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9 Added fix by sag_ich_nicht to fix version 0.9B4 ellira-107044 3061d 21h 48m /trunk/
8 Update TOC to 3.2, mostly to test commit. ellira-107044 3061d 23h 35m /trunk/
7 When you add an item to the tracking list while at a vendor, it will be immediately purchased (or confirmed to be purchased).
You can now remove the last item in the tracking list.
Limited quantity items are now handled appropriately.
Cogwheel-17646 3435d 15h 54m /trunk/
6 Updated for 3.0.2 Cogwheel-17646 3444d 01h 06m /trunk/
5 Fixed tab/space mismatches Cogwheel-17646 3444d 04h 39m /trunk/
4 Fixed externals Cogwheel-17646 3444d 04h 44m /trunk/
3 Added externals Cogwheel-17646 3603d 03h 05m /trunk/
2 Initial Import Cogwheel-17646 3603d 03h 52m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3603d 03h 54m /trunk/