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28 - all classes should work again Eggi-18424 4201d 14h 32m /trunk/
27 - 3.1 release Eggi-18424 4212d 13h 21m /trunk/
26 - added a nil check Eggi-18424 4213d 03h 03m /trunk/
25 - forgot to commit the changes to config.lua Eggi-18424 4213d 10h 41m /trunk/
24 Eggi-18424 4213d 11h 52m /trunk/
23 Eggi-18424 4214d 06h 20m /trunk/
22 Eggi-18424 4214d 06h 20m /trunk/
21 - added the option to always hide the scale Eggi-18424 4218d 05h 45m /trunk/
20 Eggi-18424 4218d 05h 46m /trunk/
19 - fixed a dot related bug Eggi-18424 4219d 06h 34m /trunk/
18 - forgot a change in the last release Eggi-18424 4219d 06h 48m /trunk/
17 Eggi-18424 4219d 09h 41m /trunk/
16 Eggi-18424 4219d 09h 41m /trunk/
15 - lib update Eggi-18424 4229d 07h 20m /trunk/
14 - can now show ticks of dots - THIS does NOT follow the time on the scale! It uses the size of the scale to show ONE tick. Seems to be the cleanest way to do it (at least for me ;)) Eggi-18424 4229d 07h 21m /trunk/
13 - zhCN/zhTW update Eggi-18424 4233d 05h 35m /trunk/
12 - added zhCN and zhTW localization
Thanks goes to rpggo for the translation!
Eggi-18424 4233d 05h 39m /trunk/
11 - sorting should be working as it is intended now
- next patch will again have new features ;)
Eggi-18424 4233d 05h 44m /trunk/
10 - sbar update Eggi-18424 4237d 10h 50m /trunk/
9 - fixed the bar ordering Eggi-18424 4239d 03h 38m /trunk/

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