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19 Added new version announcement schnoggo-45553 4825d 09h 45m /
18 Fixed naming issue with cross-realm names. schnoggo-45553 4826d 05h 51m /
17 udapted for 3.3 schnoggo-45553 4853d 02h 51m /
16 Updated version is a few more places. schnoggo-45553 4978d 15h 46m /
15 Moved update url back to wowinterface. schnoggo-45553 4978d 15h 49m /
14 Updated TOC for 3.2 schnoggo-45553 4978d 15h 54m /
13 update TOC for 3.1 client. remove math.randomseed schnoggo-45553 5068d 04h 25m /
12 readme cleanup schnoggo-45553 5273d 00h 02m /
11 Added Inscription to talent tracking. set wowi:dirname to AKA schnoggo-45553 5273d 00h 12m /
10 added Inscription to profession tracking. schnoggo-45553 5273d 01h 26m /
9 updated docs and removed beta designation schnoggo-45553 5273d 13h 45m /
8 Changed event handling from 'this' to passing 'self'. updated version # to 2.6b schnoggo-45553 5274d 00h 39m /
7 Fixed event handling: went from 'this' to passing 'self' and things are now much happier. schnoggo-45553 5274d 00h 44m /
6 Preference check boxes fixed. More code cleanup schnoggo-45553 5274d 11h 08m /
5 Scrolling toon list working. Lots of code clean-up. schnoggo-45553 5275d 13h 48m /
4 First pass at calendar support. New global API functions: AKA_GetNickname and AKA_ExpandNickname. schnoggo-45553 5282d 08h 00m /
3 non-crashing build for testing on PTR and test realms. schnoggo-45553 5283d 06h 43m /
2 initial checkin. Most hooks updated and workng for 3.0 client. schnoggo-45553 5296d 05h 21m /
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5296d 05h 43m /