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  • Rev 27 2009-08-23 18:52:25 GMT
  • Author: Tristanian-76692
  • Log message:
    - Major update.
    - Modified plugin text. Display for number of active instances has been scrapped in favor of a [Group]:[Raid]:[Expired] format, which will now apply to both normal and "short" text. Expired instances can still be optionally hidden from the text display.
    - Added an option to hide the hint text from the tooltip.
    - Fixed a bug, where the tooltip would not be shown and the plugin would error, when hiding the instance difficulty column, while still attempting to sort saved instances by difficulty. In such a case, the plugin will now revert to instance name sorting. The difficulty sorting option now requires difficulty shown, to be enabled, until a better solution can be implemented.
    - Added clickable functionality to the tooltip. You are now able to paste saved instance information, to an open chat box, by Shift-Clicking the appropriate instance name. In addition, you may toggle extension of the instance ID expiration period by simply Right-Clicking on its name. Blue colored instance names, indicate instances with "extended IDs".
    - Added an option to enable scrolling for the tooltip, with a selectable tooltip maximum height for the scrollbar to be enabled.
    - Various minor, "under the hood" corrections and improvements.
    - Updated libraries and localization (work in progress).
    - Tagging as 2.0 release.
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