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Toc update

Some minor changes in the Messages

New slash command 
        /gr test all

New updated Commands
        <prefix>% - (Shows current percent)
        <prefix>tnl% - (Shows percent until level up)

        <prefix>xp% - (Shows in line one current percent, and in line two experience/experience needed)
        <prefix>xptnl% - (Shows in line one percent until level, and in line two experience needed to level up)

        <prefix>bars - (Shows current bars)
        <prefix>barstnl - (Shows bars until level up)

        <prefix>xp - (Shows current experience/experience needed)
        <prefix>xptnl - (Shows experience needed until level up)



Stable again

Fixed the folders, for some reason the SVN didn't pack the addon in a folder, 
        Might be because I forgot that part.


Toc update
Added two more commands as per user request
Added a wSend function, hopefully its a little bit cleaner (Not really)

Added a test function
        /gr test
        This will whisper your character "!position"

Toc update
Added a readme 
Included the changelog

Toc updated

Minor fix

Changed version format, I might make more changes, and small ones rising up to version 992.52 does not seem like a good idea.

Fixed the filter function, there were some errors left over from the alpha version.


Updated TOC

Changed the Help message

Added a filterfunction credits goes to Tekkub's Decount
You wont see the incoming whispers now


Initial Release

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