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Rev Log message Author Age Path
52 Sneaky typo is sneaky Phanx-28751 2164d 19h 01m /trunk/
51 Typo fix Phanx-28751 2165d 10h 26m /trunk/
50 Cleanup: abolish ipairs Phanx-28751 2165d 10h 27m /trunk/
49 TOC 60200 Phanx-28751 2166d 02h 16m /trunk/
48 Improve cooldown detection for morphing spells Phanx-28751 2166d 02h 24m /trunk/
47 Update TOC version for release Phanx-28751 2433d 02h 18m /trunk/
46 Fix detection of talent/morph spells with non-integer cooldowns in localizations that use a comma as a decimal separator Phanx-28751 2433d 02h 21m /trunk/
45 Version number Phanx-28751 2452d 08h 30m /trunk/
44 Scan for minutes as well as seconds in talent tooltips Phanx-28751 2467d 04h 45m /trunk/
43 Fix detection of talent spells (and potentially other "morphing" spells) with cooldowns Phanx-28751 2478d 07h 09m /trunk/
42 Prep for svn:externals Phanx-28751 2479d 22h 41m /trunk/
41 Show spell charges, hide in pokeduels Phanx-28751 2484d 23h 22m /trunk/
40 - update for 6.0 totalpackage-27891 2526d 11h 38m /trunk/
39 - updated for 5.4 totalpackage-27891 2921d 11h 00m /trunk/
38 - updated promised options totalpackage-27891 3027d 15h 50m /trunk/
37 - update for 5.3 totalpackage-27891 3028d 11h 47m /trunk/
36 - properly handle Frost Bomb cooldown totalpackage-27891 3066d 16h 03m /trunk/
35 - toc updated for 5.2 totalpackage-27891 3115d 16h 19m /trunk/
34 - toc updated for 5.1
- implement the use of RegisterUnitEvent
totalpackage-27891 3208d 15h 20m /trunk/
33 - missed something totalpackage-27891 3288d 12h 02m /trunk/

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