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ristretto Power displays the UnitPower values for some classes (as well as Maelstrom for Shamans). It does so in a small frame, designed to have no actual properties to itself and be easily integrated into custom UI.

__To move the frame__, simply shift-alt-click and drag.

__To scale the frame__, type /rp scale n where n is from 0.1 to 5. scale 5 is freaking HUGE!

__Druid Combo Points__ remain visible even when in Bear/Cow/Nelf/Twilight form. It's how I, personally, like it, since I PvP a lot and sometimes want to know if I still have CP on someone even though I am currently in Cowform, healing myself or others. I can see how that's annoying to non-ferals or people who heal/tank/lolchicken sometimes, I'll make sure it turns off for those in the next version.

__Maelstrom Frame__ will stay up even if you don't have Maelstrom Weapon. It's a one-liner to check for that, I'll add it into the next version (see below) if people really want it. Alternatively just turn it off per character.

**Next Version?**

I just put this together in a few minutes to have something to do heroics with, figured I'd upload it quick and then roll out a version with actual needed changes tomorrow.

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