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Rev Log message Author Age Path
40 - change formatting time less then 1min TimTaler-28374 4978d 15h 18m /trunk/
39 changed version to 1.4.3 TimTaler-28374 4979d 16h 52m /trunk/
38 minor changes TimTaler-28374 4982d 17h 30m /trunk/
37 - Setting max buffs to 40, but more is allowed, perhaps a setting for this? Saroz-28887 4986d 05h 51m /trunk/
36 - Tweak some localization
- Add sorting by Duration
Saroz-28887 4986d 07h 54m /trunk/
35 - Use Blizzard's UI flash method to perform the frame flashing
- Handle flashing of < BUFF_WARNING_TIME timed buffs
Saroz-28887 4987d 10h 03m /trunk/
34 minor changes TimTaler-28374 4993d 16h 53m /trunk/
33 minor changes TimTaler-28374 4995d 17h 18m /trunk/
32 border corrected TimTaler-28374 4997d 04h 08m /trunk/
31 minor changes TimTaler-28374 4998d 17h 16m /trunk/
30 error on border TimTaler-28374 4999d 12h 50m /trunk/
29 minor changes TimTaler-28374 5001d 13h 31m /trunk/
28 toc corrected TimTaler-28374 5003d 08h 54m /trunk/
27 ButtonFacade added TimTaler-28374 5003d 11h 41m /trunk/
26 ButtonFacade added TimTaler-28374 5003d 12h 10m /trunk/
25 alpha for ButtonFacade TimTaler-28374 5003d 14h 30m /trunk/
24 alpha for ButtonFacade TimTaler-28374 5003d 14h 37m /trunk/
23 alpha for ButtonFacade TimTaler-28374 5003d 15h 25m /trunk/
22 problem on weapon enchant TimTaler-28374 5004d 13h 04m /trunk/
21 added sorting TimTaler-28374 5005d 17h 03m /trunk/

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