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  • Rev 3 2010-10-12 13:28:56 GMT
  • Author: ChaosInc-35325
  • Log message:
    + 4.0 ready
    + GUI overhaul. It was too large for my liking and purpose. It's now about half the size and has options separated into panels that "share common interest". Hopefully it will be a little less intimidating to look at now. Maybe. Probably not, but I tried anyways.
    + Description change so it's not so much of a "wall-o-text". Not everyone is tech saavy to understand the nitty-gritty of it. More importantly, most could care less.
    + Any "Discord" credits have been removed. It's been dead for years and most don't even know it existed. People need to move on if they're still making a big deal of it.
    + Removal of the "Parent" field when adding frames. Frames will now simply add their own parent info or have it defaulted to UIParent. It was a redundant element.
    + Fixed a few bugs I came across along the way. Nothing too major, my own stupid mistakes.
    + I should grab some coffee. It's been a long morning of staring at/rearranging code.
    + DFM support has been removed. If people haven't converted by now, the likelihood of it happening now is somewhere around "no".
    + No I have not changed the colors. I'm considering reskinning it a bit to make it look prettier with the new Cata artwork. Purple/green will still be in there somewhere, however.
    + Donation icon added to front page. And "I'll eat your soul" look to those who said they were gonna donate and never did.
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