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Rev Log message Author Age Path
13 Updated toc for a release tardmrr-14927 5090d 20h 42m /trunk/
12 Fixed disconnects when trying to re-link achievement links with an icon. tardmrr-14927 5090d 20h 42m /trunk/
11 Corrected toc version again. I have it right this time-- I promise... tardmrr-14927 5185d 11h 24m /trunk/
10 Corrected version number in toc. tardmrr-14927 5185d 11h 27m /trunk/
9 Fixed Death Knight class icon tardmrr-14927 5185d 11h 33m /trunk/
8 Fixed minor syntax error tardmrr-14927 5196d 02h 33m /trunk/
7 Updated version to 1.0 tardmrr-14927 5196d 05h 14m /trunk/
6 Added support for DKs tardmrr-14927 5196d 05h 16m /trunk/
5 * Fixed for 3.0
* Added support for Achievement links
tardmrr-14927 5196d 05h 32m /trunk/
4 Moving the images folder tardmrr-14927 5196d 06h 12m /trunk/
3 Adding proper directory structure tardmrr-14927 5196d 06h 12m /trunk/
2 Initial import at version 0.91beta tardmrr-14927 5379d 23h 12m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5388d 23h 35m /trunk/