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16 1. Boss fight identification improvement (kill/wipe).
2. Prevent auto reply to GM whispers.
3. Fix BG minor status reply bug.
4. Add history clear button to history window.
Animor-269184 3911d 21h 01m /trunk/
15 Animor-269184 3921d 16h 56m /trunk/
14 Animor-269184 3922d 08h 04m /trunk/
13 Animor-269184 3922d 09h 12m /trunk/
12 Animor-269184 3922d 09h 14m /trunk/
10 Animor-269184 3922d 18h 56m /trunk/
9 Animor-269184 3922d 18h 57m /trunk/
8 Animor-269184 3922d 19h 02m /trunk/
7 Animor-269184 3922d 19h 06m /trunk/
5 Animor-269184 3922d 23h 04m /trunk/
4 Animor-269184 3923d 07h 44m /trunk/
3 moving to trunk Animor-269184 3923d 09h 25m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3923d 13h 35m /trunk/