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Rev Log message Author Age Path
7 replace getglobal command with _G access JoshBorke-27403 4515d 13h 20m /trunk/
6 add a hungarian layout thanks to 3ICE JoshBorke-27403 4515d 13h 39m /trunk/
5 bump toc and fix version to be up to date JoshBorke-27403 4971d 19h 24m /trunk/
4 add support for myBindings2 by opening the keyboard more reliably JoshBorke-27403 5460d 12h 41m /trunk/
3 can now switch between dvorak and qwerty layouts JoshBorke-27403 5478d 21h 33m /trunk/
2 Importing initial code JoshBorke-27403 5490d 23h 19m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5490d 23h 22m /trunk/