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trunk/ReadMe.txt New file
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This is basic UI frame work designed explicitly for low resolution systems @ 1024x768 in standard screen format.
I designed this UI for those people who do not have super computers, but yet want a nice UI. Its not weighted with boat loads of items you dont need. Its light, easy to use and loads very quick for a mod of this type.
I will keep updating this project and developing on it the best I can so long as people are using it, maybe some other resolutions as well or a wide screen version.
-Panel art is provided by Landrell from the Neutrino Package.
-All addons used in the making of this UI have not been modified or recoded and remain there creators form and all credit for that addon is given to its respective creator. I thank all the addon developers.
trunk/Directions.txt New file
0,0 → 1,32
1. Open your WoW directory, typically found in C:\program files\worldofwarcraft
2. Locate the WTF folder in that directory and rename it to WTFold
3. Locate the Interface folder in that same directory as well and rename it to Interfaceold
4. Copy the WTF, Interface and Fonts folders found in this package to your WoW directory mentioned on line one.
5. Open the WTF folder, then the account folder. Rename the next folder to your account name. (account names are all caps)
6. Open the folder you renamed in step 5 and rename the folder to your servers name, the first letter of your server name must be CAPITALIZED.
7. Open the folder you renamed in step 6 and rename the directory inside of it with your character name you want to use the UI with. First letter of the name must be capitalized.
8. Now load up wow and see the interface. Visit your wow video options and choose 1024x768 as your video resolution if it is not that already. Make sure there is NO check mark in the UI Scale box.
Now at this point, you may see some items that don't look correct or out of position. This can be fixed by setting the profile on the mods to NutronUI. This should already be done, but in the event something isnt right you can open the mods via the minimap icons and choose NutronUI as your profile.
1. TO uninstall this addon verify that you first renamed your original WTF and Interface directories as directed in the installation section above in steps 2 and 3.
2, If step 1 is true, then simple delete your current WTF and Interface folders.
3. Now rename WTFold back to WTF.
4 Now rename Interfaceold back to Interface.
5. Uninstall is complete.
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trunk/Change_Log.txt New file
0,0 → 1,49
Version 1.1.8*
- Updated for 3.1
- Basic Frame work built from Skinner/KGpanels for 1024x768 resolutions.
- Includes panel layout for Chat, 2 actions bars, system bar and two accessory panels. A top bar
option for Fubar has been implemented as well.
Version 1.1.9*
- Added new minimap structure and size.
- Moved various windows to new locations that are more pleasing to the eye. (Character, Spellbook, Bags, loot windows among others)
- Added unitframes by Xperl (no raid frames yet)
_ Added dominos for bar management and provided base layout. (can be changed easily)
Version 1.2.0*
- Added fonts directory
Version 1.2.1
- Added default NutronUI profile to core mods to ease setup.
- Cleaned up profiles
- Implemented Questhelper addon (Now using QH waypoint arrow, QH points in cart have been disabled.)
- Implemented Cartographer addon (Using the new advanced 3.0 version)
- Minior layout change to accomodate waypoint arrow.
- Implemented Auctioneer.
- Changed layout somewhat in chat area to correct issue where chat text is out of panel.
- Added bag visual for those who dont like the (shift+B) key combination.
- General updates to some addons.
Version 1.2.2
- Cleaned up saved variables.
- Reduced package size and footprint.
- General updates to addons used.
- Implement Titan Panel configuration.
- Relocated XP Bar.
- Adjustments made to default buff bars.
Version 1.2.3
- Updated all major addons
trunk/Addons_Used.txt New file
0,0 → 1,13
This is a list of addons that were used in the making of this UI.
Dominos Config
KGPanels config
Xperl Unitframes
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