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31 Bump version and TOC
Update Daybreak for 5.3
Show stacks for Daybreak
Always remove Beacon-timer
Remove all instances of select(...)
Ailae-78500 2605d 05h 14m /trunk/
30 Small touch-up of options window Ailae-78500 2659d 07h 19m /trunk/
29 Update version and TOC
Bugfix when casting a spell on NPC/pet
Ailae-78500 2680d 04h 53m /trunk/
28 Actually use the correct version... Ailae-78500 2689d 07h 55m /trunk/
27 Added Guardian of Ancient Kings
Added Ardent Defender
Ailae-78500 2689d 07h 57m /trunk/
26 Bump version (and TOC) Ailae-78500 2689d 08h 03m /trunk/
25 Ailae-78500 2690d 05h 09m /trunk/
24 Added Divine Purpose
Tracking is no longer limited to just one character
Lookup class colors once, then cache
Removed some debug code
Ailae-78500 2690d 05h 15m /trunk/
23 Removed Holy Shield
Tweaked duration of Inquisition and Daybreak
Added Eternal Flame (I know haste affects it, but let's go with 30 seconds)
Added check for Glyph of Inquisition
Ailae-78500 2691d 11h 30m /trunk/
22 Bump version. Ailae-78500 2835d 07h 28m /trunk/
21 Bugfix for default options
Only track Devotion Aura on player
Support for Selfless Healer stacks
Ailae-78500 2835d 07h 40m /trunk/
20 TOC- and version bump. Ailae-78500 2843d 10h 46m /trunk/
19 Update for new expansion. Ailae-78500 2844d 05h 09m /trunk/
18 Bump version. Ailae-78500 3126d 10h 48m /trunk/
17 Added Zealotry, Avenging Wrath and Guardian of the Ancient Kings (times 3).
Bit of fiddlin' with the options to support the amount of spells.
Ailae-78500 3126d 10h 49m /trunk/
16 Added a couple of spells, by request
Divine Favor
Saint's Vigor
Aura Mastery
Added necessary Glyph-checks due to Divine Favor
Made sure new spells added later on are added to the savedvars
Ailae-78500 3134d 07h 31m /trunk/
15 Ok, actually type the right new version number. Ailae-78500 3146d 07h 41m /trunk/
14 Always kill Beacon. Ailae-78500 3146d 07h 49m /trunk/
13 4.3 fixes and updates Ailae-78500 3146d 07h 54m /trunk/
12 Made first round of implementing toggles for each buffs.
Next is to tweak it so that you can add completely new buffs or change durations.
Ailae-78500 3249d 05h 42m /trunk/

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