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9 - small changes to logic handling
- implemented filters for CC effects
Pheredhel-131260 5219d 05h 19m /branches/
8 - basic eventhandling added
- begin of filter and action system implemented
- going ace3
Pheredhel-131260 5220d 07h 25m /branches/
7 -branch for rewrite Pheredhel-131260 5220d 12h 58m /branches/
4 branching for work on 0.6
-keep the trunk nice and working and free for bugfixes
-adding LibDataBroker, sheduled to replace fubar-plugin
Pheredhel-131260 5226d 02h 26m /branches/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5227d 04h 13m /branches/