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---What this mod does---

LanguageCycle provides a quick way for role-players to know what language their character is speaking and easily change that language.  It also allows users to speak a non-default language in most channels, but automatically speak in either Common or Orcish (determined by faction) in party, raid and guild chat, preventing the need to constantly switch languages.

---What this mod DOES NOT do---

This is not a translation mod.  It will not allow you to speak or understand any languages which your character does not know.


Unzip files to the Interface/AddOns/ folder within your main World of Warcraft folder.  This should automatically create two new sub-folders.  One folder for LanguageCycle and one for TitanLanguageCycle.  If you do not use Titan Panel, you do not need the TitanLanguageCycle folder or files, but they do no harm.  The Titan LanguageCycle plugin requires both sets of files.


LanguageCycle adds a button and a small pop-up panel to the user interface for selecting which language your character will use.  The button displays the currently-selected language.  When clicked, your selected language will change to the next available language for your character.  e.g. Switching from Common to Darnassian for a Night Elf character.  Characters who can only speak one language are unaffected (and have no need for this mod!).  Cycling through available languages may also be done via a slash command or a key binding.

By default, LanguageCycle will automatically send /party, /raid and /guild messages in the character's base faction language (Common or Orcish).  e.g. You can be speaking Darnassian in /say, but your messages to /party will be in Common.  This option may be turned off either by deselcting the checkbox or using a slash command.

Which language has been selected is saved per character.  e.g. Setting Troll as the language for one character will have no affect on any other Troll characters you use.

The setting of the /party, /raid and /guild language override is saved, but not per character.  e.g. If you turn off the checkbox while playing one character, logging in with a different character will maintain the same setting, and the checkbox will be off.

---UI Mods---

In normal usage, a button appears on the screen.  Left-clicking on the button cycles through available languages.  When moving the mouse near the button, a small pop-up panel appears around the button with two additional options- A checkbox for /party, /raid and /guild chat language and a close button to hide the entire UI.

The checkbox is on by default.  Checking it off will allow you to speak your current language in all channels.  The text on the button displays in a light green color when this box is unchecked and white when checked.

Clicking the close button will hide both the button and the pop-up panel.  You can get the UI to reappear by using the slash command "/lc show".

The UI may be moved anywhere on your screen by dragging on the text in the pop-up panel.

If you do not want the pop-up panel to appear, right-click on the button.  Right-clicking does NOT cause the language selection to cycle.  In this compact state, the UI may not be dragged elsewhere on your screen.  To have the pop-up panel appear again, right-click again.

The location and visible status of the button is saved per character.

---Slash Commands---

To cycle through your languages manually, use:
This is the same as left-clicking on the button (or the Titan Panel button).

To toggle speaking your faction's base language in /party, /raid and /guild chat, use:
/lc party
/lc group
/lc guild
/lc toggle
Any of the above commands will do the same thing.  Each is the same as clicking the checkbox in the pop-up panel.

To hide or show the visual UI, use:
/lc show
/lc hide
Both commands do the same thing.  If the button is visible, they are the same as clicking the close box.  If the button is not visible, either command will make it reappear.

When the UI is hidden, you can find out what LanguageCycle's current settings are with the command:
/lc status
This displays both your current language and the setting of group/party translation.

---Key Bindings---

A key binding is available for cycling through your available languages.  When used, the key binding is the same as left-clicking the button or using the /lc command.  Look for "Language Cycle" within your key bindings window.

---Known Issues---

This mod overrides the standard UI language selection menu.  Selecting languages with the normal WoW UI will do nothing.  If you do not wish to use this mod to control your languages, you should remove it from your Interface/AddOns/ folder.  Using the Close box or the /lc hide command to remove the button from your screen is NOT sufficient.

At this time, there are no other known issues with either the standard WoW UI or any other third-party mods.

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