薩拉茲女士";
["The Illidari Council"] = "伊利達瑞議事";
["Lady Malande"] = "瑪蘭黛女士";
["Gathios the Shatterer"] = "粉碎者高希歐";
["High Nethermancer Zerevor"] = "高等虛空術師札瑞佛";
["Veras Darkshadow"] = "維拉斯·深影";
["Illidan Stormrage <The Betrayer>"] = "伊利丹·怒風 <背叛者>";
-- Instance Entrance Maps
--Auchindoun (Entrance)
["Ha'Lei"] = "哈勒";
["Greatfather Aldrimus"] = "大祖父阿爾崔瑪斯";
["Clarissa"] = "克萊瑞莎";
["Ramdor the Mad"] = "瘋狂者藍姆多";
["Horvon the Armorer <Armorsmith>"] = "護甲匠霍沃";
["Nexus-Prince Haramad"] = "奈薩斯王子哈拉瑪德";
["Artificer Morphalius"] = "工匠莫法利厄司";
["Mamdy the \"Ologist\""] = "學家瑪姆迪";
["\"Slim\" <Shady Dealer>"] = "「史令姆」";
["\"Captain\" Kaftiz"] = "隊長卡夫提茲";
["Isfar"] = "伊斯法";
["Field Commander Mahfuun"] = "戰場元帥瑪赫范";
["Spy Grik'tha"] = "間諜葛瑞克薩";
["Provisioner Tsaalt"] = "糧食供應者·茲索特";
["Dealer Tariq <Shady Dealer>"] = "商人塔爾利奎";
--Blackfathom Deeps (Entrance)
--Nothing to translate!
--Blackrock Mountain (Entrance)
["Bodley"] = "布德利";
["Overmaster Pyron"] = "征服者派隆";
["Lothos Riftwaker"] = "洛索斯·天痕";
["Franclorn Forgewright"] = "弗蘭克羅恩·鑄鐵";
["Orb of Command"] = "命令寶珠";
["Scarshield Quartermaster <Scarshield Legion>"] = "裂盾軍需官";
--Coilfang Reservoir (Entrance)
["Watcher Jhang"] = "看守者詹汗格";
["Mortog Steamhead"] = "莫塔格·史提海德";
--Gnomeregan (Entrance)
["Transpolyporter"] = "傳送器";
["Sprok <Away Team>"] = "斯普洛克";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-A"] = "矩陣式打孔電腦3005-A";
["Namdo Bizzfizzle <Engineering Supplies>"] = "納姆杜";
["Techbot"] = "尖端機器人";
--Maraudon (Entrance)
["The Nameless Prophet"] = "無名預言者";
["Kolk <The First Kahn>"] = "考爾克 <第一可汗>";
["Gelk <The Second Kahn>"] = "吉爾克 <第二可汗>";
["Magra <The Third Kahn>"] = "瑪格拉 (第三可汗)";
["Cavindra"] = "凱雯德拉";
--The Deadmines (Entrance)
["Marisa du'Paige"] = "瑪里莎·杜派格";
["Brainwashed Noble"] = "被洗腦的貴族";
["Foreman Thistlenettle"] = "工頭希斯耐特";
--Sunken Temple (Entrance)
["Jade"] = "玉龍";
["Kazkaz the Unholy"] = "邪惡的卡薩卡茲";
["Zekkis"] = "澤基斯";
["Veyzhak the Cannibal"] = "食屍者維薩克";
--Uldaman (Entrance)
["Hammertoe Grez"] = "鐵趾格雷茲";
["Magregan Deepshadow"] = "馬格雷甘·深影";
["Tablet of Ryun'Eh"] = "雷烏納石板";
["Krom Stoutarm's Chest"] = "克羅姆·粗臂的箱子";
["Garrett Family Chest"] = "加瑞特家族的寶箱";
["Digmaster Shovelphlange"] = "挖掘專家舒爾弗拉格";
--Wailing Caverns (Entrance)
["Mad Magglish"] = "瘋狂的馬格利什";
["Trigore the Lasher"] = "鞭笞者特里高雷";
["Boahn <Druid of the Fang>"] = "博艾恩";
["Above the Entrance:"] = "入口上方:";
["Ebru <Disciple of Naralex>"] = "厄布魯";
["Nalpak <Disciple of Naralex>"] = "納爾派克";
["Kalldan Felmoon <Specialist Leatherworking Supplies>"] = "卡爾丹·暗月";
["Waldor <Leatherworking Trainer>"] = "瓦多爾";
--Dire Maul (Entrance)
["Dire Pool"] = "厄運之池";
["Dire Maul Arena"] = "厄運競技場";
["Mushgog"] = "姆斯高格";
["Skarr the Unbreakable"] = "無敵的斯卡爾";
["The Razza"] = "拉札";
["Elder Mistwalker"] = "霧行長者";
--Caverns of Time (Entrance)
["Steward of Time <Keepers of Time>"] = "時間服務員";
["Alexston Chrome <Tavern of Time>"] = "艾力克斯頓·科洛米";
["Yarley <Armorer>"] = "亞利";
["Bortega <Reagents & Poison Supplies>"] = "伯特卡";
["Galgrom <Provisioner>"] = "卡葛隆姆";
["Alurmi <Keepers of Time Quartermaster>"] = "阿勒米";
["Zaladormu"] = "薩拉多姆";
["Soridormi <The Scale of Sands>"] = "索芮朵蜜";
["Arazmodu <The Scale of Sands>"] = "阿拉斯莫杜>";
["Andormu <Keepers of Time>"] = "安杜姆";
["Nozari <Keepers of Time>"] = "諾札瑞";
--Karazhan (Entrance)
["Archmage Leryda"] = "大法師利瑞達";
["Apprentice Darius"] = "學徒達瑞爾斯";
["Archmage Alturus"] = "大法師艾特羅斯";
["Stairs to Underground Pond"] = "通往地底池塘的階梯";
["Stairs to Underground Well"] = "通往地底水井的階梯";
["Charred Bone Fragment"] = "燒焦的白骨碎片";
--Scarlet Monastery (Entrance)
--Nothing to translate!
-- WotLK Instances
--I'm switching from continent grouping to expansion grouping.
--Azjol-Nerub: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
["Elder Nadox"] = "老那杜斯";
["Prince Taldaram"] = "泰爾達朗王子";
["Jedoga Shadowseeker"] = "潔杜佳·尋影者";
["Herald Volazj"] = "信使沃菈齊";
["Amanitar"] = "毒蕈魔";
["Ahn'kahet Brazier"] = "安卡罕特火盆";
--Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub
["Krik'thir the Gatewatcher"] = "『守門者』齊力克西爾";
["Watcher Gashra"] = "看守者賈西拉";
["Watcher Narjil"] = "看守者納吉爾";
["Watcher Silthik"] = "看守者席爾希克";
["Hadronox"] = "哈卓諾克斯";
["Anub'arak"] = "阿努巴拉克";
--Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme
["The Culling of Stratholme"] = "斯坦索姆的抉擇";
["Meathook"] = "肉鉤";
["Salramm the Fleshcrafter"] = "『血肉工匠』塞歐朗姆";
["Chrono-Lord Epoch"] = "紀元時間領主";
["Mal'Ganis"] = "瑪爾加尼斯";
["Chromie"] = "克羅米";
["Infinite Corruptor"] = "恆龍墮落者";
["Guardian of Time"] = "時光守護者";
["Scourge Invasion Points"] = "天譴軍團地點";
--Drak'Tharon Keep
["Trollgore"] = "血角食人妖";
["Novos the Summoner"] = "『召喚者』諾沃司";
["King Dred"] = "崔德王之盔";
["The Prophet Tharon'ja"] = "預言者薩隆杰";
["Kurzel"] = "庫賽爾";
["Drakuru's Brazier"] = "德拉庫魯的火盆";
["Slad'ran <High Prophet of Sseratus>"] = "史拉德銳 <司瑟拉圖斯高階預言者>";
["Drakkari Colossus"] = "德拉克瑞巨像";
["Moorabi <High Prophet of Mam'toth>"] = "慕拉比 <曼多司高階預言者>";
["Gal'darah <High Prophet of Akali>"] = "蓋爾達拉 <阿卡利高階預言者>";
["Eck the Ferocious"] = "『兇猛』埃克";
--Icecrown Citadel
["The Ashen Verdict"] = "灰燼裁決軍";
["Lord Marrowgar"] = "瑪洛嘉領主";
["Lady Deathwhisper"] = "亡語女士";
["Gunship Battle"] = "砲艇戰";
["Deathbringer Saurfang"] = "死亡使者薩魯法爾";
["Festergut"] = "膿腸";
["Rotface"] = "腐臉";
["Professor Putricide"] = "普崔希德教授";
["Blood Prince Council"] = "血親王議會";
["Prince Keleseth"] = "凱雷希斯王子";
["Prince Taldaram"] = "泰爾達朗王子";
["Prince Valanar"] = "瓦拉納爾王子";
["Blood-Queen Lana'thel"] = "血腥女王菈娜薩爾";
["Valithria Dreamwalker"] = "瓦莉絲瑞雅·夢行者";
["Sindragosa <Queen of the Frostbrood>"] = "辛德拉苟莎 <霜育之后>";
["The Lich King"] = "巫妖王";
["To next map"] = "到下一個地圖";
["From previous map"] = "到前一個地圖";
["Light's Hammer"] = "聖光之錘";
["Oratory of the Damned"] = "詛咒祈願室";
["Rampart of Skulls"] = "骸顱壁壘";
["Deathbringer's Rise"] = "死亡使者高崗";
["Upper Spire"] = "冰冠尖塔";
["Sindragosa's Lair"] = "辛德拉苟莎之巢";
["The Frozen Throne"] = "The Frozen Throne";
["Mr. Bigglesworth"] = "畢勾沃斯先生";
["Construct Quarter"] = "傀儡區";
["Patchwerk"] = "縫補者";
["Grobbulus"] = "葛羅巴斯";
["Gluth"] = "古魯斯";
["Thaddius"] = "泰迪斯";
["Arachnid Quarter"] = "蜘蛛區";
["Anub'Rekhan"] = "阿努比瑞克漢";
["Grand Widow Faerlina"] = "大寡婦費琳娜";
["Maexxna"] = "梅克絲娜";
["Military Quarter"] = "軍事區";
["Instructor Razuvious"] = "講師拉祖維斯";
["Gothik the Harvester"] = "『收割者』高希";
["The Four Horsemen"] = "四騎士";
["Thane Korth'azz"] = "寇斯艾茲族長";
["Lady Blaumeux"] = "布洛莫斯女士";
--Baron Rivendare omitted, listed under Stratholme
["Sir Zeliek"] = "札里克爵士";
["Four Horsemen Chest"] = "四騎士之箱";
["Plague Quarter"] = "瘟疫區";
["Noth the Plaguebringer"] = "『瘟疫使者』諾斯";
["Heigan the Unclean"] = "『不潔者』海根";
["Loatheb"] = "憎恨者";
["Frostwyrm Lair"] = "冰霜巨龍的巢穴";
["Sapphiron"] = "薩菲隆";
["Kel'Thuzad"] = "科爾蘇加德";
--The Nexus: The Nexus
["Anomalus"] = "艾諾瑪路斯";
["Ormorok the Tree-Shaper"] = "『樹木造形者』歐爾莫洛克";
["Grand Magus Telestra"] = "大魔導師特雷斯翠";
["Keristrasza"] = "凱瑞史卓莎";
["Commander Stoutbeard"] = "指揮官厚鬚";
["Berinand's Research"] = "貝瑞那德的研究";
["Commander Kolurg"] = "指揮官寇勒格";
--The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity
["Malygos"] = "瑪里苟斯";
["Key to the Focusing Iris"] = "聚源虹膜之鑰";
--The Nexus: The Oculus
["Drakos the Interrogator"] = "『審問者』德拉高斯";
["Mage-Lord Urom"] = "法師領主厄隆";
["Ley-Guardian Eregos"] = "地脈守護者伊瑞茍斯";
["Varos Cloudstrider <Azure-Lord of the Blue Dragonflight>"] = "瓦羅斯·雲行者";
["Centrifuge Construct"] = "離心傀儡";
["Cache of Eregos"] = "伊瑞茍斯的貯藏箱";
--The Frozen Halls: The Forge of Souls
--Lady Jaina Proudmoore omitted, in Hyjal Summit
["Archmage Koreln <Kirin Tor>"] = "大法師寇瑞倫 <祈倫托>";
["Archmage Elandra <Kirin Tor>"] = "大法師伊蘭卓 <祈倫托>";
["Lady Sylvanas Windrunner <Banshee Queen>"] = "希瓦娜斯·風行者女士 <女妖之王>";
["Dark Ranger Loralen"] = "黑暗遊俠洛拉倫";
["Dark Ranger Kalira"] = "黑暗遊俠卡麗菈";
["Bronjahm <Godfather of Souls>"] = "布朗吉姆 <眾魂教父>";
["Devourer of Souls"] = "眾魂吞噬者";
--The Frozen Halls: Pit of Saron
--6 beginning NPCs omitted, see The Forge of Souls
["Forgemaster Garfrost"] = "鍛造大師加弗羅斯";
["Martin Victus"] = "馬汀·維特斯";
["Gorkun Ironskull"] = "葛剛·鐵顱";
["Krick and Ick"] = "克瑞克和艾克";
["Scourgelord Tyrannus"] = "天譴領主提朗紐斯";
["Rimefang"] = "霜牙";
--The Frozen Halls: Halls of Reflection
--3 beginning NPCs omitted, see The Forge of Souls
["Falric"] = "法勒瑞克";
["Marwyn"] = "麥爾溫";
["Wrath of the Lich King"] = "巫妖王之怒";
["The Captain's Chest"] = "船長的箱子";
--The Obsidian Sanctum
["Black Dragonflight Chamber"] = "黑龍軍團密室";
["Sartharion <The Onyx Guardian>"] = "撒爾薩里安";
["Tenebron"] = "坦納伯朗";
["Shadron"] = "夏德朗";
["Vesperon"] = "維斯佩朗";
--The Violet Hold
["Erekem"] = "伊銳坎";
["Zuramat the Obliterator"] = "『消滅者』舒拉邁特";
["Xevozz"] = "基沃滋";
["Ichoron"] = "伊仇隆";
["Moragg"] = "摩拉革";
["Lavanthor"] = "拉方索";
["Cyanigosa"] = "霞妮苟莎";
["The Violet Hold Key"] = "紫羅蘭堡鑰匙";
--Trial of the Champion
["Grand Champions"] = "大勇士";
["Champions of the Alliance"] = "聯盟大勇士";
["Marshal Jacob Alerius"] = "傑科布·亞雷瑞斯元帥";
["Ambrose Boltspark"] = "安布羅斯·拴炫";
["Colosos"] = "克羅索斯";
["Jaelyne Evensong"] = "潔琳·晚歌";
["Lana Stouthammer"] = "菈娜·頑錘";
["Champions of the Horde"] = "部落大勇士";
["Mokra the Skullcrusher"] = "『碎顱者』莫克拉";
["Eressea Dawnsinger"] = "艾瑞西雅·曦詠";
["Runok Wildmane"] = "魯諾克·蠻鬃";
["Zul'tore"] = "祖爾拓";
["Deathstalker Visceri"] = "亡靈哨兵威瑟瑞";
["Eadric the Pure <Grand Champion of the Argent Crusade>"] = "『純淨者』埃卓克 <銀白十字軍大勇士>";
["Argent Confessor Paletress"] = "銀白告解者帕爾璀絲";
["The Black Knight"] = "黑騎士";
--Trial of the Crusader
["Cavern Entrance"] = "洞穴入口";
["Northrend Beasts"] = "北裂境巨獸";
["Gormok the Impaler"] = "『穿刺者』戈莫克";
["Acidmaw"] = "酸喉";
["Dreadscale"] = "懼鱗";
["Icehowl"] = "冰嚎";
["Lord Jaraxxus"] = "賈拉克瑟斯領主";
["Faction Champions"] = "陣營勇士";
["Twin Val'kyr"] = "華爾琪雙子";
["Fjola Lightbane"] = "菲歐拉·光寂";
["Eydis Darkbane"] = "艾狄絲·暗寂";
["Anub'arak"] = "阿努巴拉克";
["Heroic: Trial of the Grand Crusader"] = "英雄: 大十字軍試煉";
--Ulduar: Halls of Lightning
["General Bjarngrim"] = "畢亞格林將軍";
["Volkhan"] = "渥克瀚";
["Ionar"] = "埃歐納";
["Loken"] = "洛肯";
--Ulduar: Halls of Stone
["Tribunal Chest"] = "議庭之箱";
["Krystallus"] = "克利斯托魯斯";
["Brann Bronzebeard"] = "布萊恩·銅鬚";
["Sjonnir the Ironshaper"] = "『塑鐵者』斯雍尼爾";
["Maiden of Grief"] = "悲嘆少女";
-- Ulduar General
["Celestial Planetarium Key"] = "星穹渾天儀之鑰";
["The Siege"] = "攻城區";
["The Antechamber"] = "前廳"; --B
["The Keepers"] = "守護者"; --C
["Spark of Imagination"] = "創思之廳"; --D
["Descent into Madness"] = "驟狂斜廊"; --E
-- Ulduar A
["Flame Leviathan"] = "烈焰戰輪";
["Ignis the Furnace Master"] = "『火爐之主』伊格尼司";
["Razorscale"] = "銳鱗";
["XT-002 Deconstructor"] = "XT-002拆解者";
["Expedition Base Camp"] = "遠征隊營地";
["Formation Grounds"] = "構築之地";
["The Colossal Forge"] = "巨熔爐";
["The Scrapyard"] = "廢料場";
["Tower of Life"] = "生命之塔";
["Tower of Flame"] = "烈焰之塔";
["Tower of Frost"] = "冰霜之塔";
["Tower of Storms"] = "風暴之塔";
-- Ulduar B
["Assembly of Iron"] = "鐵之集會";
["Steelbreaker"] = "破鋼者";
["Runemaster Molgeim"] = "符文大師墨吉姆";
["Stormcaller Brundir"] = "風暴召喚者布倫迪爾";
["Kologarn"] = "柯洛剛恩";
["Algalon the Observer"] = "『觀察者』艾爾加隆";
["Antechamber of Ulduar"] = "奧杜亞前廳";
["Prospector Doren"] = "勘察員多倫";
["Archivum Console"] = "大資料庫控制臺";
-- Ulduar C
["Auriaya"] = "奧芮雅";
["Freya"] = "芙蕾雅";
["Thorim"] = "索林姆";
["Hodir"] = "霍迪爾";
["The Shattered Walkway"] = "破碎走道";
["The Conservatory of Life"] = "生命溫室";
-- Ulduar D
["Mimiron"] = "彌米倫";
-- Ulduar E
["General Vezax"] = "威札斯將軍";
["Yogg-Saron"] = "尤格薩倫";
["Prison of Yogg-Saron"] = "尤格薩倫之獄";
--Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep
["Prince Keleseth <The San'layn>"] = "凱雷希斯王子";
["Dalronn the Controller"] = "『控制者』達隆恩";
["Ingvar the Plunderer"] = "『盜掠者』因格瓦";
["Dark Ranger Marrah"] = "黑暗遊俠瑪拉";
--Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle
["Brigg Smallshanks"] = "布里格·細柄";
["Svala Sorrowgrave"] = "絲瓦拉·悲傷亡墓";
["Gortok Palehoof"] = "戈托克·白蹄";
["Skadi the Ruthless"] = "無情的斯卡迪";
["King Ymiron"] = "依米倫王";
["Skarvald the Constructor"] = "『建造者』史卡沃";
--Vault of Archavon
["Archavon the Stone Watcher"] = "『石之看守者』亞夏梵";
["Emalon the Storm Watcher"] = "『風暴看守者』艾瑪隆";
["Koralon the Flame Watcher"] = "『烈焰看守者』寇拉隆";
["Toravon the Ice Watcher"] = "『寒冰看守者』拓拉梵";
Locale/Atlas-ruRU.lua New file
0,0 → 1,1748
Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser
Copyright 2005-2010 Dan Gilbert <dan.b.gilbert@gmail.com>
This file is part of Atlas.
Atlas is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
Atlas is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with Atlas; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
-- Atlas Data Alpha (Russian)
-- Compiled by Eugene Filatov, bigoblin, StingerSoft
-- Last Update: 14.02.2010
if ( GetLocale() == "ruRU" ) then
AtlasSortIgnore = {"(.+)"};
ATLAS_TITLE = "Атлас";
ATLAS_SUBTITLE = "Обозреватель карт подземелий";
ATLAS_DESC = "Атлас это обозреватель карт подземелий.";
BINDING_HEADER_ATLAS_TITLE = "Сопоставления кнопок";
BINDING_NAME_ATLAS_AUTOSEL = "Авто-выбор поздемелья";
ATLAS_SLASH = "/atlas";
ATLAS_STRING_LEVELRANGE = "Диапазон уровней";
ATLAS_STRING_SELECT_CAT = "Выбор категории";
ATLAS_STRING_MINLEVEL = "Минимальный уровень";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_SHOWBUT = "Показывать кнопку у мини-карты";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_AUTOSEL = "Автоматический выбор поздемелья";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_BUTPOS = "Расположение кнопки";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_TRANS = "Прозрачность";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_REPMAP = "Замена карты мира";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_RCLICK = "[Правая клавиша мыши] для показа карты мира";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_SHOWMAPNAME = "Отображать имя карты";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_RESETPOS = "Сбросить позиции";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_ACRONYMS = "Отображать короткие названия";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_BUTRAD = "Радиус расположения кнопки";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CLAMPED = "Не заходить за размеры экрана";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CTRL = "Удерживайте клавишу [Control] для сравнений";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_COORDS = "Показывать координаты на карте мира";
ATLAS_BUTTON_TOOLTIP_HINT = "[Левая клавиша мыши] открывает Атлас.\n[Средняя клавиша мыши], открывает настройки Атласа.\n[Правая клавиша мыши] + [перемещение] изменяет позицию кнопки Атласа.";
ATLAS_LDB_HINT = "[Левая клавиша мыши] открывает Атлас.\n[Правая клавиша мыши] открывает настройки Атласа.";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CATDD = "Сортировать подземелья по:";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_EASTERN = "Подземелья Восточных королевств";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_KALIMDOR = "Подземелья Калимдора";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_OUTLAND = "Подземелья Запределья";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_UNDER45 = "Подземелья уровня ниже 45";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_45TO60 = "Подземелья уровня 45-60";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_60TO70 = "Подземелья уровня 60-70";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_70TO80 = "Подземелья уровня 70-80";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_80PLUS = "Подземелья уровня 80+";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE = "Размеру группы";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_5_AE = "Подземелья на 5 игроков A-E";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_5_FZ = "Подземелья на 5 игроков F-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_10_AQ = "Подземелья на 10 игроков A-Q";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_10_RZ = "Подземелья на 10 игроков R-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_20TO40 = "Подземелья на 20-40 игроков";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_OLD_AO = "Подземелья Старого Мира A-O";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_OLD_PZ = "Подземелья Старого Мира P-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_BC = "Подземелья Пылающего Крестового Похода";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_WOTLK = "Подземелья Wrath of the Lich King";
ATLAS_SEARCH_UNAVAIL = "Поиск недоступен";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG1 = "Атлас обнаружил устаревший(е) модуль(и).";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG2 = "Они будут отключены для данного персонажа.";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG3 = "Удалите их из вашей папки аддонов.";
AtlasZoneSubstitutions = {
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "Затонувший храм";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Храм Ан'Киража";
["Karazhan"] = "Каражан [A] (Старт)";
["Black Temple"] = "Черный храм [A] (Старт)";
AtlasLocale = {
-- Zone Names, Acronyms, and Common Strings
--Common strings
["Adult"] = "Взрослый";
["AKA"] = "AKA";
["Alliance"] = "Альянс";
["Arcane Container"] = "Волшебный контейнер";
["Argent Dawn"] = "Серебряный Рассвет";
["Argent Crusade"] = "Серебряный Авангард";
["Arms Warrior"] = "Воин-Оружия";
["Attunement Required"] = "Необходима подготавка";
["Back"] = "Назад";
["Basement"] = "Подвал";
["Bat"] = "Летучая мышь";
["Blacksmithing Plans"] = "Чертежи кузнечного дела";
["Boss"] = "Босс";
["Brazier of Invocation"] = "Жаровня Вызова";
["Brewfest"] = "Праздника пива";
["Chase Begins"] = "Начало охоты";
["Chase Ends"] = "Конец охоты";
["Child"] = "Ребенок";
["Connection"] = "Связан";
["DS2"] = "DS2";
["East"] = "Восток";
["Elevator"] = "Лифт";
["End"] = "Конец";
["Engineer"] = "Инженер";
["Entrance"] = "Вход";
["Event"] = "Событие";
["Exalted"] = "Превознесение";
["Exit"] = "Выход";
["Fourth Stop"] = "Четвертая остановка";
["Front"] = "Передний";
["Ghost"] = "Призрак";
["Hallow's End"] = "Тыква";
["Heroic"] = "Героический";
["Holy Paladin"] = "Паладин-Света";
["Holy Priest"] = "Жрец-Света";
["Horde"] = "Орда";
["Hunter"] = "Охотник";
["Imp"] = "Бесс";
["Inside"] = "Внутри";
["Key"] = "Ключ";
["Love is in the Air"] = "Любовная лихорадка";
["Lower"] = "Нижний";
["Lunar"] = "Лунный";
["Lunar Festival"] = "Лунный фестиваль";
["Mage"] = "Маг";
["Meeting Stone"] = "Камень встреч";
["Midsummer Festival"] = "Огненный солнцеворот";
["Monk"] = "Монах";
["Moonwell"] = "Лунный колодец";
["North"] = "Север";
["Optional"] = "Необяз.";
["Orange"] = "Оранжевый";
["Outside"] = "Снаружи";
["Paladin"] = "Паладин";
["Panther"] = "Пантера";
["Portal"] = "Портал";
["Priest"] = "Жрец";
["Protection Warrior"] = "Воин-Защиты";
["Purple"] = "Пурпурный";
["Random"] = "Случайный";
["Raptor"] = "Ящер";
["Rare"] = "Редкий";
["Reputation"] = "Репа";
["Repair"] = "Починка";
["Retribution Paladin"] = "Паладин-Возмездия";
["Rewards"] = "Награды";
["Rogue"] = "Разбойник";
["Second Stop"] = "Вторая остановка";
["Shadow Priest"] = "Жрец-Темной магии";
["Shaman"] = "Шаман";
["Side"] = "Сторона";
["Snake"] = "Змея";
["Spawn Point"] = "Точка рождения";
["Spider"] = "Паук";
["Start"] = "Начало";
["Summon"] = "Вызов";
["Teleporter"] = "Телепорт";
["Third Stop"] = "Третья остановка";
["Tiger"] = "Тигр";
["Top"] = "Верхний";
["Undead"] = "Нежить";
["Underwater"] = "Подводный";
["Unknown"] = "Неизвестный";
["Upper"] = "Верхний";
["Varies"] = "Изменяется";
["Wanders"] = "Странник";
["Warlock"] = "Чернокнижник";
["Warrior"] = "Воин";
["Wave 5"] = "5-ая волна";
["Wave 6"] = "6-ая волна";
["Wave 10"] = "10-ая волна";
["Wave 12"] = "12-ая волна";
["Wave 18"] = "18-ая волна";
["West"] = "Запад";
--Instance names and acronyms
["Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom"] = "Ан'кахет: Старое Королевство";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Ан'Кираж"; ["AQ"] = "АКУ";
["Armory"] = "Оружейная";
["Auchenai Crypts"] = "Аукенайские гробницы"; ["AC"] = "АГ";
["Auchindoun"] = "Аукиндон"; ["Auch"] = "Аук";
["Azjol-Nerub"] = "Азжол-Неруб"; ["AN"] = "АН";
["Black Temple"] = "Черный Храм"; ["BT"] = "ЧХ";
["Blackfathom Deeps"] = "Непроглядная Пучина"; ["BFD"] = "НП";
["Blackrock Depths"] = "Глубины Черной горы"; ["BRD"] = "ГЧГ";
["Blackrock Spire"] = "Вершина Черной горы"; ["LBRS"] = "НЧГ"; ["UBRS"] = "ВЧГ";
["Blackwing Lair"] = "Логово Крыла Тьмы"; ["BWL"] = "ЛКТ";
["Cathedral"] = "Собор"; ["Cath"] = "Соб";
["Caverns of Time"] = "Пещеры Времени"; ["CoT"] = "ПВ";
["Chamber of Aspects"] = "Комната духов";
["Coilfang Reservoir"] = "Резервуар Кривого Клыка"; ["CR"] = "РКК";
["Crusaders' Coliseum"] = "Колизей Авангарда";
["Dire Maul"] = "Забытый Город"; ["DM"] = "ЗГ";
["Drak'Tharon Keep"] = "Крепость Драк'Тарон";
["Frozen Halls"] = "Ледяные залы";
["Gnomeregan"] = "Гномреган"; ["Gnome"] = "Гном";
["Graveyard"] = "Кладбище"; ["GY"] = "Кл";
["Gruul's Lair"] = "Логово Груула"; ["GL"] = "Груль";
["Gundrak"] = "Гундрак";
["Halls of Lightning"] = "Чертоги Молний";
["Halls of Reflection"] = "Залы Отражений";
["Halls of Stone"] = "Чертоги Камня";
["Hellfire Citadel"] = "Цитадель Адского Пламени"; ["HFC"] = "ЦАП";
["Hellfire Ramparts"] = "Бастионы Адского Пламени"; ["Ramp"] = "Баст";
["Hyjal Summit"] = "Вершина Хиджала"; ["CoT3"] = "ПВ3";
["Icecrown Citadel"] = "Цитадель Ледяной Короны";
["Karazhan"] = "Каражан"; ["Kara"] = "Кара";
["Library"] = "Библиотека"; ["Lib"] = "Биб";
["Magisters' Terrace"] = "Терраса Магистров"; ["MaT"] = "ТМ";
["Magtheridon's Lair"] = "Логово Магтеридона"; ["Mag"] = "Магги";
["Mana-Tombs"] = "Гробницы Маны"; ["MT"] = "ГМ";
["Maraudon"] = "Мародон"; ["Mara"] = "Маро";
["Molten Core"] = "Огненные Недра"; ["MC"] = "ОН";
["Naxxramas"] = "Наксрамас";
["Old Hillsbrad Foothills"] = "Старые предгорья Хилсбрада"; ["CoT1"] = "ПВ1";
["Onyxia's Lair"] = "Логово Ониксии"; ["Ony"] = "Они";
["Pit of Saron"] = "Яма Сарона";
["Ragefire Chasm"] = "Огненная пропасть"; ["RFC"] = "ОгП";
["Razorfen Downs"] = "Курганы Иглошкурых"; ["RFD"] = "Курганы";
["Razorfen Kraul"] = "Лабиринты Иглошкурых"; ["RFK"] = "ЛабИ";
["Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Руины Ан'Киража"; ["AQ20"] = "АКУ20";
["Scarlet Monastery"] = "Монастырь Алого ордена"; ["SM"] = "Мон";
["Scholomance"] = "Некроситет"; ["Scholo"] = "Некро";
["Serpentshrine Cavern"] = "Змеиное святилище"; ["SC"] = "ЗС";
["Sethekk Halls"] = "Сетеккские залы"; ["Seth"] = "Сетекк";
["Shadow Labyrinth"] = "Темный Лабиринт"; ["SL"] = "ТЛ";
["Shadowfang Keep"] = "Крепость Темного Клыка"; ["SFK"] = "КТК";
["Stratholme"] = "Стратхольм"; ["Strat"] = "Страт";
["Stratholme Past"] = "Очищение Стратхольма";
["Sunken Temple"] = "Затонувший храм"; ["ST"] = "ЗХ";
["Sunwell Plateau"] = "Солнечный Колодец"; ["SuP"] = "СК";
["Tempest Keep"] = "Крепость Бурь"; ["TK"] = "КБ";
["Temple of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Храм Ан'Киража"; ["AQ40"] = "АКУ40";
["The Arcatraz"] = "Аркатрац"; ["Arca"] = "Арка";
["The Black Morass"] = "Черные топи"; ["CoT2"] = "ПВ2";
["The Blood Furnace"] = "Кузня Крови"; ["BF"] = "КК";
["The Botanica"] = "Ботаника"; ["Bota"] = "Бота";
["The Deadmines"] = "Мертвые копи"; ["VC"] = "МК";
["The Eye"] = "Око"; ["Eye"] = "Око";
["The Eye of Eternity"] = "Око Вечности";
["The Forge of Souls"] = "Кузня Душ";
["The Mechanar"] = "Механар"; ["Mech"] = "Мех";
["The Nexus"] = "Нексус";
["The Obsidian Sanctum"] = "Обсидиановое святилище";
["The Oculus"] = "Окулус";
["The Shattered Halls"] = "Разрушенные залы"; ["SH"] = "РЗ";
["The Slave Pens"] = "Узилище"; ["SP"] = "Узи";
["The Steamvault"] = "Паровое Подземелье"; ["SV"] = "ПП";
["The Stockade"] = "Тюрьма"; ["Stocks"] = "Тюрьма";
["The Underbog"] = "Нижетопь"; ["UB"] = "НТ";
["The Violet Hold"] = "Аметистовая крепость";
["Trial of the Champion"] = "Испытание чемпиона"; ["Champ"] = "ИЧ";
["Trial of the Crusader"] = "Испытание крестоносца"; ["Crus"] = "ИК";
["Uldaman"] = "Ульдаман"; ["Ulda"] = "Ульд";
["Ulduar"] = "Ульдуар";
["Utgarde Keep"] = "Крепость Утгард";
["Utgarde Pinnacle"] = "Вершина Утгард";
["Vault of Archavon"] = "Склеп Аркавона";
["Wailing Caverns"] = "Пещеры Стенаний"; ["WC"] = "ПС";
["Zul'Aman"] = "Зул'Аман"; ["ZA"] = "ЗА";
["Zul'Farrak"] = "Зул'Фаррак"; ["ZF"] = "ЗФ";
["Zul'Gurub"] = "Зул'Гуруб"; ["ZG"] = "ЗГ";
--WotLK Acronyms
["AK, Kahet"] = "АК, Кахет"; -- Ан'кахет
["AN, Nerub"] = "АЖ, Неруб"; -- Азжол-Неруб
["Champ"] = "Champ"; -- Испытание чемпиона
["Crus"] = "Crus"; -- Испытание крестоносца
["DTK"] = "КДТ"; -- Крепость Драк'Тарон
["FoS"] = "Кузня Душ"; ["FH1"] = "ЛЗ1"; -- Кузня Душ
["Gun"] = "Гун"; -- Гундрак
["HoL"] = "ЧМ"; -- Чертоги Молний
["HoR"] = "ЗО"; ["FH3"] = "ЛЗ3"; -- Залы Отражения
["HoS"] = "ЧК"; -- Чертоги Камня
["IC"] = "ЦЛК"; -- Цитадель Ледяной Короны
["Nax"] = "Накс"; -- Наксрамас
["Nex, Nexus"] = "Некс, Нексус"; -- Нексус
["Ocu"] = "Оку"; -- Окулус
["OS"] = "ОС"; -- Обсидиановое святилище
["PoS"] = "Яма"; ["FH2"] = "ЛЗ2"; -- Яма Сарона
["Strat, CoT-Strat"] = "Страт, ПВ-Страт"; -- Очищение Стратхольма
["TEoE"] = "ОВ"; -- Око Вечности
["UK, Keep"] = "УК, Крепость"; -- Крепость Утгард
["Uldu"] = "Ульда"; -- Ульдуар
["UP, Pinn"] = "УВ, Вершина"; -- Вершина Утгард
["VH"] = "АМК"; -- Аметистовая крепость
["VoA"] = "Склеп"; -- Склеп Аркавона
["Eastern Kingdoms"] = "Восточные королевства";
["Kalimdor"] = "Калимдор";
["Northrend"] = "Нордскол";
["Outland"] = "Запределье";
--Outdoor zones, Locations
["Ashenvale"] = "Ясеневый лес";
["Badlands"] = "Бесплодные земли";
["Blackrock Mountain"] = "Черная гора"; ["BRM"] = "ЧГ";
["Blade's Edge Mountains"] = "Острогорье";
["Borean Tundra"] = "Борейская тундра";
["Burning Steppes"] = "Пылающие степи";
["Dalaran"] = "Даларан";
["Deadwind Pass"] = "Перевал Мертвого Ветра";
["Desolace"] = "Пустоши";
["Dragonblight"] = "Драконий Погост";
["Dun Morogh"] = "Дун Морог";
["Dustwallow Marsh"] = "Пылевые топи";
["Eastern Plaguelands"] = "Восточное Лихоземье";
["Feralas"] = "Фералас";
["Ghostlands"] = "Призрачные земли";
["Grizzly Hills"] = "Седые холмы";
["Hellfire Peninsula"] = "Полуостров Адского Пламени";
["Howling Fjord"] = "Ревущий фьорд";
["Icecrown"] = "Ледяная Корона";
["Isle of Quel'Danas"] = "Остров Кель'Данас";
["Netherstorm"] = "Пустоверть";
["Orgrimmar"] = "Оргриммар";
["Searing Gorge"] = "Тлеющее ущелье";
["Shadowmoon Valley"] = "Долина Призрачной Луны";
["Silithus"] = "Силитус";
["Silverpine Forest"] = "Серебряный бор";
["Stormwind City"] = "Штормград";
["Stranglethorn Vale"] = "Тернистая долина";
["Swamp of Sorrows"] = "Болото Печали";
["Tanaris"] = "Танарис";
["Terokkar Forest"] = "Лес Тероккар";
["The Barrens"] = "Степи";
["The Storm Peaks"] = "Грозовая Гряда";
["Tirisfal Glades"] = "Тирисфальские леса";
["Western Plaguelands"] = "Западное Лихоземье";
["Westfall"] = "Западный Край";
["Wintergrasp"] = "Озеро Ледяных Оков";
["Zangarmarsh"] = "Зангартопь";
["Zul'Drak"] = "Зул'Драк";
-- Kalimdor Instance Data
--Ragefire Chasm
["Maur Grimtotem"] = "Маур Зловещий Тотем";
["Oggleflint <Ragefire Chieftain>"] = "Огглфлинт <Вождь племени Бушующего Пламени>";
["Taragaman the Hungerer"] = "Тарагаман Ненасытный";
["Jergosh the Invoker"] = "Жергош Призыватель Духов";
["Zelemar the Wrathful"] = "Зелемар Гневный";
["Bazzalan"] = "Баззалан";
--Wailing Caverns
["Disciple of Naralex"] = "Послушник Наралекса";
["Lord Cobrahn <Fanglord>"] = "Лорд Кобран <Владыка змей>";
["Lady Anacondra <Fanglord>"] = "Повелительница Анакондра <Владыка змей>";
["Kresh"] = "Криг";
["Lord Pythas <Fanglord>"] = "Лорд Питонас <Владыка змей>";
["Skum"] = "Шкам";
["Lord Serpentis <Fanglord>"] = "Лорд Серпентис <Владыка змей>";
["Verdan the Everliving"] = "Вердан Бессмертный";
["Mutanus the Devourer"] = "Мутанус Пожиратель";
["Naralex"] = "Наралекс";
["Deviate Faerie Dragon"] = "Загадочный волшебный дракон";
--Blackfathom Deeps
["Ghamoo-ra"] = "Гхаму-ра";
["Lorgalis Manuscript"] = "Манускрипт Лоргалиса";
["Lady Sarevess"] = "Леди Саревесс";
["Argent Guard Thaelrid <The Argent Dawn>"] = "Страж Талрид <Серебряный Рассвет >";
["Gelihast"] = "Гелихаст";
["Shrine of Gelihast"] = "Святыня Гелихастa";
["Lorgus Jett"] = "Лоргус Джетт";
["Fathom Stone"] = "Глубинный Камень";
["Baron Aquanis"] = "Барон Акванис";
["Twilight Lord Kelris"] = "Повелитель сумрака Келрис";
["Old Serra'kis"] = "Старина Серракис";
["Aku'mai"] = "Аку'май";
["Morridune"] = "Морридан";
["Altar of the Deeps"] = "Алтарь пучины";
--Razorfen Kraul
["Roogug"] = "Ругуг";
["Aggem Thorncurse <Death's Head Prophet>"] = "Аггем Терновое Проклятие <Пророк племени Мертовой Головы >";
["Death Speaker Jargba <Death's Head Captain>"] = "Вестник смерти Джаргба <Капитан племени Мертвой Головы>";
["Overlord Ramtusk"] = "Властитель Таранный Клык";
["Razorfen Spearhide"] = "Копьешкур из племени Иглошкурых";
["Agathelos the Raging"] = "Агателос Свирепый";
["Blind Hunter"] = "Слепой охотник";
["Charlga Razorflank <The Crone>"] = "Чарлга Остробок <Ведьма>";
["Willix the Importer"] = "Импортер Вилликс";
["Heralath Fallowbrook"] = "Гералат Бурый Ручей";
["Earthcaller Halmgar"] = "Заклинательница земли Халмгар";
--Razorfen Downs
["Tuten'kash"] = "Тутен'каш";
["Henry Stern"] = "Генри Штерн";
["Belnistrasz"] = "Белнистраз";
["Sah'rhee"] = "Сах-ри";
["Mordresh Fire Eye"] = "Мордреш Огненный Глаз";
["Glutton"] = "Обжора";
["Ragglesnout"] = "Круглорыл";
["Amnennar the Coldbringer"] = "Амненнар Хладовей";
["Plaguemaw the Rotting"] = "Чумобрюх Гнилой";
["Antu'sul <Overseer of Sul>"] = "Анту'сул <Надсмотрщик Сула>";
["Theka the Martyr"] = "Тека Мученик";
["Witch Doctor Zum'rah"] = "Знахарь Зум'рах";
["Zul'Farrak Dead Hero"] = "Мертвый герой Зул'Фаррака";
["Nekrum Gutchewer"] = "Некрум Кишкожуй";
["Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz"] = "Темный жрец Шезз'зиз";
["Dustwraith"] = "Пыльный призрак";
["Sergeant Bly"] = "Сержант Блай";
["Weegli Blastfuse"] = "Вигиль Фитиль";
["Murta Grimgut"] = "Мурта Мрачнобрюх";
["Raven"] = "Ворон";
["Oro Eyegouge"] = "Оро Вырвиглаз";
["Sandfury Executioner"] = "Палач из клана Песчаной Бури";
["Hydromancer Velratha"] = "Гидромант Велрата";
["Gahz'rilla"] = "Газ'рилла";
["Elder Wildmane"] = "Старейшина Дикая Грива ";
["Chief Ukorz Sandscalp"] = "Вождь Укорз Песчаная Плешь";
["Ruuzlu"] = "Руузлу";
["Zerillis"] = "Зериллис";
["Sandarr Dunereaver"] = "Сандарр Разоритель Барханов";
["Scepter of Celebras"] = "Скипетр Келебраса ";
["Veng <The Fifth Khan>"] = "Венг <Пятый хан>";
["Noxxion"] = "Ноксион";
["Razorlash"] = "Бритвохлест";
["Maraudos <The Fourth Khan>"] = "Мародос <Четвертый хан>";
["Lord Vyletongue"] = "Лорд Злоязыкий";
["Meshlok the Harvester"] = "Мешлок Жнец";
["Celebras the Cursed"] = "Селебрас Проклятый";
["Landslide"] = "Сель";
["Tinkerer Gizlock"] = "Ремонтник Гизлок";
["Rotgrip"] = "Гнилопасть";
["Princess Theradras"] = "Принцесса Терадрас";
["Elder Splitrock"] = "Старейшина Камнепад ";
--Dire Maul (East)
["Pusillin"] = "Пузиллин";
["Zevrim Thornhoof"] = "Зеврим Терновое Копыто";
["Hydrospawn"] = "Гидротварь";
["Lethtendris"] = "Лефтендрис";
["Pimgib"] = "Пимгиб";
["Old Ironbark"] = "Старик Железной Коры";
["Alzzin the Wildshaper"] = "Алззин Перевертень";
["Isalien"] = "Изалиен";
--Dire Maul (North)
["Crescent Key"] = "Серповидный ключ";--omitted from Dire Maul (West)
--"Library" omitted from here and DM West because of SM: "Library" duplicate
["Guard Mol'dar"] = "Стражник Мол'дар";
["Stomper Kreeg <The Drunk>"] = "Топотун Криг";
["Guard Fengus"] = "Стражник Фенгус";
["Knot Thimblejack"] = "Уззл Наперстяк";
["Guard Slip'kik"] = "Стражник Слип'кик";
["Captain Kromcrush"] = "Капитан Давигром";
["King Gordok"] = "Король Гордок";
["Cho'Rush the Observer"] = "Чо'Раш Наблюдатель";
--Dire Maul (West)
["J'eevee's Jar"] = "Флакон Д'жииви";
["Pylons"] = "Опоры";
["Shen'dralar Ancient"] = "Прародительница Шен'дралар";
["Tendris Warpwood"] = "Тендрис Криводрев";
["Ancient Equine Spirit"] = "Дух древнего коня";
["Illyanna Ravenoak"] = "Иллиана Воронья Ольха";
["Ferra"] = "Ферра";
["Magister Kalendris"] = "Магистр Календрисs";
["Tsu'zee"] = "Цу'зи";
["Immol'thar"] = "Бессмер'тер";
["Lord Hel'nurath"] = "Лорд Хел'нурат";
["Prince Tortheldrin"] = "Принц Тортелдрин";
["Falrin Treeshaper"] = "Фалрин Садовник";
["Lorekeeper Lydros"] = "Сказитель Лидрос";
["Lorekeeper Javon"] = " Сказитель Явон";
["Lorekeeper Kildrath"] = "Сказитель Килдрат";
["Lorekeeper Mykos"] = "Сказительница Микос";
["Shen'dralar Provisioner"] = "Шен'драларский поставщик";
["Skeletal Remains of Kariel Winthalus"] = "Скелет Кариэля Винтхалуса";
--Onyxia's Lair
["Onyxian Warders"] = "Хранитель Ониксии";
["Whelp Eggs"] = "Яйца Щенка";
["Onyxia"] = "Ониксия";
--Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
["Brood of Nozdormu"] = "Род Ноздорму";
["The Prophet Skeram"] = "Пророк Скерам";
["The Bug Family"] = "Ошибка семьи";
["Vem"] = "Вем";
["Lord Kri"] = "Лорд Кри";
["Princess Yauj"] = "Принцесса Яудж";
["Battleguard Sartura"] = "Боевой страж Сартура";
["Fankriss the Unyielding"] = "Фанкрисс Непреклонный";
["Viscidus"] = "Нечистотa";
["Princess Huhuran"] = "Принцесса Хухуран";
["Twin Emperors"] = "Близнецы Императоры";
["Emperor Vek'lor"] = "Император Век'лор";
["Emperor Vek'nilash"] = "Император Век'нилаш";
["Ouro"] = "Оуро";
["Eye of C'Thun"] = "Око К-Туна";
["C'Thun"] = "К-Тун";
["Andorgos <Brood of Malygos>"] = "Андоргос <Род Малигоса>";
["Vethsera <Brood of Ysera>"] = "Ветсера <Род Изеры >";
["Kandrostrasz <Brood of Alexstrasza>"] = "Кандострас <Племя Алекстразы>";
["Arygos"] = "Аригос";
["Caelestrasz"] = "Келестраз";
["Merithra of the Dream"] = "Меритра из Сна";
--Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
["Cenarion Circle"] = "Служители Ценариона";
["Kurinnaxx"] = "Куриннакса";
["Lieutenant General Andorov"] = "Генерал-лейтенант Андоров";
["Four Kaldorei Elites"] = "4 Кальдорайских гвардейцев";
["General Rajaxx"] = "Генерал Раджакс";
["Captain Qeez"] = "Капитан Квиз";
["Captain Tuubid"] = "Капитан Туубид";
["Captain Drenn"] = "Капитан Дренн";
["Captain Xurrem"] = "Капитан Ксуррем";
["Major Yeggeth"] = "Майор Йеггет";
["Major Pakkon"] = "Майор Паккон";
["Colonel Zerran"] = "Полковник Зерран";
["Moam"] = "Моам";
["Buru the Gorger"] = "Буру Ненасытный";
["Ayamiss the Hunter"] = "Аямисса Охотница";
["Ossirian the Unscarred"] = "Оссириан Неуязвимый";
["Safe Room"] = "Безопасная Комната";
--CoT: The Black Morass
["Opening of the Dark Portal"] = "Открытие Темных врат";
["Keepers of Time"] = "Хранители Времени";--omitted from Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Key of Time"] = "Ключ Времени";--omitted from Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Sa'at <Keepers of Time>"] = "Са'ат <Хранители Времени>";
["Chrono Lord Deja"] = "Повелитель времени Дежа";
["Temporus"] = "Темпорус";
["Aeonus"] = "Эонус";
["The Dark Portal"] = "Темный портал";
["Medivh"] = "Медив";
--CoT: Hyjal Summit
["Battle for Mount Hyjal"] = "Битва за Гору Хиджала";
["The Scale of the Sands"] = "Песчаная Чешуя";
["Alliance Base"] = "База Альянса";
["Lady Jaina Proudmoore"] = "Леди Джайна Праудмур";
["Horde Encampment"] = "Стоянка орды";
["Thrall <Warchief>"] = "Тралл <Вождь>";
["Night Elf Village"] = "Деревня Ночных эльфов";
["Tyrande Whisperwind <High Priestess of Elune>"] = "Тиранда Шелест Ветра";
["Rage Winterchill"] = "Лютый Хлад";
["Anetheron"] = "Анетерон";
["Kaz'rogal"] = "Каз'рогал";
["Azgalor"] = "Азгалор";
["Archimonde"] = "Архимонд";
["Indormi <Keeper of Ancient Gem Lore>"] = "Индорми <Хранитель знаний о древних самоцветах>";
["Tydormu <Keeper of Lost Artifacts>"] = "Тайдорму <Хранитель утраченных артефактов>";
--CoT: Old Hillsbrad Foothills
["Escape from Durnholde Keep"] = "Побег из Крепости Дарнхольда";
["Erozion"] = "Эрозион";
["Brazen"] = "Бронзень";
["Landing Spot"] = "Место высадки";
["Southshore"] = "Южнобережье";
["Tarren Mill"] = "Mельницa Таррен";
["Lieutenant Drake"] = "Лейтенант Дрейк";
["Thrall"] = "Раб";
["Captain Skarloc"] = "Капитан Скарлок";
["Epoch Hunter"] = "Охотник Вечности";
["Taretha"] = "Тарета";
["Jonathan Revah"] = "Джонатан Рева";
["Jerry Carter"] = "Джерри Картер";
["Traveling"] = "Странствующий";
["Thomas Yance <Travelling Salesman>"] = "Томас Янс <Странствующий торговец>";
["Aged Dalaran Wizard"] = "Даларанский старый волшебник";
["Kel'Thuzad <The Kirin Tor>"] = "Кел'Тузад <Кирин Тор>";
["Helcular"] = "Гелькулар";
["Farmer Kent"] = "Фермер Кент";
["Sally Whitemane"] = "Сэлли Белогрив";
["Renault Mograine"] = "Рено Могрейн";
["Little Jimmy Vishas"] = "Малыш Джимми Вишас";
["Herod the Bully"] = "Герод Забияка";
["Nat Pagle"] = "Нат Пэгл";
["Hal McAllister"] = "Хал Макаллистер";
["Zixil <Aspiring Merchant>"] = "Зиксель <Знаменитый купец>";
["Overwatch Mark 0 <Protector>"] = "Суперсторож, модель 0 <Заступник>";
["Southshore Inn"] = "Дома южнобережья";
["Captain Edward Hanes"] = "Капитан Эдвард Хейнс";
["Captain Sanders"] = "Капитан Сандерс";
["Commander Mograine"] = "Командир Могрейн";
["Isillien"] = "Изиллиен";
["Abbendis"] = "Аббендис";
["Fairbanks"] = "Фэйрбанкс";
["Tirion Fordring"] = "Тирион Фордринг";
["Arcanist Doan"] = "Чародей Доан";
["Taelan"] = "Таэлан";
["Barkeep Kelly <Bartender>"] = "Кабатчик Келли <Бармен>";
["Frances Lin <Barmaid>"] = "Франс Лин <Официантка>";
["Chef Jessen <Speciality Meat & Slop>"] = "Шеф-повар Джессен <Деликатесное мясо и похлебки>";
["Stalvan Mistmantle"] = "Сталван Мистмантл";
["Phin Odelic <The Kirin Tor>"] = "Фин Оделик <Кирин Тор>";
["Southshore Town Hall"] = "Ратуша южнобережья";
["Magistrate Henry Maleb"] = "Мировой судья Генри Малеб";
["Raleigh the True"] = "Роли Истинный";
["Nathanos Marris"] = "Натанос Маррис";
["Bilger the Straight-laced"] = "Бочкопуз Крепкосбитый";
["Innkeeper Monica"] = "Хозяйка таверны Моника";
["Julie Honeywell"] = "Джули Медовушка";
["Jay Lemieux"] = "Джей Лемье";
["Young Blanchy"] = "Молодая Савраска";
["Don Carlos"] = "Дон Карлос";
["Guerrero"] = "Герреро";
-- Eastern Kingdoms Instances
--Blackrock Depths
["Shadowforge Key"] = "Ключ Кузни Теней";
["Prison Cell Key"] = "Ключ от тюремной камеры";
["Jail Break!"] = "Побег!";
["Banner of Provocation"] = "Знамя Вызова";
["Lord Roccor"] = "Лорд Роккор";
["Kharan Mighthammer"] = "Каран Могучий Молот";
["Commander Gor'shak <Kargath Expeditionary Force>"] = "Командир Гор'шак";
["Marshal Windsor"] = "Маршал Винздор";
["High Interrogator Gerstahn <Twilight's Hammer Interrogator>"] = "Верховный дознаватель Герштан";
["Ring of Law"] = "Круг закона";
["Anub'shiah"] = "Ануб'шиа";
["Eviscerator"] = "Потрошитель";
["Gorosh the Dervish"] = "Горош Дервиш";
["Grizzle"] = "Гриззл";
["Hedrum the Creeper"] = "Хедрум Ползун";
["Ok'thor the Breaker"] = "Ок'тор Разрушитель";
["Theldren"] = "Телдрен";
["Lefty"] = "Левша";
["Malgen Longspear"] = "Мальген Длинное Копье";
["Gnashjaw <Malgen Longspear's Pet>"] = "Зубощелка <Питомец Мальгена>";
["Rotfang"] = "Гнилоклык";
["Va'jashni"] = "Ва'джашни";
["Houndmaster Grebmar"] = "Псарь Гребмар";
["Elder Morndeep"] = "Старейшина Рассветень";
["High Justice Grimstone"] = "Верховный судья Мрачнокамень";
["Monument of Franclorn Forgewright"] = "Монумент Франклорну Искуснику";
["Pyromancer Loregrain"] = "Пироман Зерно Мудрости";
["The Vault"] = "Подземелье";
["Warder Stilgiss"] = "Тюремщик Стилгисс";
["Verek"] = "Верек";
["Watchman Doomgrip"] = "Сторож Хватка Смерти";
["Fineous Darkvire <Chief Architect>"] = "Финий Темнострой <Главный архитектор>";
["The Black Anvil"] = "Черная наковальня";
["Lord Incendius"] = "Лорд Опалитель";
["Bael'Gar"] = "Бейл'Гор";
["Shadowforge Lock"] = "Замок Кузни Теней";
["General Angerforge"] = "Генерал Кузня Гнева";
["Golem Lord Argelmach"] = "Повелитель големов Аргелмах";
["Field Repair Bot 74A"] = "Ремонтный полевой робот 74A";
["The Grim Guzzler"] = "Угрюмые обжоры";
["Hurley Blackbreath"] = "Харли Пьянодых";
["Lokhtos Darkbargainer <The Thorium Brotherhood>"] = "Локтос Зловещий Торговец";
["Mistress Nagmara"] = "Госпожа Нагмара";
["Phalanx"] = "Фаланкс";
["Plugger Spazzring"] = "Штоппор Наливалс";
["Private Rocknot"] = "Рядовой Камнеузл";
["Ribbly Screwspigot"] = "Риббли Крутипроб";
["Coren Direbrew"] = "Корен Худовар";
["Griz Gutshank <Arena Vendor>"] = "Гриз Потрошмяк <Продавец экипировки арены>";
["Ambassador Flamelash"] = "Посол Огнехлыст";
["Panzor the Invincible"] = "Панцер Непобедимый";
["Summoner's Tomb"] = "Гробница Призывателей";
["The Lyceum"] = "Лекторий";
["Magmus"] = "Магмус";
["Emperor Dagran Thaurissan"] = "Император Дагран Тауриссан";
["Princess Moira Bronzebeard <Princess of Ironforge>"] = "Принцесса Мойра Бронзобород <Принцесса Стальгорна>";
["High Priestess of Thaurissan"] = "Верховная жрица Тауриссана";
["The Black Forge"] = "Черная Кузня";
["Core Fragment"] = "Осколок из Огненных Недр";
["Overmaster Pyron"] = "Подчинитель Пирон";
--Blackrock Spire (Lower)
["Vaelan"] = "Ваелан";
["Warosh <The Cursed>"] = "Варош <Проклятый >";
["Elder Stonefort"] = "Старейшина Камнеград";
["Roughshod Pike"] = "Наконечник Грубой силы ";
["Spirestone Butcher"] = "Мясник из клана Черной Вершины";
["Highlord Omokk"] = "Вождь Омокк";
["Spirestone Battle Lord"] = "Полководец из клана Черной Вершины";
["Spirestone Lord Magus"] = "Лорд-волхв из клана Черной Вершины";
["Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin"] = "Темная охотница Вос'гаджин";
["Fifth Mosh'aru Tablet"] = "Пятая табличка Мошару";
["Bijou"] = "Блестяшка";
["War Master Voone"] = "Воевода Вун";
["Mor Grayhoof"] = "Мор Серое Копыто";
["Sixth Mosh'aru Tablet"] = "Шестая табличка Мошару";
["Bijou's Belongings"] = "Вещи Блестяшки";
["Human Remains"] = "Человеческие останки";
["Unfired Plate Gauntlets"] = "Неопалимые латные рукавицы";
["Bannok Grimaxe <Firebrand Legion Champion>"] = "Баннок Люторез <Герой легиона Огненного Клейма>";
["Mother Smolderweb"] = "Мать Дымная Паутина";
["Crystal Fang"] = "Хрустальный Клык";
["Urok's Tribute Pile"] = "Груда приношений Арроку";
["Urok Doomhowl"] = "Аррок Смертный Вопль";
["Quartermaster Zigris <Bloodaxe Legion>"] = "Интендант Зигрис <Легион Кровавого Топора>";
["Halycon"] = "Халикон";
["Gizrul the Slavener"] = "Гизрул Поработитель";
["Ghok Bashguud <Bloodaxe Champion>"] = "Гок Крепкобив <Герой легиона Кровавого>";
["Overlord Wyrmthalak"] = "Властитель Змейталак";
["Burning Felguard"] = "Пылающий страж Скверны";
--Blackrock Spire (Upper)
["Pyroguard Emberseer"] = "Пиростраж Созерцатель Углей";
["Solakar Flamewreath"] = "Солакарский огнечервь";
["Father Flame"] = "Огонь отцов";
["Darkstone Tablet"] = "Табличка Темного Камня";
["Doomrigger's Coffer"] = "Металлический ящик Рокового Зажима";
["Jed Runewatcher <Blackhand Legion>"] = "Джед Руновед <Легион Чернорука>";
["Goraluk Anvilcrack <Blackhand Legion Armorsmith>"] = "Горалук Треснувшая Наковальня <Бронник легиона Чернорука>";
["Warchief Rend Blackhand"] = "Вождь Ренд Чернорук";
["Gyth <Rend Blackhand's Mount>"] = "Гит <Верховое животное Ренда Чернорука>";
["Awbee"] = "Ауби";
["The Beast"] = "Зверь";
["Lord Valthalak"] = "Лорд Вальтхалак";
["Finkle Einhorn"] = "Айс Вентурон";
["General Drakkisath"] = "Генерал Драккисат";
["Drakkisath's Brand"] = "Клеймо Драккисата";
--Blackwing Lair
["Razorgore the Untamed"] = "Бритвосмерт Неукротимый";
["Vaelastrasz the Corrupt"] = "Валестраз Порочный";
["Broodlord Lashlayer"] = "Предводитель драконов Разящий Бич";
["Firemaw"] = "Огнечрев";
["Draconic for Dummies (Chapter VII)"] = "Драконий язык для чайников (т. VII)";
["Master Elemental Shaper Krixix"] = "Ваятель стихий Криксикс";
["Ebonroc"] = "Черноскал";
["Flamegor"] = "Пламегор";
["Chromaggus"] = "Хроммагус";
["Nefarian"] = "Нефариан";
["Workshop Key"] = "Ключ от мастерской";
["Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse"] = "Взрывник Ими Фитилюшка";
["Grubbis"] = "Грязнюк";
["Chomper"] = "Чавккер";
["Clean Room"] = "Чистая Комната";
["Tink Sprocketwhistle <Engineering Supplies>"] = "Звяк Пружиносвист <Инженерные материалы>";
["The Sparklematic 5200"] = "Чистер 5200!";
["Mail Box"] = "Почтовый яшик";
["Kernobee"] = "Керноби";
["Alarm-a-bomb 2600"] = "Тревого-бомба 2600";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-B"] = "Матричный перфограф 3005-B";
["Viscous Fallout"] = "Липкая муть";
["Electrocutioner 6000"] = "Электрошокер 6000";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-C"] = "Матричный перфограф 3005-C";
["Crowd Pummeler 9-60"] = "Толпогон 9-60";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-D"] = "Матричный перфограф 3005-D";
["Dark Iron Ambassador"] = "Посол из клана Черного Железа";
["Mekgineer Thermaplugg"] = "Мекжинер Термоштепсель";
--Molten Core
["Hydraxian Waterlords"] = "Гидраксианские Повелители Вод";
["Lucifron"] = "Люцифрон";
["Magmadar"] = "Магмадар";
["Gehennas"] = "Гееннас";
["Garr"] = "Гарр";
["Shazzrah"] = "Шаззрах";
["Baron Geddon"] = "Барон Геддон";
["Golemagg the Incinerator"] = "Маг-лорд из клана Гордок";
["Sulfuron Harbinger"] = "Предвестник Сульфурон";
["Majordomo Executus"] = "Мажордом Экзекутус";
["Ragnaros"] = "Рагнаросс";
--SM: Library
["Houndmaster Loksey"] = "Псарь Локси";
["Arcanist Doan"] = "Чародей Доан";
--SM: Armory
["The Scarlet Key"] = "Алый ключ";--omitted from SM: Cathedral
["Herod <The Scarlet Champion>"] = "Ирод <Герой Алого ордена>";
--SM: Cathedral
["High Inquisitor Fairbanks"] = "Верховный инквизитор Фэйрбанкс";
["Scarlet Commander Mograine"] = "Командир Могрейн из Алого ордена";
["High Inquisitor Whitemane"] = "Верховный инквизитор Вайтмейн";
--SM: Graveyard
["Interrogator Vishas"] = "Дознаватель Жестокос";
["Vorrel Sengutz"] = "Воррел Сенгутц";
["Pumpkin Shrine"] = "Святящаяся тыква";
["Headless Horseman"] = "Всадник без головы";
["Bloodmage Thalnos"] = "Волшебник Крови Талнос";
["Ironspine"] = "Железноспин";
["Azshir the Sleepless"] = "Азшир Неспящий";
["Fallen Champion"] = "Павший воитель";
["Skeleton Key"] = "Отмычка";
["Viewing Room Key"] = "Ключ от смотровой";
["Viewing Room"] = "Смотровая";
["Blood of Innocents"] = "Кровь невинных";
["Divination Scryer"] = "Гадательный кристалл";
["Blood Steward of Kirtonos"] = "Кровавая прислужница Киртоноса";
["The Deed to Southshore"] = "Документы на Южнобережье";
["Kirtonos the Herald"] = "Киртонос Глашатай";
["Jandice Barov"] = "Джандис Баров";
["The Deed to Tarren Mill"] = "Документы на Мельницу Таррен";
["Rattlegore"] = "Громоклин";
["Death Knight Darkreaver"] = "Рыцарь смерти Темный Терзатель";
["Marduk Blackpool"] = "Мардук Блэкпул";
["Vectus"] = "Вектус";
["Ras Frostwhisper"] = "Рас Ледяной Шепот";
["The Deed to Brill"] = "Документы на Брилл";
["Kormok"] = "Кормок";
["Instructor Malicia"] = "Инструктор Коварница";
["Doctor Theolen Krastinov <The Butcher>"] = "Доктор Теолен Крастинов <Мясник>";
["Lorekeeper Polkelt"] = "Сказитель Полкелт";
["The Ravenian"] = "Равениан";
["Lord Alexei Barov"] = "Лорд Алексей Баров";
["The Deed to Caer Darrow"] = "Документы на Каэр Дарроу";
["Lady Illucia Barov"] = "Леди Иллюсия Барова";
["Darkmaster Gandling"] = "Темный магистр Гандлинг";
["Torch Lever"] = "Рукоятка факела";
["Secret Chest"] = "Секретный сундук";
["Alchemy Lab"] = "Лаборатория Алхимии";
--Shadowfang Keep
["Deathsworn Captain"] = "Капитан служителей Смерти";
["Rethilgore <The Cell Keeper>"] = "Ретилгор <Страж подвала>";
["Sorcerer Ashcrombe"] = "Колдун Ашкромб";
["Deathstalker Adamant"] = "Страж смерти Адамант";
["Landen Stilwell"] = "Ланден Стилвелл";
["Investigator Fezzen Brasstacks"] = "Испытатель Феззен Клейстр";
["Deathstalker Vincent"] = "Страж смерти Эрланд Винсент";
["Apothecary Trio"] = "троих аптекарей"; --Check
["Apothecary Hummel <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "Аптекарь Хаммел <Королевская химическая компания>";
["Apothecary Baxter <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "Аптекарь Бакстер <Королевская химическая компания>";
["Apothecary Frye <Crown Chemical Co.>"] = "Аптекарь Фрай <Королевская химическая компания>";
["Fel Steed"] = "Конь скверны";
["Jordan's Hammer"] = "Молот Джордана";
["Crate of Ingots"] = "Ящик со слитками";
["Razorclaw the Butcher"] = "Остроклык Мясник";
["Baron Silverlaine"] = "Барон Сребролен";
["Commander Springvale"] = "Командир Ручьедол";
["Odo the Blindwatcher"] = "Одо Слепой Страж";
["Fenrus the Devourer"] = "Фенрус Пожиратель";
["Arugal's Voidwalker"] = "Демон Бездны Аругала";
["The Book of Ur"] = "Книга Ура";
["Wolf Master Nandos"] = "Командир воргенов Нандос";
["Archmage Arugal"] = "Верховный маг Аругал";
["The Scarlet Key"] = "Алый ключ";
["Key to the City"] = "Ключ от города";
["Various Postbox Keys"] = "Различные Ключи Почтового ящика";
["Living Side"] = "Живая сторона";
["Undead Side"] = "Мертвая сторона";
["Skul"] = "Череп";
["Stratholme Courier"] = "Стратхольмский курьер";
["Fras Siabi"] = "Фрас Сиаби";
["Atiesh <Hand of Sargeras>"] = "Атиеш <Длань Аргуса>";
["Hearthsinger Forresten"] = "Певчий Форрестен";
["The Unforgiven"] = "Непрощенный";
["Elder Farwhisper"] = "Старейшина Тихий Шепот";
["Timmy the Cruel"] = "Тайлер";
["Malor the Zealous"] = "Малор Ревностный";
["Malor's Strongbox"] = "Сейф Малора";
["Crimson Hammersmith"] = "Молотобоец из Багрового Легиона";
["Cannon Master Willey"] = "Мастер-канонир Вилли";
["Archivist Galford"] = "Архивариус Галфорд";
["Grand Crusader Dathrohan"] = "Верховный рыцарь Датрохан";
["Balnazzar"] = "Балназзар";
["Sothos"] = "Сотос";
["Jarien"] = "Джариен";
["Magistrate Barthilas"] = "Мировой судья Бартилас";
["Aurius"] = "Аурий";
["Stonespine"] = "Каменный Гребень";
["Baroness Anastari"] = "Баронесса Анастари";
["Black Guard Swordsmith"] = "Оружейник Черной Стражи";
["Nerub'enkan"] = "Неруб'энкан";
["Maleki the Pallid"] = "Малекай Бледный";
["Ramstein the Gorger"] = "Рамштайн Ненасытный";
["Baron Rivendare"] = "Барон Ривендер";
["Ysida Harmon"] = "Исида Хармон";
["Crusaders' Square Postbox"] = "Ключ от почтового ящика на Площади рыцарей";
["Market Row Postbox"] = "Ключ от почтового ящика в торговом ряду";
["Festival Lane Postbox"] = "Ключ от почтового ящика на Праздничной улице";
["Elders' Square Postbox"] = "Ключ от почтового ящика на Площади старейшины";
["King's Square Postbox"] = "Ключ от почтового ящика на Королевской площали";
["Fras Siabi's Postbox"] = "Ключ от почтового ящика Фраса Сиаби";
["3rd Box Opened"] = "Открытие третего ящика";
["Postmaster Malown"] = "Почтальон Мэлоун";
--The Deadmines
["Rhahk'Zor <The Foreman>"] = "Рак'Зор <Штейгер>";
["Miner Johnson"] = "Шахтер Джонсон";
["Sneed <Lumbermaster>"] = "Снид <Начальник лесозаготовки>";
["Sneed's Shredder <Lumbermaster>"] = "Крошшер Снида";
["Gilnid <The Smelter>"] = "Гилнид <Литейщик>";
["Defias Gunpowder"] = "Порох братства Справедливости";
["Captain Greenskin"] = "Капитан Зеленямс";
["Edwin VanCleef <Defias Kingpin>"] = "Эдвин ван Клиф";
["Mr. Smite <The Ship's First Mate>"] = "Мистер Каюк";
["Cookie <The Ship's Cook>"] = "Пирожок <Корабельный кок>";
--The Stockade
["Targorr the Dread"] = "Таргорр Ужасный";
["Kam Deepfury"] = "Кам Гневливый";
["Hamhock"] = "Хрупконог";
["Bazil Thredd"] = "Базиль Тредд";
["Dextren Ward"] = "Декстрен Вард";
["Bruegal Ironknuckle"] = "Бругал Железный Кулак";
--The Sunken Temple
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "Храм Аталхаккара";
["Yeh'kinya's Scroll"] = "Свиток Йе'кинья";
["Atal'ai Defenders"] = "Защитники Атал'ая";
["Gasher"] = "Ранокол";
["Loro"] = "Лоро";
["Hukku"] = "Хукку";
["Zolo"] = "Золо";
["Mijan"] = "Миджан";
["Zul'Lor"] = "Зул'Лор";
["Altar of Hakkar"] = "Алтарь Хаккара";
["Atal'alarion <Guardian of the Idol>"] = "Атал'аларион <Страж идола>";
["Dreamscythe"] = "Жнец Снов";
["Weaver"] = "Ткачик";
["Avatar of Hakkar"] = "Аватара Хаккара";
["Jammal'an the Prophet"] = "Джаммал'ан Пророк";
["Ogom the Wretched"] = "Огом Презренный";
["Morphaz"] = "Морфаз";
["Hazzas"] = "Хаззас";
["Shade of Eranikus"] = "Тень Эраникуса";
["Essence Font"] = "Купель сущности";
["Spawn of Hakkar"] = "Порождение Хаккара";
["Elder Starsong"] = "Старейшина Звездная Песня";
["Statue Activation Order"] = "Порядок активаций статуэток";
["Staff of Prehistoria"] = "Посох Древнейшей Истории";
["Baelog"] = "Бейло";
["Eric \"The Swift\""] = "Эрик \"Быстрый\"";
["Olaf"] = "Олаф";
["Baelog's Chest"] = "Сундук Бейлога";
["Conspicuous Urn"] = "Подозрительная урна";
["Remains of a Paladin"] = "Останки паладина";
["Revelosh"] = "Ревелош";
["Ironaya"] = "Иронайа";
["Obsidian Sentinel"] = "Обсидиановый часовой";
["Annora <Enchanting Trainer>"] = "Аннора <Учитель наложения чар>";
["Ancient Stone Keeper"] = "Древний Хранитель Камня";
["Galgann Firehammer"] = "Галганн Огнемолот";
["Tablet of Will"] = "Табличка Воли";
["Shadowforge Cache"] = "Тайник Кузни Теней";
["Grimlok <Stonevault Chieftain>"] = "Гримлок <Вождь племени Каменного Свода>";
["Archaedas <Ancient Stone Watcher>"] = "Аркедас <Древний Каменный Страж>";
["The Discs of Norgannon"] = "Диски Норганнона";
["Ancient Treasure"] = "Древнее сокровище";
["Zandalar Tribe"] = "Племя Зандалар";
["Mudskunk Lure"] = "Наживка на грязнотинника";
["Gurubashi Mojo Madness"] = "Амулет безумия Гурубаши";
["High Priestess Jeklik"] = "Верховная жрица Джеклик";
["High Priest Venoxis"] = "Верховный жрец Веноксис";
["Zanza the Restless"] = "Занза Неупокоенный";
["High Priestess Mar'li"] = "Верховная жрица Мар'ли";
["Bloodlord Mandokir"] = "Мандокир Повелитель Крови";
["Ohgan"] = "Охган";
["Edge of Madness"] = "Край Безумия";
["Gri'lek"] = "Гри'лек";
["Hazza'rah"] = "Хазза'рах";
["Renataki"] = "Ренатаки";
["Wushoolay"] = "Вушулай";
["Gahz'ranka"] = "Газ'ранка";
["High Priest Thekal"] = "Верховный жрец Текал";
["Zealot Zath"] = "Ревнитель Зат";
["Zealot Lor'Khan"] = "Ревнитель Лор'Кхан";
["High Priestess Arlokk"] = "Верховная жрица Арлокк";
["Jin'do the Hexxer"] = "Джин'до Проклинатель";
["Hakkar"] = "Хаккар";
["Muddy Churning Waters"] = "Грязные Воды Взбалтывания";
--Karazhan Start
["The Violet Eye"] = "Аметистовое Око";--omitted from Karazhan End
["The Master's Key"] = "Хозяйский ключ";--omitted from Karazhan End
["Staircase to the Ballroom"] = "Лестница в танцевальный зал";
["Stairs to Upper Stable"] = "Летсница в верхнюю конюшню";
["Ramp to the Guest Chambers"] = "Рампа в гостевую комнату";
["Stairs to Opera House Orchestra Level"] = "Лесница в оперный театр (уровень оркестра)";
["Ramp from Mezzanine to Balcony"] = "Рампа в из под сцены на балкон";
["Connection to Master's Terrace"] = "Связь с Террасой Мастера";
["Path to the Broken Stairs"] = "Дорога к разбитым ступенькам";--omitted from Karazhan End
["Hastings <The Caretaker>"] = "Гастингс <Управляющий>";
["Servant Quarters"] = "Жильё прислуги";
["Hyakiss the Lurker"] = "Хиакисс Тенетник";
["Rokad the Ravager"] = "Рокад Опустошитель";
["Shadikith the Glider"] = "Шадикит Скользящий";
["Berthold <The Doorman>"] = "Бертольд <Привратник>";
["Calliard <The Nightman>"] = "Кальярд <Ночной страж>";
["Attumen the Huntsman"] = "Аттумен Охотник";
["Midnight"] = "Полночь";
["Koren <The Blacksmith>"] = "Корен <Кузнец>";
["Moroes <Tower Steward>"] = "Мороуз <Дворецкий>";
["Baroness Dorothea Millstipe"] = "Баронесса Дороти Милстип";
["Lady Catriona Von'Indi"] = "Леди Катриона Фон'Инди";
["Lady Keira Berrybuck"] = "Леди Кейра Ягодная Корзина";
["Baron Rafe Dreuger"] = "Барон Раф Дреугер";
["Lord Robin Daris"] = "Лорд Робин Дэрис";
["Lord Crispin Ference"] = "Лорд Криспин Ференс";
["Bennett <The Sergeant at Arms>"] = "Беннет <Начальник охраны>";
["Ebonlocke <The Noble>"] = "Чернодрев <Аристократ>";
["Keanna's Log"] = "Записи Кеанны";
["Maiden of Virtue"] = "Благочестивая дева";
["Sebastian <The Organist>"] = "Себастиан <Органист>";
["Barnes <The Stage Manager>"] = "Барнс <Конферансье>";
["The Opera Event"] = "Опера";
["Red Riding Hood"] = "Красная Шапочка";
["The Big Bad Wolf"] = "Злой и страшный серый волк";
["Wizard of Oz"] = "Волшебник страны Oз";
["Dorothee"] = "Дороти";
["Tito"] = "Тито";
["Strawman"] = "Балбес";
["Tinhead"] = "Медноголовый";
["Roar"] = "Хохотун";
["The Crone"] = "Ведьма";
["Romulo and Julianne"] = "Ромуло и Джулианна";
["Romulo"] = "Ромуло";
["Julianne"] = "Джулианна";
["The Master's Terrace"] = "Терраса Мастера";
["Nightbane"] = "Ночная Погибель";
--Karazhan End
["Broken Stairs"] = "Сломаная лесница";
["Ramp to Guardian's Library"] = "Рампа к библиотеку стражи";
["Suspicious Bookshelf"] = "Подозрительные книжные полки";
["Ramp up to the Celestial Watch"] = "Подъём к небесному надзору";
["Ramp down to the Gamesman's Hall"] = "Спуск в игровой зал";
["Chess Event"] = "Шахматы";
["Ramp to Medivh's Chamber"] = "Рампа в комнату Медива";
["Spiral Stairs to Netherspace"] = "Спиральные лестницы к Пустомари";
["The Curator"] = "Смотритель";
["Wravien <The Mage>"] = "Вравьен <Маг>";
["Gradav <The Warlock>"] = "Градав <Чернокнижник>";
["Kamsis <The Conjurer>"] = "Камсис <Кудесник>";
["Terestian Illhoof"] = "Терестиан Больное Копыто";
["Kil'rek"] = "Кил'рек";
["Shade of Aran"] = "Тень Арана";
["Netherspite"] = "Пустогнев";
["Ythyar"] = "Айтар";
["Echo of Medivh"] = "Эхо Медива";
["Dust Covered Chest"] = "Пыльный сундук";
["Prince Malchezaar"] = "Принц Малчезар";
["Harrison Jones"] = "Харрисон Джонс";
["Nalorakk <Bear Avatar>"] = "Налоракк <Аватара медведя>";
["Tanzar"] = "Танзар";
["The Map of Zul'Aman"] = "Карта Зул'Амана";
["Akil'Zon <Eagle Avatar>"] = "Акил'зон <Аватара орла>";
["Harkor"] = "Харкор";
["Jan'Alai <Dragonhawk Avatar>"] = "Джан'алай <Аватара дракондора>";
["Kraz"] = "Краз";
["Halazzi <Lynx Avatar>"] = "Халаззи <Аватара рыси>";
["Ashli"] = "Эшли";
["Zungam"] = "Зангам";
["Hex Lord Malacrass"] = "Повелитель проклятий Малакрасс";
["Thurg"] = "Тург";
["Gazakroth"] = "Газакрот";
["Lord Raadan"] = "Лорд Раадан";
["Darkheart"] = "Черносерд";
["Alyson Antille"] = "Алисон Антиль";
["Slither"] = "Скользь";
["Fenstalker"] = "Болотный ловец";
["Koragg"] = "Корагг";
["Zul'jin"] = "Зул'джин";
["Forest Frogs"] = "Лесная лягушка";
["Kyren <Reagents>"] = "Кирен <Реагенты>";
["Gunter <Food Vendor>"] = "Гюнтер <Продавец еды>";
["Adarrah"] = "Адарра";
["Brennan"] = "Бреннан";
["Darwen"] = "Стрел";
["Deez"] = "Диз";
["Galathryn"] = "Калатрин";
["Mitzi"] = "Митци";
["Mannuth"] = "Маннут";
--Magisters Terrace
["Shattered Sun Offensive"] = "Армия Расколотого Солнца";
["Selin Fireheart"] = "Селин Огненное Сердце";
["Fel Crystals"] = "Кристалл Скверны";
["Tyrith"] = "Тирит";
["Vexallus"] = "Вексалиус";
["Scrying Orb"] = "Гадательный шар Соланиана";
["Kalecgos"] = "Калесгос";--omitted from SP
["Priestess Delrissa"] = "Жрица Делрисса";
["Apoko"] = "Апоко";
["Eramas Brightblaze"] = "Эрамас Сияющее Пламя";
["Ellrys Duskhallow"] = "Эллриса Почитательница Тени";
["Fizzle"] = "Пшикс";
["Garaxxas"] = "Гараксас";
["Sliver <Garaxxas' Pet>"] = "Лыббс <Питомец Гараксаса>";
["Kagani Nightstrike"] = "Кагани Ночной Удар";
["Warlord Salaris"] = "Полководец Саларис";
["Yazzai"] = "Яззай";
["Zelfan"] = "Зелфан";
["Kael'thas Sunstrider <Lord of the Blood Elves>"] = "Кель'тас Солнечный Скиталец";--omitted from TK: The Eye
--Sunwell Plateau
["Sathrovarr the Corruptor"] = "Сатроварр Осквернитель";
["Madrigosa"] = "Мадригоса";
["Brutallus"] = "Бруталл";
["Felmyst"] = "Пророк Скверны";
["Eredar Twins"] = "Эредарские близнецы";
["Grand Warlock Alythess"] = "Главная чернокнижница Алитесса";
["Lady Sacrolash"] = "Леди Сакролаш";
["M'uru"] = "М'ару";
["Entropius"] = "Энтропий";
["Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver>"] = "Кил'джеден <Искуситель>";
-- Outland Instances
--HFC: The Blood Furnace
["Thrallmar"] = "Траллмар";--omitted from other HFC
["Honor Hold"] = "Оплот Чести";--omitted from other HFC
["Flamewrought Key"] = "Ключ, выкованный в пламени";--omitted from other HFC
["The Maker"] = "Мастер";
["Broggok"] = "Броггок";
["Keli'dan the Breaker"] = "Кели'дан Разрушитель";
--HFC: The Shattered Halls
["Shattered Halls Key"] = "Ключ Разрушенных залов";
["Randy Whizzlesprocket"] = "Рэнди Свистельник";
["Drisella"] = "Дризелла";
["Grand Warlock Nethekurse"] = "Главный чернокнижник Пустоклят";
["Blood Guard Porung"] = "Кровавый страж Порунг";
["Warbringer O'mrogg"] = "О'мрогг Завоеватель";
["Warchief Kargath Bladefist"] = "Вождь Каргат Острорук";
["Shattered Hand Executioner"] = "Палач из клана Извученной Длани";
["Private Jacint"] = "Рядовой Джасинт";
["Rifleman Brownbeard"] = "Ружейник Буробород";
["Captain Alina"] = "Капитан Алина";
["Scout Orgarr"] = "Разведчик Оргарр";
["Korag Proudmane"] = "Кораг Гордая Грива";
["Captain Boneshatter"] = "Капитан Костолом";
--HFC: Hellfire Ramparts
["Watchkeeper Gargolmar"] = "Начальник стражи Гарголмар";
["Omor the Unscarred"] = "Омор Неодолимый";
["Vazruden"] = "Вазруден";
["Nazan <Vazruden's Mount>"] = "Назан <Ездовое животное Вазрудена>";
["Reinforced Fel Iron Chest"] = "Укрепленный сундук из оскверненного железа";
--HFC: Magtheridon's Lair
["Magtheridon"] = "Магтеридон";
--CR: The Slave Pens
["Cenarion Expedition"] = "Экспедиция Ценариона";--omitted from other CR
["Reservoir Key"] = "Ключ Сокровищницы";--omitted from other CR
["Mennu the Betrayer"] = "Менну Предатель";
["Weeder Greenthumb"] = "Культиватор Зеленопал";
["Skar'this the Heretic"] = "Скартис Еретик";
["Rokmar the Crackler"] = "Рокмар Трескун";
["Naturalist Bite"] = "Натуралист Кус";
["Quagmirran"] = "Квагмирран";
["Ahune <The Frost Lord>"] = "Ахун <Повелитель Холода>";
--CR: The Underbog
["Hungarfen"] = "Голоднец";
["The Underspore"] = "Подспорник";
["Ghaz'an"] = "Газ'ан";
["Earthbinder Rayge"] = "Землепряд Гневвс";
["Swamplord Musel'ek"] = "Владыка болота Мусел'ек";
["Claw <Swamplord Musel'ek's Pet>"] = "Когти <Питомец владыка болота Мусел'ека>";
["The Black Stalker"] = "Черная Охотница";
--CR: The Steamvault
["Hydromancer Thespia"] = "Гидромант Теспия";
["Main Chambers Access Panel"] = "Главная камера сгорания - Панель доступа";
["Second Fragment Guardian"] = "Страж второго фрагмента";
["Mekgineer Steamrigger"] = "Мекжинер Паропуск";
["Warlord Kalithresh"] = "Полководец Калитреш";
--CR: Serpentshrine Cavern
["Hydross the Unstable <Duke of Currents>"] = "Гидросс Нестабильный <Князь течений>";
["The Lurker Below"] = "Скрытень из глубин";
["Leotheras the Blind"] = "Леотерас Слепец";
["Fathom-Lord Karathress"] = "Повелитель глубин Каратресс";
["Seer Olum"] = "Провидец Олум";
["Morogrim Tidewalker"] = "Морогрим Волноступ";
["Lady Vashj <Coilfang Matron>"] = "Леди Вайш <Правительница резервуара Кривого Клыка>";
--Auch: Mana-Tombs
["The Consortium"] = "Консорциум";
["Auchenai Key"] = "Аукенайский ключ";--omitted from other Auch
["The Eye of Haramad"] = "Око Харамада";
["Pandemonius"] = "Пандемоний";
["Shadow Lord Xiraxis"] = "Владыка теней Зираксис";
["Ambassador Pax'ivi"] = "Посол Пакс'иви";
["Tavarok"] = "Таварок";
["Cryo-Engineer Sha'heen"] = "Крио-инженер Ша'хин";
["Ethereal Transporter Control Panel"] = "Пульт управления астрального телепорта";
["Nexus-Prince Shaffar"] = "Принц Шаффар";
["Yor <Void Hound of Shaffar>"] = "Йор <Исчадие Бездны Шаффара>";
--Auch: Auchenai Crypts
["Lower City"] = "Нижний Город";--omitted from other Auch
["Shirrak the Dead Watcher"] = "Ширрак Страж Мерт";
["Exarch Maladaar"] = "Экзарх Маладаар";
["Avatar of the Martyred"] = "Аватара Мученика";
["D'ore"] = "Д'оре";
--Auch: Sethekk Halls
["Essence-Infused Moonstone"] = "Лунный камень Сущности";
["Darkweaver Syth"] = "Темнопряд Сит";
["Lakka"] = "Лакка";
["The Saga of Terokk"] = "Сага о Терокке";
["Anzu"] = "Анзу";
["Talon King Ikiss"] = "Король воронов Айкисс";
--Auch: Shadow Labyrinth
["Shadow Labyrinth Key"] = "Ключ Темного Лабиринта";
["Spy To'gun"] = "Шпион То'гун";
["Ambassador Hellmaw"] = "Посол Гиблочрев";
["Blackheart the Inciter"] = "Черносерд Проповедник";
["Grandmaster Vorpil"] = "Великий мастер Ворпил";
["The Codex of Blood"] = "Кодекс Крови";
["Murmur"] = "Бормотун";
["First Fragment Guardian"] = "Страж первого фрагмента";
--TK: The Botanica
["The Sha'tar"] = "Ша'тар";--omitted from other TK
["Warpforged Key"] = "Деформированный ключ";--omitted from other TK
["Commander Sarannis"] = "Командир Сараннис";
["High Botanist Freywinn"] = "Верховный ботаник Фрейвин";
["Thorngrin the Tender"] = "Скалезуб Скорбный";
["Laj"] = "Ладж";
["Warp Splinter"] = "Узлодревень";
--TK: The Arcatraz
["Key to the Arcatraz"] = "Ключ от Аркатраца";
["Zereketh the Unbound"] = "Зерекет Бездонный";
["Third Fragment Guardian"] = "Страж третьего фрагмента";
["Dalliah the Doomsayer"] = "Даллия Глашатай Судьбы";
["Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates"] = "Провидец Гнева Соккорат";
["Udalo"] = "Адало";
["Harbinger Skyriss"] = "Предвестник Скайрисс";
["Warden Mellichar"] = "Начальник тюрьмы Мелличар";
["Millhouse Manastorm"] = "Милхаус Манашторм";
--TK: The Mechanar
["Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill"] = "Страж ворот Точеный Нож";
["Gatewatcher Iron-Hand"] = "Страж ворот Стальная Клешня";
["Cache of the Legion"] = "Тайник Легиона";
["Mechano-Lord Capacitus"] = "Механо-лорд Конденсарон";
["Overcharged Manacell"] = "Переполненный зарядом контейнер с маной";
["Nethermancer Sepethrea"] = "Пустомант Сепетрея";
["Pathaleon the Calculator"] = "Паталеон Вычислитель";
--TK: The Eye
["Al'ar <Phoenix God>"] = "Ал'ар <Феникс-бог>";
["Void Reaver"] = "Страж Бездны";
["High Astromancer Solarian"] = "Верховный звездочет Солариан";
["Thaladred the Darkener <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "Таладред Светокрад";
["Master Engineer Telonicus <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = "Старший инженер Телоникус";
["Grand Astromancer Capernian <Advisor to Kael'thas>"] = " Великий Звездочет Каперниан";
["Lord Sanguinar <The Blood Hammer>"] = " Лорд Сангвинар <Молот Крови>";
--Gruul's Lair
["High King Maulgar <Lord of the Ogres>"] = "Король Молгар <Повелитель огров>";
["Kiggler the Crazed"] = "Кигглер Безумный";
["Blindeye the Seer"] = "Слепоглаз Ясновидец";
["Olm the Summoner"] = "Олм Призыватель";
["Krosh Firehand"] = "Крош Огненная Рука";
["Gruul the Dragonkiller"] = "Груул Драконобой";
--Black Temple (Start)
["Ashtongue Deathsworn"] = "Пеплоусты-служители";--omitted from other BT
["Towards Reliquary of Souls"] = "К Гробнице Душ";
["Towards Teron Gorefiend"] = "К Терону Кровожадному";
["Towards Illidan Stormrage"] = "К Иллидану Ярости Бури";
["Spirit of Olum"] = "Олумов дух";
["High Warlord Naj'entus"] = "Верховный Полководец Надж'ентус";
["Supremus"] = "Супремус";
["Shade of Akama"] = "Тень Акамы";
["Spirit of Udalo"] = "Дух Адало";
["Aluyen <Reagents>"] = "Алуйен <Реагенты>";
["Okuno <Ashtongue Deathsworn Quartermaster>"] = "Окуно <Начальник снабжения Пеплоустов>";
["Seer Kanai"] = "Провидец Канеи";
--Black Temple (Basement)
["Gurtogg Bloodboil"] = "Гуртогг Кипящая Кровь";
["Reliquary of Souls"] = "Гробница Душ";
["Essence of Suffering"] = "Воплощение страдания";
["Essence of Desire"] = "Воплощение желания";
["Essence of Anger"] = "Воплощение гнева";
["Teron Gorefiend"] = "Терон Кровожад";
--Black Temple (Top)
["Mother Shahraz"] = "Матушка Шахраз";
["The Illidari Council"] = "Совет Иллидари";
["Lady Malande"] = "Леди Маланда";
["Gathios the Shatterer"] = "Гатиос Изувер";
["High Nethermancer Zerevor"] = "Верховный пустомант Зеревор";
["Veras Darkshadow"] = "Верас Глубокий Мрак";
["Illidan Stormrage <The Betrayer>"] = "Иллидан Ярость Бури <Отступник>";
-- Instance Entrance Maps
--Auchindoun (Entrance)
["Ha'Lei"] = "Ха'лей";
["Greatfather Aldrimus"] = "Великий Отец Алдримус";
["Clarissa"] = "Кларисса";
["Ramdor the Mad"] = "Рамдор Безумный";
["Horvon the Armorer <Armorsmith>"] = "Хорвон Бронник <Бронник>";
["Nexus-Prince Haramad"] = "Принц Харамад";
["Artificer Morphalius"] = "Работник Морфалиус";
["Mamdy the \"Ologist\""] = "Мамди по кличке \"Олог\"";
["\"Slim\" <Shady Dealer>"] = "Тип <Сомнительный делец>";
["\"Captain\" Kaftiz"] = "Капитан Кафтиц";
["Isfar"] = "Исфар";
["Field Commander Mahfuun"] = "Боевой командир Мафуун";
["Spy Grik'tha"] = "Шпион Грик'та";
["Provisioner Tsaalt"] = "Поставщик Тсаальт";
["Dealer Tariq <Shady Dealer>"] = "Делец Тариг <Сомнительный делец>";
--Blackfathom Deeps (Entrance)
--Nothing to translate!
--Blackrock Mountain (Entrance)
["Bodley"] = "Бодли";
["Overmaster Pyron"] = "Подчинитель Пирон";
["Lothos Riftwaker"] = "Лотос Хранитель Портала";
["Franclorn Forgewright"] = "Франклорн Искусник";
["Orb of Command"] = "Сфера Приказа";
["Scarshield Quartermaster <Scarshield Legion>"] = "Интендант из легиона Изрубленного Щита";
--Coilfang Reservoir (Entrance)
["Watcher Jhang"] = "Дозорный Джанг";
["Mortog Steamhead"] = "Мортог Горячая Голова";
--Gnomeregan (Entrance)
["Transpolyporter"] = "Телепортатор";
["Sprok <Away Team>"] = "Вилконож <Заблудившаяся команда>";
["Matrix Punchograph 3005-A"] = "Матричный перфограф 3005-A";
["Namdo Bizzfizzle <Engineering Supplies>"] = "Намдо Вклвыкл <Инженерные материалы>";
["Techbot"] = "Техбот";
--Maraudon (Entrance)
["The Nameless Prophet"] = "Безымянный пророк";
["Kolk <The First Kahn>"] = "Колк <Первый хан>";
["Gelk <The Second Kahn>"] = "Гелк <Второй хан>";
["Magra <The Third Kahn>"] = "Магра <Третий хан>";
["Cavindra"] = "Кавиндра";
--The Deadmines (Entrance)
["Marisa du'Paige"] = "Мариса дю Пэж";
["Brainwashed Noble"] = "Зомбированный дворянин";
["Foreman Thistlenettle"] = "Штейгер Чертополох";
--Sunken Temple (Entrance)
["Jade"] = "Нефрит";
["Kazkaz the Unholy"] = "Казказ Нечистый";
["Zekkis"] = "Зеккис";
["Veyzhak the Cannibal"] = "Вейжак Каннибал";
--Uldaman (Entrance)
["Hammertoe Grez"] = "Тяжелоступ Грез";
["Magregan Deepshadow"] = "Магреган Чернотень";
["Tablet of Ryun'Eh"] = "Табличка Рьюн'эха";
["Krom Stoutarm's Chest"] = "Сундук Крома Крепкорука";
["Garrett Family Chest"] = "Сундук семейства Гарретт";
["Digmaster Shovelphlange"] = "Мастер Лопаторук";
--Wailing Caverns (Entrance)
["Mad Magglish"] = "Безумный Магглиш";
["Trigore the Lasher"] = "Тригор Хлестун";
["Boahn <Druid of the Fang>"] = "Боан <Друид Клыка>";
["Above the Entrance:"] = "Выше Входа:";
["Ebru <Disciple of Naralex>"] = "Эбру <Послушник Наралекса>";
["Nalpak <Disciple of Naralex>"] = "Налпак <Послушник Наралекса>";
["Kalldan Felmoon <Specialist Leatherworking Supplies>"] = "Калидан Лунный Серп <Спец. товары для кожевников>";
["Waldor <Leatherworking Trainer>"] = "Валдор <Учитель кожевничества>";
--Dire Maul (Entrance)
["Dire Pool"] = "Забытый остров";
["Dire Maul Arena"] = "Арена забытого города";
["Mushgog"] = "Мушгог";
["Skarr the Unbreakable"] = "Скарр Непреклонный";
["The Razza"] = "Разза";
["Elder Mistwalker"] = "Старейшина Странник Туманов ";
--Caverns of Time (Entrance)
["Steward of Time <Keepers of Time>"] = "Распорядитель времени <Хранители Времени>";
["Alexston Chrome <Tavern of Time>"] = "Алекстон Хром <Таверна Времени>";
["Yarley <Armorer>"] = "Ярли <Бронник>";
["Bortega <Reagents & Poison Supplies>"] = "Бортега <Реагенты и яды>";
["Galgrom <Provisioner>"] = "Гальгром <Поставщик>";
["Alurmi <Keepers of Time Quartermaster>"] = "Алурми <Начальник снабжения Хранителей Времени>";
["Zaladormu"] = "Заладорму";
["Soridormi <The Scale of Sands>"] = "Соридорми <Песчаная Чешуя>";
["Arazmodu <The Scale of Sands>"] = "Аразмоду <Песчаная Чешуя>";
["Andormu <Keepers of Time>"] = "Андорму <Хранители Времени>";
["Nozari <Keepers of Time>"] = "Нозари <Хранители Времени>";
--Karazhan (Entrance)
["Archmage Leryda"] = "Верховный маг Лерида";
["Apprentice Darius"] = "Ученик Дариус";
["Archmage Alturus"] = "Верховный маг Альтур";
["Stairs to Underground Pond"] = "Лестница к Подземному пруду";
["Stairs to Underground Well"] = "Лестница к Подземному колодцу";
["Charred Bone Fragment"] = "Фрагмент обугленной кости";
--Scarlet Monastery (Entrance)
--Nothing to translate!
-- WotLK Instances
--I'm switching from continent grouping to expansion grouping.
--Azjol-Nerub: Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
["Elder Nadox"] = "Старейшина Надокс";
["Prince Taldaram"] = "Принц Талдарам";
["Jedoga Shadowseeker"] = "Джедога Искательница Теней";
["Herald Volazj"] = "Глашатай Волаж";
["Amanitar"] = "Аманитар";
["Ahn'kahet Brazier"] = "Ан'кахетская жаровня ";
--Azjol-Nerub: Azjol-Nerub
["Krik'thir the Gatewatcher"] = "Крик'Тир Хранитель Врат";
["Watcher Gashra"] = "Дозорный Гашра";
["Watcher Narjil"] = "Дозорный Нарджил";
["Watcher Silthik"] = "Дозорный Силтик";
["Hadronox"] = "Хадронокс";
["Anub'arak"] = "Ануб'арак";
--Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme
["The Culling of Stratholme"] = "Очищение Стратхольма";
["Meathook"] = "Мясной Крюк";
["Salramm the Fleshcrafter"] = "Салрамм Плоторез";
["Chrono-Lord Epoch"] = "Хронолорд Эпох";
["Mal'Ganis"] = "Мал'Ганис";
["Chromie"] = "Хроми";
["Infinite Corruptor"] = "Осквернитель из рода Бесконечности";
["Guardian of Time"] = "Хранитель Времени";
["Scourge Invasion Points"] = "Точки вторжения Плети";
--Drak'Tharon Keep
["Trollgore"] = "Кровотролль";
["Novos the Summoner"] = "Новос Призыватель";
["King Dred"] = "Король Дред";
["The Prophet Tharon'ja"] = "Пророк Тарон'джа";
["Kurzel"] = "Курцель";
["Drakuru's Brazier"] = "Жаровня Дракуру";
["Slad'ran <High Prophet of Sseratus>"] = "Слад'ран <Верховный пророк Шшератуса>";
["Drakkari Colossus"] = "Колосс Драккари";
["Moorabi <High Prophet of Mam'toth>"] = "Мураби <Верховный пророк Мам'тота>";
["Gal'darah <High Prophet of Akali>"] = "Гал'дара <Верховный пророк Акали>";
["Eck the Ferocious"] = "Эк Свирепый";
--Icecrown Citadel
["The Ashen Verdict"] = "Пепельный союз";
["Lord Marrowgar"] = "Лорд Ребрад";
["Lady Deathwhisper"] = "Леди Смертный Шепот";
["Gunship Battle"] = "Бой на кораблях";
["Deathbringer Saurfang"] = "Саурфанг Смертоносный";
["Festergut"] = "Тухлопуз";
["Rotface"] = "Гниломорд";
["Professor Putricide"] = "Профессор Мерзоцид";
["Blood Prince Council"] = "Совет Принцев Крови";
["Prince Keleseth"] = "Принц Келесет";
["Prince Taldaram"] = "Принц Талдарам";
["Prince Valanar"] = "Принц Валанар";
["Blood-Queen Lana'thel"] = "Кровавая королева Лана'тель";
["Valithria Dreamwalker"] = "Валитрия Сноходица";
["Sindragosa <Queen of the Frostbrood>"] = "Синдрагоса";
["The Lich King"] = "Король-лич";
["To next map"] = "На следеющею карту";
["From previous map"] = "На предыдущую карту";
["Light's Hammer"] = "Молот Света";
["Oratory of the Damned"] = "Молельня Проклятых";
["Rampart of Skulls"] = "Черепной вал";
["Deathbringer's Rise"] = "Подъем Смертоносного";
["Upper Spire"] = "Верхний ярус";
["Sindragosa's Lair"] = "Логово Синдрагосы";
["The Frozen Throne"] = "Ледяной Трон";
["Mr. Bigglesworth"] = "Мистер Бигглсуорт";
["Construct Quarter"] = "Квартал Мерзости";
["Patchwerk"] = "Лоскутик";
["Grobbulus"] = "Гроббулус";
["Gluth"] = "Глут";
["Thaddius"] = "Таддиус";
["Arachnid Quarter"] = "Паучий квартал";
["Anub'Rekhan"] = "Ануб'Рекан";
["Grand Widow Faerlina"] = "Великая вдова Фарлина";
["Maexxna"] = "Мексна";
["Military Quarter"] = "Военный квартал";
["Instructor Razuvious"] = "Инструктор Разувиус";
["Gothik the Harvester"] = "Готик Жнец";
["The Four Horsemen"] = "Четыри Всадника";
["Thane Korth'azz"] = "Тан Кортазз";
["Lady Blaumeux"] = "Леди Бломе";
--Baron Rivendare omitted, listed under Stratholme
["Sir Zeliek"] = "Сэр Зелиек";
["Four Horsemen Chest"] = "Сундук Четырех Всадников";
["Plague Quarter"] = "Чумной квартал";
["Noth the Plaguebringer"] = "Нот Чумной";
["Heigan the Unclean"] = "Хейган Нечестивый";
["Loatheb"] = "Лотхиб";
["Frostwyrm Lair"] = "Логово Ледяного Змея";
["Sapphiron"] = "Сапфирон";
["Kel'Thuzad"] = "Кел'Тузад";
--The Nexus: The Nexus
["Anomalus"] = "Аномалус";
["Ormorok the Tree-Shaper"] = "Орморок Воспитатель Дерев";
["Grand Magus Telestra"] = "Великая ведунья Телестра";
["Keristrasza"] = "Керистраза";
["Commander Stoutbeard"] = "Командир Пивобород";
["Berinand's Research"] = "Исследования Беринарда";
["Commander Kolurg"] = "Командир Колург";
--The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity
["Malygos"] = "Малигос";
["Key to the Focusing Iris"] = "Ключ к Радужному Средоточию";
--The Nexus: The Oculus
["Drakos the Interrogator"] = "Дракос Дознаватель";
["Mage-Lord Urom"] = "Маг-лорд Уром";
["Ley-Guardian Eregos"] = "Варос Заоблачный Странник";
["Varos Cloudstrider <Azure-Lord of the Blue Dragonflight>"] = "Варос Заоблачный Странник";
["Centrifuge Construct"] = "Центрифужное создание";
["Cache of Eregos"] = "Тайник Эрегоса";
--The Frozen Halls: The Forge of Souls
--Lady Jaina Proudmoore omitted, in Hyjal Summit
["Archmage Koreln <Kirin Tor>"] = "Верховный маг Корелн <Кирин-Тор>";
["Archmage Elandra <Kirin Tor>"] = "Верховный маг Эландра <Кирин-Тор>";
["Lady Sylvanas Windrunner <Banshee Queen>"] = "Леди Сильвана Ветрокрылая";
["Dark Ranger Loralen"] = "Темный следопыт Лорален";
["Dark Ranger Kalira"] = "Темный следопыт Калира";
["Bronjahm <Godfather of Souls>"] = "Броньям";
["Devourer of Souls"] = "Пожиратель Душ";
--The Frozen Halls: Pit of Saron
--6 beginning NPCs omitted, see The Forge of Souls
["Forgemaster Garfrost"] = "Начальник кузни Гарфрост";
["Martin Victus"] = "Мартин Виктус"; -- нужно проверить
["Gorkun Ironskull"] = "Горкун Железный Череп";
["Krick and Ick"] = "Ик и Крик";
["Scourgelord Tyrannus"] = "Повелитель Плети Тираний";
["Rimefang"] = "Иний";
--The Frozen Halls: Halls of Reflection
--3 beginning NPCs omitted, see The Forge of Souls
["Falric"] = "Фалрик";
["Marwyn"] = "Марвин";
["Wrath of the Lich King"] = "Король-лич";
["The Captain's Chest"] = "Сундук капитана";
--The Obsidian Sanctum
["Black Dragonflight Chamber"] = "Комната черных драконов";
["Sartharion <The Onyx Guardian>"] = "Сартарион <Ониксовый страж>";
["Tenebron"] = "Тенеброн";
["Shadron"] = "Шадрон";
["Vesperon"] = "Весперон";
--The Violet Hold
["Erekem"] = "Эрекем";
["Zuramat the Obliterator"] = "Зурамат Уничтожитель";
["Xevozz"] = "Ксевозз";
["Ichoron"] = "Гнойрон";
["Moragg"] = "Морагг";
["Lavanthor"] = "Лавантор";
["Cyanigosa"] = "Синигоса";
["The Violet Hold Key"] = "Ключ Аметистовой крепости";
--Trial of the Champion
["Grand Champions"] = "Абсолютные чемпионы";
["Champions of the Alliance"] = "Чемпионы Альянса";
["Marshal Jacob Alerius"] = "Маршал Якоб Алерий";
["Ambrose Boltspark"] = "Амброз Искрокрут";
["Colosos"] = "Колосус";
["Jaelyne Evensong"] = "Джейлин Закатная Песня";
["Lana Stouthammer"] = "Лана Твердомолот";
["Champions of the Horde"] = "Чемпионы Орды";
["Mokra the Skullcrusher"] = "Мокра Дробитель Черепов";
["Eressea Dawnsinger"] = "Эрессея Певица Рассвета";
["Runok Wildmane"] = "Рунок Буйногривый";
["Zul'tore"] = "Зул'тор";
["Deathstalker Visceri"] = "Страж смерти Визери";
["Eadric the Pure <Grand Champion of the Argent Crusade>"] = "Эдрик Чистый";
["Argent Confessor Paletress"] = "Исповедница Серебряного Авангарда Пейлтресс";
["The Black Knight"] = "Черный рыцарь";
--Trial of the Crusader
["Cavern Entrance"] = "Вход";
["Northrend Beasts"] = "Звери Нордскола";
["Gormok the Impaler"] = "Гормок Пронзающий Бивень";
["Acidmaw"] = "Кислотная Утроба";
["Dreadscale"] = "Жуткая Чешуя";
["Icehowl"] = "Ледяной Рев";
["Lord Jaraxxus"] = "Лорд Джараксус";
["Faction Champions"] = "Чемпионы фракций";
["Twin Val'kyr"] = "Валь'киры-близнецы";
["Fjola Lightbane"] = "Фьола Погибель Света";
["Eydis Darkbane"] = "Эйдис Погибель Тьмы";
["Anub'arak"] = "Ануб'арак";
["Heroic: Trial of the Grand Crusader"] = "Героик: Испытание великого крестоносца";
--Ulduar: Halls of Lightning
["General Bjarngrim"] = "Генерал Бьярнгрин";
["Volkhan"] = "Волхан";
["Ionar"] = "Ионар";
["Loken"] = "Локен";
--Ulduar: Halls of Stone
["Tribunal Chest"] = "Сундук Трибунала";
["Krystallus"] = "Кристаллус";
["Brann Bronzebeard"] = "Бранн Бронзобород";
["Sjonnir the Ironshaper"] = "Сьоннир Литейщик";
["Maiden of Grief"] = "Дева Скорби";
-- Ulduar General
["Celestial Planetarium Key"] = "Ключ к Священному планетарию";
["The Siege"] = "Осада";
["The Antechamber"] = "Вестибюль"; --B
["The Keepers"] = "Хранители"; --C
["Spark of Imagination"] = "Искра Воображения"; --D
["Descent into Madness"] = "Провал Безумия"; --E
-- Ulduar A
["Flame Leviathan"] = "Огненный Левиафан";
["Ignis the Furnace Master"] = "Повелитель Горнов Игнис";
["Razorscale"] = "Острокрылая";
["XT-002 Deconstructor"] = "Разрушитель XT-002";
["Expedition Base Camp"] = "Главный лагерь экспедиции";
["Formation Grounds"] = "Плац";
["The Colossal Forge"] = "Гигантская кузня";
["The Scrapyard"] = "Мусорная свалка";
["Tower of Life"] = "Башня Жизни";
["Tower of Flame"] = "Башня Пламени";
["Tower of Frost"] = "Башня Холода";
["Tower of Storms"] = "Башня Гроз";
-- Ulduar B
["Assembly of Iron"] = "Железное собрание";
["Steelbreaker"] = "Сталелом";
["Runemaster Molgeim"] = "Мастер рун Молгейм";
["Stormcaller Brundir"] = "Буревестник Брундир";
["Kologarn"] = "Кологарн";
["Algalon the Observer"] = "Алгалон Наблюдатель";
["Antechamber of Ulduar"] = "Вестибюль Ульдуара";
["Prospector Doren"] = "Геолог Дорен";
["Archivum Console"] = "Панель управления Архивом";
-- Ulduar C
["Auriaya"] = "Ауриайя";
["Freya"] = "Фрейя";
["Thorim"] = "Торим";
["Hodir"] = "Ходир";
["The Shattered Walkway"] = "Обвалившеяся галерия";
["The Conservatory of Life"] = "Оранжерея Жизни";
-- Ulduar D
["Mimiron"] = "Мимирон";
-- Ulduar E
["General Vezax"] = "Генерал Везакс";
["Yogg-Saron"] = "Йогг-Сарон";
["Prison of Yogg-Saron"] = "Темница Йогг-Сарона";
--Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Keep
["Prince Keleseth <The San'layn>"] = "Принц Келесет <Сан'лейн>";
["Dalronn the Controller"] = "Далронн Контролирующий";
["Ingvar the Plunderer"] = "Ингвар Расхититель";
["Dark Ranger Marrah"] = "Темный следопыт Марра";
--Utgarde Keep: Utgarde Pinnacle
["Brigg Smallshanks"] = "Бригг Мелкотруб";
["Svala Sorrowgrave"] = "Свала Вечноскорбящая";
["Gortok Palehoof"] = "Горток Бледное Копыто";
["Skadi the Ruthless"] = "Скади Безжалостный";
["King Ymiron"] = "Король Имирон";
["Skarvald the Constructor"] = "Скальвард Строитель";
--Vault of Archavon
["Archavon the Stone Watcher"] = "Аркавон Каменный Страж";
["Emalon the Storm Watcher"] = "Эмалон Созерцатель Бури";
["Koralon the Flame Watcher"] = "Коралон Страж Огня";
["Toravon the Ice Watcher"] = "Торавон Страж Льда";
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Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser
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-- Atlas Spanish Localization
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-- maqjav@gmail.com
-- Última Actualización (last update): 09/02/2010
-- Global Atlas Strings
if ( GetLocale() == "esES" ) then
AtlasSortIgnore = {"the (.+)"}
ATLAS_TITLE = "Atlas";
ATLAS_SUBTITLE = "Visualizador de Mapas";
ATLAS_DESC = "Atlas es un visor de instances de Mapas.";
BINDING_NAME_ATLAS_OPTIONS = "Opciones de la Barra";
ATLAS_SLASH = "/atlas";
ATLAS_STRING_PLAYERLIMIT = "Límite de Jugadores";
ATLAS_STRING_SELECT_CAT = "Seleccionar Categoría";
ATLAS_STRING_SELECT_MAP = "Seleccionar Mapa";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_SHOWBUT = "Mostrar botón en el minimapa";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_AUTOSEL = "Auto-Seleccionar mazmorra";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_BUTPOS = "Posición del icono";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_TRANS = "Transparencia";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_REPMAP = "Reemplazar mapa del mundo";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_RCLICK = "Botón derecho para mapa del mundo";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_SHOWMAPNAME = "Mostrar nombre del mapa";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_RESETPOS = "Resetear posición";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_ACRONYMS = "Mostrar acrónimos";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_BUTRAD = "Radio del botón";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CLAMPED = "Ajustar ventana a la pantalla";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CTRL = "Pulsar control para ver las herramientas";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_COORDS = "Muestra coords. en el mapa del mundo";
ATLAS_BUTTON_TOOLTIP_HINT = "Click izquierdo para abrir Atlas.\nClick central para opciones.\nClick derecho y arrastrar para mover el icono.";
ATLAS_TITAN_HINT = "Click izquierdo para abrir Atlas.\nClick central para opciones.\nClick derecho para mostrar el menú.";
ATLAS_OPTIONS_CATDD = "Ordenar los mapas de mazmorra por:";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_EASTERN = "Mazmorras de los Reinos del Este";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_KALIMDOR = "Mazmorras de Kalimdor";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_OUTLAND = "Mazmorras de Terrallende";
ATLAS_DDL_CONTINENT_NORTHREND = "Mazmorras de Rasganorte";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_UNDER45 = "Mazmorras de nivel inferior a 45";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_45TO60 = "Mazmorras de nivel 45-60";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_60TO70 = "Mazmorras de nivel 60-70";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_70PLUS = "Mazmorras de nivel 70+";
ATLAS_DDL_LEVEL_80PLUS = "Mazmorras de nivel 80+";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE = "Tamaño del grupo";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_5_AE = "Mazmorras para 5 jugadores A-E";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_5_FZ = "Mazmorras para 5 jugadores F-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_10_AQ = "Mazmorras para 10 jugadores A-Q";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_10_RZ = "Mazmorras para 10 jugadores R-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_PARTYSIZE_20TO40 = "Mazmorras para 20-40 jugadores";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_OLD_AO = "Antiguas Mazmorras A-O";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_OLD_PZ = "Antiguas Mazmorras P-Z";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_BC = "Mazmorras de Burning Crusade";
ATLAS_DDL_EXPANSION_WOTLK = "Mazmorras Wrath of the Lich King";
ATLAS_SEARCH_UNAVAIL = "Buscar no disponible";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG1 = "Atlas ha detectado uno o varios modulos sin actualizar.";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG2 = "Se han sido desactivados para este personaje.";
ATLAS_DEP_MSG3 = "Borralos de tu directorio AddOns.";
ATLAS_DEP_OK = "Vale";
AtlasZoneSubstitutions = {
["The Temple of Atal'Hakkar"] = "El Templo de Atal'Hakkar";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Templo de Ahn'Qiraj";
["Karazhan"] = "Karazhan [A] (Comienzo)";
["Black Temple"] = "Templo oscuro [A] (Comienzo)";
AtlasLocale = {
-- Zone Names, Acronyms, and Common Strings
--Common strings
["Adult"] = "Adulto";
["AKA"] = "AKA";
["Alliance"] = "Alianza";
["Arcane Container"] = "Contenedor Arcano";
["Argent Dawn"] = "El Alba Argenta";
["Argent Crusade"] = "Cruzada Argenta";
["Arms Warrior"] = "Guerrero Armas";
["Attunement Required"] = "Armonización requerida";
["Back"] = "Atras";
["Basement"] = "Sótano";
["Bat"] = "Murciélago";
["Blacksmithing Plans"] = "Planos de herrero";
["Boss"] = "Jefe";
["Brazier of Invocation"] = "Blandón de Invocación";
["Brewfest"] = "Festival de la cerveza";
["Chase Begins"] = "Comienza persecución";
["Chase Ends"] = "Final persecución";
["Child"] = "Niño";
["Connection"] = "Conexión";
["DS2"] = "DS2";
["East"] = "Este";
["Elevator"] = "Ascensor";
["End"] = "Fin";
["Engineer"] = "Ingeniero";
["Entrance"] = "Entrada";
["Event"] = "Evento";
["Exalted"] = "Exaltado";
["Exit"] = "Salida";
["Fourth Stop"] = "Cuarta parada";
["Front"] = "Frente";
["Ghost"] = "Fantasma";
["Hallow's End"] = "Halloween";
["Heroic"] = "Heróico";
["Holy Paladin"] = "Paladín Sagrado";
["Holy Priest"] = "Sacerdote Sagrado";
["Horde"] = "Horda";
["Hunter"] = "Cazador";
["Imp"] = "Duendecillo";
["Inside"] = "Dentro";
["Key"] = "Llave";
["Love is in the Air"] = "Amor en el aire";
["Lower"] = "Abajo";
["Lunar"] = "Lunar";
["Lunar Festival"] = "Festival lunar";
["Mage"] = "Mago";
["Meeting Stone"] = "Piedra de encuentro";
["Midsummer Festival"] = "Festival del solsticio de verano";
["Monk"] = "Monje";
["Moonwell"] = "Claro de la luna";
["North"] = "Norte";
["Optional"] = "Opcional";
["Orange"] = "Naranja";
["Outside"] = "Fuera";
["Paladin"] = "Paladín";
["Panther"] = "Pantera";
["Portal"] = "Portal";
["Priest"] = "Sacerdote";
["Protection Warrior"] = "Guerrero Protección";
["Purple"] = "Morado";
["Random"] = "Aleatorio";
["Raptor"] = "Raptor";
["Rare"] = "Raro";
["Reputation"] = "Reputación";
["Repair"] = "Reparar";
["Retribution Paladin"] = "Paladín Reprensión";
["Rewards"] = "Recompensas";
["Rogue"] = "Pícaro";
["Second Stop"] = "Segunda parada";
["Shadow Priest"] = "Sacerdote Sombras";
["Shaman"] = "Chamán";
["Side"] = "Lado";
["Snake"] = "Serpiente";
["Spawn Point"] = "Punto de aparición";
["Spider"] = "Araña";
["Start"] = "Comienzo";
["Summon"] = "Invocar";
["Teleporter"] = "Teletransportador";
["Third Stop"] = "Tercera parada";
["Tiger"] = "Tigre";
["Top"] = "Arriba";
["Undead"] = "No muerto";
["Underwater"] = "Bajo el agua";
["Unknown"] = "Desconocido";
["Upper"] = "Arriba";
["Varies"] = "Varios";
["Wanders"] = "Rondando";
["Warlock"] = "Brujo";
["Warrior"] = "Guerrero";
["Wave 5"] = "Ola 5";
["Wave 6"] = "Ola 6";
["Wave 10"] = "Ola 10";
["Wave 12"] = "Ola 12";
["Wave 18"] = "Ola 18";
["West"] = "Oeste";
--Instance names and acronyms
["Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom"] = "Ahn'kahet: El Antiguo Reino";
["Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Ahn'Qiraj"; ["AQ"] = "AQ";
["Armory"] = "Armería"; ["Armory"] = "Armería";
["Auchenai Crypts"] = "Criptas Auchenai"; ["AC"] = "CA";
["Auchindoun"] = "Auchindoun"; ["Auch"] = "Auch";
["Azjol-Nerub"] = "Azjol-Nerub"; ["AN"] = "AN";
["Black Temple"] = "Templo Oscuro"; ["BT"] = "TO";
["Blackfathom Deeps"] = "Cavernas de Brazanegra"; ["BFD"] = "CB";
["Blackrock Depths"] = "Profundidades de Roca Negra"; ["BRD"] = "PRN";
["Blackrock Spire"] = "Cumbre de Roca Negra"; ["LBRS"] = "CRNI"; ["UBRS"] = "CRNS";
["Blackwing Lair"] = "Guarida Alanegra"; ["BWL"] = "GAN";
["Cathedral"] = "Catedral"; ["Cath"] = "Cated";
["Caverns of Time"] = "Cavernas del Tiempo"; ["CoT"] = "CdT";
["Chamber of Aspects"] = "Cámara de los Aspectos"; --Check
["Coilfang Reservoir"] = "Reserva Colmillo Torcido"; ["CR"] = "RCT";
["Crusaders' Coliseum"] = "Coliseo de los Cruzados";
["Dire Maul"] = "La Masacre"; ["DM"] = "LM";
["Drak'Tharon Keep"] = "Fortaleza de Drak'Tharon";
["Frozen Halls"] = "Cámaras Heladas";
["Gnomeregan"] = "Gnomeregan"; ["Gnome"] = "Gnome";
["Graveyard"] = "Cementerio"; ["GY"] = "Cemen";
["Gruul's Lair"] = "Guarida de Gruul"; ["GL"] = "Gruul";
["Gundrak"] = "Gundrak";
["Halls of Lightning"] = "Cámaras de Relámpagos";
["Halls of Reflection"] = "Cámaras de Reflexión";
["Halls of Stone"] = "Cámara de Piedra";
["Hellfire Citadel"] = "Ciudadela del Fuego Infernal"; ["HFC"] = "CFI";
["Hellfire Ramparts"] = "Murallas del Fuego Infernal"; ["Ramp"] = "Murallas";
["Hyjal Summit"] = "El Monte Hyjal"; ["CoT3"] = "CdT3";
["Icecrown Citadel"] = "Ciudadela de la Corona de Hielo";
["Karazhan"] = "Karazhan"; ["Kara"] = "Kara";
["Library"] = "Librería"; ["Lib"] = "Lib";
["Magisters' Terrace"] = "Bancal del Magister"; ["MaT"] = "BM";
["Magtheridon's Lair"] = "Guarida de Magtheridon"; ["Mag"] = "Mag";
["Mana-Tombs"] = "Tumbas de Maná"; ["MT"] = "TM";
["Maraudon"] = "Maraudon"; ["Mara"] = "Mara";
["Molten Core"] = "Núcleo de Magma"; ["MC"] = "MC";
["Naxxramas"] = "Naxxramas";
["Old Hillsbrad Foothills"] = "Laderas de Trabalomas"; ["CoT1"] = "CdT1";
["Onyxia's Lair"] = "Guarida de Onyxia"; ["Ony"] = "Ony";
["Pit of Saron"] = "Foso de Saron";
["Ragefire Chasm"] = "Sima Ignea"; ["RFC"] = "SI";
["Razorfen Downs"] = "Zahúrda Rajacieno"; ["RFD"] = "ZR";
["Razorfen Kraul"] = "Horado Rajacieno"; ["RFK"] = "HR";
["Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Ruinas de Ahn'Qiraj"; ["AQ20"] = "AQ20";
["Scarlet Monastery"] = "Monasterio Escarlata"; ["SM"] = "ME";
["Scholomance"] = "Scholomance"; ["Scholo"] = "Scholo";
["Serpentshrine Cavern"] = "Caverna Santuario Serpiente"; ["SC"] = "CSS";
["Sethekk Halls"] = "Salas Sethekk"; ["Seth"] = "Seth";
["Shadow Labyrinth"] = "Laberinto de las sombras"; ["SL"] = "LS";
["Shadowfang Keep"] = "Castillo de Colmillo Oscuro"; ["SFK"] = "CCO";
["Stratholme"] = "Stratholme"; ["Strat"] = "Strat";
["Stratholme Past"] = "La Matanza de Stratholme";
["Sunken Temple"] = "Templo de Atal'Hakkar"; ["ST"] = "TA";
["Sunwell Plateau"] = "Meseta del pozo del Sol"; ["SuP"] = "MPS";
["Tempest Keep"] = "El Castillo de la Tempestad"; ["TK"] = "CT";
["Temple of Ahn'Qiraj"] = "Templo de Ahn'Qiraj"; ["AQ40"] = "AQ40";
["The Arcatraz"] = "Arcatraz"; ["Arca"] = "Arca";
["The Black Morass"] = "La Ciénaga Negra"; ["CoT2"] = "CdT2";
["The Blood Furnace"] = "Horno de Sangre"; ["BF"] = "HS";
["The Botanica"] = "El Invernáculo"; ["Bota"] = "Inver";
["The Deadmines"] = "Las Minas de la Muerte"; ["VC"] = "LMM";
["The Eye"] = "El Ojo"; ["Eye"] = "Ojo";
["The Eye of Eternity"] = "El Ojo de la Eternidad";
["The Forge of Souls"] = "La Forja de Almas";
["The Mechanar"] = "El Mechanar"; ["Mech"] = "Mech";
["The Nexus"] = "El Nexo ";
["The Obsidian Sanctum"] = "El Sagrario Obsidiana";
["The Oculus"] = "El Oculus";
["The Shattered Halls"] = "Las Salas Arrasadas"; ["SH"] = "SA";
["The Slave Pens"] = "Recinto de los Esclavos"; ["SP"] = "Recinto";
["The Steamvault"] = "Cámara de Vapor"; ["SV"] = "CV";
["The Stockade"] = "Las Mazmorras"; ["Stocks"] = "Mazmorras";
["The Underbog"] = "La Sotiénaga"; ["UB"] = "Soti";
["The Violet Hold"] = "El Bastión Violeta";
["Trial of the Champion"] = "Prueba del Campeón";
["Trial of the Crusader"] = "Prueba del cruzado";