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Demonomicon is a small, compact interface designed to assist in summoning and controlling a warlock's demons. Its interface elements and functions will not show or function for players of other classes.

Demonomicon has three principle components: the pet frame, the Demonomicon itself, and key bindings. While Demonomicon is active, your demon's portrait provides a number of additional functions when left- or right-clicked with the Shift, Control or Alt keys held down.

plain Left-Click: Target your demon (standard behavior)
plain Right-Click: Open menu to dismiss your demon (standard behavior)
Shift-Left-Click: (Voidwalker) Consume Shadows; (Felguard) Intercept target; (Felhunter) Devour Magic on current target.
Shift-Right-Click: (Voidwalker) Sacrifice; (Felhunter) Devour Magic on mouseover (key-binding needed)
Ctrl-Left-Click: (Succubus) Seduce target; (Felhunter) Spell Lock target.
Ctrl-Right-Click: (Succubus) Seduce focus; (Felhunter) Spell Lock focus.
Alt-Left-Click: Health Funnel
Alt-Right-Click: Assist your demon (target their target)

The Demonomicon is a small button that appears under your portrait, like a grimoire of demon spells. Click this button to bring up a menu of buttons of all the demon summon spells you know. While the circle of buttons is showing, the keys "1"-"5" and "I", "V", "S", "F", and "G" will be temporarily rebound to your summon buttons. If you know the spell Fel Domination, right-clicking a demon button will fast-summon that demon. If you right-click the menu button to open it, the key-bindings will fast-summon your demons as if you had right-clicked the individual buttons. If you don't like the button's location, drag it to your preferred location.

(Demonomicon has not been tested for locales other than English, but it should set itself up correctly any language...in French and German, the summon bindings change to "D", "M", "S", "C","G" and "W","L","S","J","T" respectively.)

Key-bindings are available to duplicate left- and right- clicks on your pet frame and the Demonomicon button. They are found in your Key Bindings menu under the heading "Demonomicon." You can bind modified keys to these functions, but keep in mind the addon will still use those modifiers to determine what action you take; that is, binding "CTRL-P" to your pet frame will always count as a ctrl-click.

Known bugs or unimplemented features:
Shift-right-clicking your pet frame while your felhunter is active was originally supposed to bring up a blue targeting cursor for Devour Magic. WoW's targeting behavior doesn't support this ATM.

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