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16 - Fixed an issue with the plugin icon not always updating properly when an outfit was changed.
- Updated .toc with proper tags for Minion support.
- Tagging as 1.9 release.
Tristanian-76692 4054d 11h 04m /trunk/
15 - AceLocale update.
- Updated .toc to 30100.
- Tagging as 1.8b release.
Tristanian-76692 4108d 12h 27m /trunk/
14 - Fixed a few global references for code brevity. Tristanian-76692 4162d 03h 49m /trunk/
13 - Moved saved variables initialization from VARIABLES_LOADED to ADDON_LOADED event for reliability and performance purposes.
- Fixed a bug where the tooltip would not properly reflect the state of Itemrack events (enabled/disabled).
- Tagging as 1.8 release.
Tristanian-76692 4176d 06h 58m /trunk/
12 - Implemented a workaround for displays using generic frame references. This should (hopefully) fix the issue with the ItemRack menu not appearing on CargoShip and DockingStation.
- Tagging as v1.7.
Tristanian-76692 4205d 10h 45m /trunk/
11 - Removed the "hack" specific to ButtonBin that ensures the ItemRack set frame is properly shown, as it is no longer required with the new ButtonBin version. Special thanks to Neotron for implementing individual button frames. Tristanian-76692 4269d 08h 28m /trunk/
10 Tristanian-76692 4286d 08h 11m /trunk/
9 - Implemented proper setting of ItemRack events, across characters. Tristanian-76692 4286d 08h 30m /trunk/
8 - Implemented a feature to enable/disable ItemRack events via Alt-Right Click.
- .toc bump for WoW 3.0
Tristanian-76692 4289d 07h 59m /trunk/
7 - Ace3 lib update. Tristanian-76692 4293d 04h 11m /trunk/
6 - Moved LibDataBroker-1.1 outside libs to properly support no-external version. Tristanian-76692 4296d 11h 39m /trunk/
5 - Specified the DO type as "data source". Tristanian-76692 4304d 10h 44m /trunk/
4 - Committed proper trunk. Tristanian-76692 4306d 04h 54m /trunk/
3 - Rewriting trunk properly. Tristanian-76692 4306d 04h 57m /trunk/
2 Initial commit. Tristanian-76692 4308d 10h 20m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4308d 10h 25m /trunk/