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Rev Log message Author Age Path
12 Beta Update .03 Telic-18688 4188d 10h 24m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
11 Beta Update .02 Telic-18688 4188d 10h 25m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
10 v3.53.30000.BETA Update

- Instance Location POIs in own Plugin modules

- proof of concept betas for MailBox and FlightMaster POIs
Telic-18688 4189d 14h 18m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
9 v3.53.30000.BETA

- Custom POI display moved to separate Plugins
- Proof of Concept MailBox and FlightMaster Plugins
Telic-18688 4189d 14h 31m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
8 Beta updated Telic-18688 4191d 13h 36m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
5 Telic-18688 4258d 09h 52m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
4 Telic-18688 4259d 11h 56m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
3 Telic-18688 4260d 06h 10m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/
2 Telic-18688 4261d 05h 16m /branches/AlphaMapBeta/