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Rev Log message Author Age Path
10 Updated toc to latest NitraMo-104212 4508d 01h 00m /trunk/
9 NitraMo-104212 4512d 18h 30m /trunk/
8 NitraMo-104212 4512d 18h 30m /trunk/
7 NitraMo-104212 4512d 18h 33m /trunk/
6 Added possibility to keybind autotoggle (and on/off) NitraMo-104212 4512d 20h 23m /trunk/
5 Added option to hide most chat spam NitraMo-104212 4512d 20h 54m /trunk/
4 Changed version number NitraMo-104212 4513d 06h 41m /trunk/
3 NitraMo-104212 4513d 08h 28m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4513d 21h 08m /trunk/