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8 added wowi:dirname property AnduinLothar-18098 4402d 04h 00m /trunk/
7 v3.1
-Disabled color debug (oops!)
AnduinLothar-18098 4402d 04h 25m /trunk/
6 restructure to root AnduinLothar-18098 4402d 07h 47m /trunk/
5 Added pkgmeta AnduinLothar-18098 4402d 08h 00m /trunk/
4 v3.0.40000
-Updated to work with the new chat system and Cataclysm changes
-Replaced 'this' usage with 'self'
-Replaced getglobal() with _G[]
-Replaced MouseIsOver(frame) with frame:IsMouseOver()
-Fixed auto-scroll up and down when selecting text now that the old resize top/bottom bars were removed
-Fixed update reversion (so you can't change the text, only select it)
-Now starts storing chat messages as soon as the addon loads instead of waiting until PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD required by the old chat system
-Added support for copying from the combat log which populates in reverse
-Added support to update the editable text when Clear and SetMaxLines are called on the chat frame
AnduinLothar-18098 4403d 00h 18m /trunk/
3 toc bumpt o 30100 AnduinLothar-18098 5039d 07h 30m /trunk/
2 Initial import ChatEdit v2.0.30000 AnduinLothar-18098 5222d 04h 31m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5223d 06h 25m /trunk/