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Rev Log message Author Age Path
13 adding mustics changes, thank you for them and allowing me to merge them back! Pheredhel-131260 4876d 01h 26m /trunk/
12 pushing version Pheredhel-131260 4883d 00h 59m /trunk/
11 adding Deathknight and Sap rank 4 Pheredhel-131260 4883d 01h 08m /trunk/
10 -adding wowi:dirname property Pheredhel-131260 5208d 19h 26m /trunk/
6 -versionnumber++ Pheredhel-131260 5219d 11h 31m /trunk/
5 -German translation added Pheredhel-131260 5219d 11h 32m /trunk/
2 -initial Import
-version 0.5b
-coming over from wowace
Pheredhel-131260 5222d 18h 15m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5222d 18h 31m /trunk/