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14 Shinisuryu-140515 4872d 22h 17m /trunk/
13 Shinisuryu-140515 4872d 22h 21m /trunk/
12 Shinisuryu-140515 4874d 06h 22m /trunk/
11 Added ## Version tag Cogwheel-17646 5091d 18h 37m /trunk/
10 Fixed bug with confirmation dialog. Cogwheel-17646 5091d 19h 23m /trunk/
9 Added more localizations for zhCN and zhTW Cogwheel-17646 5097d 07h 38m /trunk/
8 Removed 2.x support (fixed ctrl-click bug) Cogwheel-17646 5102d 05h 46m /trunk/
7 Made backwards compatible with 2.4 Cogwheel-17646 5118d 03h 21m /trunk/
6 Finished 3.0 update Cogwheel-17646 5118d 03h 32m /trunk/
5 Updated for 3.0 Cogwheel-17646 5182d 03h 10m /trunk/
4 Fixed CogsBagSpace external Cogwheel-17646 5182d 04h 31m /trunk/
3 Added Externals Cogwheel-17646 5259d 05h 48m /trunk/
2 Initial Import Cogwheel-17646 5259d 06h 39m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5259d 06h 42m /trunk/