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- Clicking the Announce button rather than pressing enter should now properly announce.
- Added support for LibSharedMedia for selecting splash font.
- Disabled adding spells to filter from the spell book to avoid tainting.
- Removed leftover debugging for when moving the display frame.

- Fixed adding spells to filter from the spell book.
- Fixed display moving on login when using a scale other than 100%.

- Updated for 4.0.
- Disabled adding auras to the aura filter by clicking for now.

- Updated German localisation.
- Added Russian localisation.
- The announce spell list will now properly be refreshed after resetting records.
- Updated Ace3 libraries. (fixes occasional error upon deleting profiles if you didn't already have updated libraries)
- Fixed tooltip sorting option.

- DoT/HoT suffix is now properly hidden in the tooltip when no direct entry of the same spell exists.
- Fixed some errors related to dual spec.
- Fixed adding mobs to filter.
- Added hack for direct spells being treated as periodic, and thus getting filtered incorrectly. (so far only the Divine Storm heal)
- Fixed error that could, under certain circumstances, occur when you gained or lost a (de)buff.

* Rewrote a lot of code. Modules are now actually independent of each other, and can be removed as desired.
* Options are now split up more, in their respective module's category.
* Now using AceDB-3.0 for saved variables management. See addon description for more info.
* Also implemented LibDualSpec. You can have profiles automatically change upon respeccing.
* Unfortunately, the first time you login on a character that has data from a previous version, all general settings will be reset.
* It is recommended that you delete your old Critline folder, as the folder structure has changed significantly.
- Added aura filter UI. You can now add custom auras by providing spell ID or shift-clicking a buff or debuff with the UI open.
- Improved aura filter. Will now try to filter spells that were cast with a special aura, but ticks after you lost it.
- Removed the ability to specify custom tooltip formats. Was just a lot of trouble for little to no gain.
- The trees in the standalone frame can no longer be explicitly set, and are instead tied to whether they are being registered.
- Added an option to to show a text label instead of an icon in the display frame.
- Added option to only register spells from the spell book. (eg no items, procs, vehicles etc)
- The font style of the splash frame can now be changed.
- Fixed rare bug where spells would not be properly alphabetically sorted.
- Added option to disregard of additional damage due to vulnerability.
- Added support for Ebon Gargoyle attacks.
- Water Elemental attacks will now be registered when using the Glyph of Eternal Water.
- Added Essence of the Blood Queen (Blood Queen Lana'thel) to aura filter.
- Added Storm Power from 25 man Hodir to aura filter.

- Added Phantom Hallucination to mob filter.
- Added Gastric Bloat (Festergut) to aura filter.
- Scaling the summary frame or the splash frame will no longer relocate them.
- Filtered auras are now tracked more accurately. (spell ID is available where it previously was not)
- You can now reset the standalone display's position with '/cl reset'.

- Added Spanish localisation by Vladixlaus.
- Added Aerial Command Unit, Fjola Lightbane, Eydis Darkbane and Icehowl to mob filter.
- Reset scroll frame should no longer misbehave after deleting filtered records.
- Modified some text colors in the detailed summary view to make it more readable.
- Removed some legacy code. Data from versions <2.1.0 will no longer be converted.
- Shift clicking the Broker plugin will now announce the highest record in that tree.
- ToC bump for 3.3.

- Added Parrot SCT support.
- You can now choose to print record notifications to the chat frame.

- 'Show old record' setting will now stick between sessions.

- Updated for patch 3.2.
- Added German localisation by Destoxillo.
- Changed spell ID for Burning Adrenaline, again. (should've worked the first time...)
- Added option to display previous record with "New record" messages.

- Should no longer register unwanted quest pet records when you have your regular pet summoned.
- Added Overwhelming Power (hard mode Assembly of Iron, normal and heroic) to aura filter.

- Fixed scaling settings not being remembered between sessions.

- Spells with a direct and a periodic effect will now be stored separately.
- As a result of the above, database structure has changed slightly.
- Spells that has no crit record will now only display its normal record in the summary.
- Periodic spells will have DoT/HoT appended to its name in the summary tooltip only if the non periodic effect is visible, as well.
- Now using combat log unit flags for new possibilities!
- Record PvP no longer needs to be enabled to track healing done to players.
- Removed "Ignore self damage" option. Damage done to any friendly unit is no longer tracked.
- Healing done to hostile units is no longer tracked.
- Healing now ignores the level filter.
- DAMAGE_SHIELD type effects (Thorns, Retribution Aura etc) are no longer tracked.
- Hopefully fixed custom tooltip formatting.
- Added Fury of the Storm, Speed of Invention, Fortitude of Frost and Resilience of Nature from the Yogg-Saron encounter to aura filter.
- Added Shadow Crash (General Vezax) to aura filter. (untested)
- Added options to ignore integrated mob and aura filters respectively. (off by default)
- Record sorting dropdown menu should no longer be empty on login.
- Added Metanoia (Valkyrion Aspirant) to aura filter.
- Improved pet tracking. Should now only register your class pets.
- Merged the invert options for each tree into one.
- Lots of small performance and memory improvements.

- Added Potent Pheromones (Freya) to aura filter.
- Added Unstable Sun Beam (Elder Brightleaf) to aura filter.
- Added Death Knight Understudy to mob filter.
- Added Storm Power (Hodir) to aura filter.

- Fixed combat log event handler. Records should now be recorded again.
- Fixed slash command.

* Renamed simply Critline with new version numbering. (hopefully for the last time!)
- Mobs can now be added by name, in addition to by target. (case insensitive)
- Added Heart of the Deconstructor to mob filter.
- Added Rune of Power (Assembly of Iron) to aura filter.
- Actually register UNIT_ENTERED/EXITED_VEHICLE events...

- All XML code rewritten in Lua. End user shouldn't notice any significant difference.
- Changed database formats for better readability. Records and filters are kept, but other settings are reset.
- Tooltip format for detailed summary can now be customised to your liking. See advanced options for details.
- Main GUI is now draggable by right mouse button at the text area. Left clicking the icon will open options, right click hides the button.
- Added sorting option for summary tooltip. (alphabetically/crit/normal)
- Changed default detailed tooltip format.
- Added Might of Mograine (death knight story line) to aura filter.
- Various cosmetic changes.

- Fixed an error caused by an unintentionally added database entry. Broken databases will be repaired.
- Removed some deprecated database entries that will never be used. (date and count)

- Records in the tooltip is now sorted by crit amount > normal amount > spell name.
- Added an option to use scrolling combat text instead of the default splash frame. Currently supports Mik SBT and SCT in addition to Blizzard's.
- 'Move splash frame' is now a regular button rather than a check button.
- Now using another (hopefully correct) spell ID for Burning Adrenaline.

- Toggling standalone display via the minimap button is now permanent.
- Dragging the minimap button should now function properly.
- Added a single letter indicator for the Broker feeds.

- Added option to ignore self inflicted damage. (off by default)
- Fixed critical strike text error that occured on certain locales.
- Added Blessing of the Crusade (Icecrown quest) to aura filter.

- Fixed 'Move splash frame' option.
- Added Iron's Bane (Storm Peaks quest) to aura filter.

- Implemented LibDataBroker feed, which replaces Titan and FuBar plugins. FuBar users need install Broker2FuBar.
- Fixed standalone display scaling not being saved between sessions.
- Fixed the "Play sound" option.
- Attacks when in a vehicle should no longer be recorded in the pet section.

- FuBar plugins should now properly use the new icons.
- An attempt at using mob IDs instead of names for the default mob filter. No need for localisations anymore.
- Announce and reset check buttons will now reset when leaving the respective view.
- Added Aura of Anger and Aura of Desire (Reliquary of Souls) to aura filter.
- Added Shade of Akama to mob filter.
- Added Energy Infusion and Energy Feedback (Vexallus) to aura filter.
- Mob filter list should now work properly when scrollable.
- Code cleanup.

- Fixed FuBar error.
- Fixed minimap icon.
- Removed more legacy code.

- Moved the options to Blizzard's interface panel and redesigned it slightly.
- Non existant entries now won't be added to the tooltip when using detailed view.
- Added Malygos' Power Spark and Potent Fungus (Amanitar) to aura filters.
- Removed some legacy code.
- Added options to record PvE/PvP and removed the old "PvP only" option.
- Added option to let magical damage ignore level adjustment.
- New (non custom made) icons.

- Implemented (so far very simple) special (de)buff filtering.
- Magical damage will yet again take level adjustment into consideration.

- Fixed occasional error upon zoning.

- Fixed level adjustment filter issues.
- You can now set level adjustment to 0.
- Default filtering is now in place for mobs that mostly receives extra damage.
- Addition and removal of filtered mobs is now notified in the chat frame.

- Splash frame will now be cleared before every record splash.
- Mob filter list should no longer error when scrolled.
- Polished some code.

- Hopefully fixed FuBar plugins.
- Splash screen spell text colour is now correctly yellow by default.
- Fixed splash screen text colour picker.

- Updated for 3.0.
- Level adjustment should now work properly.
- Level adjustment will now only apply to physical damage.
- When displaying all three types, the display frames should now not appear on top of each other on login.
- Splash screen should now behave correctly when using inverted filters.
- Buttons in the Reset records scroll pane now should not become unchecked when you scroll it.
- Self healing spells on your pet will no longer be recorded. (Prayer of Mending, Lifebloom etc)
- Fixed the Titan Panel plugins' right click menu.
- Cleaned up some code.

- Renamed "Titan [Critline]" to "Critline"
- Redesigned from the ground up to be a stand-alone mod, that supports Titan Panel.
- Split out the Summary to show Damage, Healing and Pet on separate summary screens.
- Added the option for Detailed or Simple summary display.
- Code is now broken down into function sections. makes maintenance and feature development much easier.

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