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15 Broadcaster:
- oops - updated libs to new wotlk ace3
Seerah-39096 5082d 11h 04m /branches/
14 Broadcaster:
- finished updates in modules/core
- localization table still needs updating (next version)
- this one will be pushed live
Seerah-39096 5082d 11h 25m /branches/
13 Broadcaster:
- more rewrite work
- all modules have options now
- mostly untested, with beta servers down
Seerah-39096 5082d 17h 01m /branches/
12 Broadcaster:
- more core/module options work
Seerah-39096 5083d 21h 19m /branches/
11 Broadcaster:
- start of module control
Seerah-39096 5084d 21h 17m /branches/
10 Broadcaster:
Seerah-39096 5086d 19h 08m /branches/
9 Broadcaster:
- starting rewrite work
Seerah-39096 5086d 21h 49m /branches/
8 Broadcaster:
Seerah-39096 5111d 13h 25m /branches/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5204d 22h 13m /branches/