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<Ui xmlns="http://www.blizzard.com/wow/ui/">
        <Script file='ouf.lua' />

        <Script file='elements\power.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\aura.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\health.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\cpoints.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\ricons.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\leader.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\status.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\pvp.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\portraits.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\range.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\happiness.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\castbar.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\threat.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\tags.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\vehicle.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\masterlooter.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\assistant.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\runebar.lua' />
        <Script file='elements\lfdrole.lua' />

                This template requires the layout to set the anchoring positions from the
                sub-frame(s). These are feed to the layouts style functions as any other unit
                spawned by a header. The main difference is that they have the unitsuffix
                attribute set (and they are parented to their respective owener).
        <Button name="oUF_HeaderTargetTemplate" inherits="SecureUnitButtonTemplate" hidden="true" virtual="true">
                        <Button name="$parentTarget" inherits="SecureUnitButtonTemplate">
                                        <Attribute name="unitsuffix" type="string" value="target"/>
                                        <Attribute name="useparent-unit" type="boolean" value="true"/>
                                        <Attribute name="type1" type="string" value="target"/>
                                        <Attribute name="initial-unitWatch" type="boolean" value="true"/>

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