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17 TOC/Version bump. Ailae-78500 3912d 01h 23m /trunk/
16 Fix error when you log in on a class that doesn't have any spelldata. Ailae-78500 3997d 23h 34m /trunk/
15 TOC and version bump. Ailae-78500 4066d 10h 38m /trunk/
14 TOC/Version-bump.
SetMaxFramerate is missing in action.
Ailae-78500 4129d 08h 17m /trunk/
13 Don't use revision-number as version-number.
Use "MASTER" with PlaySound.
Ailae-78500 4179d 03h 27m /trunk/
12 Ailae@BabySeal:
Bugfix, buffs without a duration doesn't really expire now do they.
Ailae-78500 4206d 06h 32m /trunk/
11 Ailae@BabySeal:
Appearantly not all vehicle-type thingies counts as actual vehicles. Shouldn't interfer with classes bonusbars since that offset won't be higher than 4 according to wowpedia.
Ailae-78500 4209d 04h 13m /trunk/
10 Ailae@BabySeal:
Don't complain if in a vehicle.
Ailae-78500 4209d 11h 26m /trunk/
9 Ailae@BabySeal:
Switched back to the old output-style.
Simplified some logic.
Ailae-78500 4232d 02h 11m /trunk/
8 Ailae@BabySeal:
Almost lost everything, but think I got it now.
Ailae-78500 4234d 04h 50m /trunk/
7 Ailae@BabySeal:
Restructure, myself and another I.
Ailae-78500 4234d 04h 57m /trunk/
6 Ailae@BabySeal:
Restructure, myself and I.
Ailae-78500 4234d 04h 57m /trunk/
5 Ailae@BabySeal:
Ailae-78500 4236d 09h 50m /trunk/
4 Ailae@BabySeal:
Undo all the LSM-jazz. I don't use the option myself anyway..
Ailae-78500 4236d 23h 15m /trunk/
3 Ailae@BabySeal:
First pass on the rewrite. Using a timer instead now to check every second for changes (while in combat). Probably just as efficient as parsing a billion CLEU or UNIT_AURA messages.
Rewrote the options and added LSM support for sounds.
Next.. do a lot of testing.
Ailae-78500 4237d 04h 52m /trunk/
2 initial commit Ailae-78500 4241d 10h 17m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4241d 10h 20m /trunk/