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26 - Minor code cleanup. Lombra-42051 4594d 15h 20m /
25 - Remove water elemental from class pets as it's now treated as a permanent pet.
- Add Kill Command tooltip exception.
- Move aura tracker out of the filter module and into its own module.
- Aura tracker should now pick up auras even when no source was provided.
- Pet damage will now obey aura filtering.
- Fix error occuring upon attacking filtered targets.
- Add Berserking (battlegrounds), Spirit's Vengeance (Bloodord Mandokir) and Sunder Rift (Jin'do) to aura filters.
- Add new spell IDs for some Cataclysm raid auras.
- Add Ragezone (normal mode Deadmines), and remove it from target aura, since it no longer increases damage taken.
- Periodic healing done to yourself while under the effects of a filtered (healing-received-increased) aura should now be properly filtered.
- Periodic effects can now be registered if it ticks on a vulnerable target, as long as the effect was applied before the vulnerability aura. (somewhat experimental)
- Spells in the reset and announce lists will now be grayed out if they're filtered.
- Toggling short number format should no longer affect the Broker objects whose tree is disabled.
Lombra-42051 4595d 07h 18m /
24 Tagging as 4.0.3 Lombra-42051 4603d 02h 08m /
23 - Add Sweeping Strikes and Aimed Shot! exceptions.
- Remove pre-4.1 compability code.
- Update ToC interface and version.
- Update filter module combat log event handler for 4.1.
Lombra-42051 4603d 02h 08m /
22 Tagging as 4.0.2. Lombra-42051 4607d 12h 07m /
21 - Hunter traps will now properly display tooltip records.
- "Include old record" moved from splash module to core. Applies to both chat frame and splash messages.
- Second attempt at including old record in chat frame output.
- Made critical record message in the chat frame slightly more distinguishable from a non crit.
- Do not show pet auto attack records in the regular auto attack tooltip.
Lombra-42051 4607d 12h 07m /
20 - Changed a few debugs to be slightly more useful. Lombra-42051 4611d 00h 31m /
19 Tagging as 4.0.1. Lombra-42051 4616d 03h 14m /
18 - Updated version number. Lombra-42051 4616d 03h 18m /
17 - You can now specify the sound effect played on new records. (LibSharedMedia)
- Pet auto attack records are now displayed on the pet attack action tooltip.
- Added Hellscream's Warsong, Strength of Wrynn, Singed and Chemical Cloud to aura filters.
Lombra-42051 4616d 07h 55m /
16 - Fix an updated localisation string. Lombra-42051 4624d 11h 58m /
15 - Records printed to the chat frame can now be shortened, and can once again include the previous record.
- Added Aerial Command Unit back to mob filter. Not eligible for aura tracking.
- Splash frame records can now be shortened when no previous record is included in the message.
- Do not try to load AceDBOptions since we're not using it.
Lombra-42051 4624d 13h 50m /
14 Tagging as 4.0.0. Lombra-42051 4626d 00h 32m /
13 Core:
* Rewrote database to store spells by ID rather than name. This is more flexible and opens up a few possibilities.
* Most spells will be carried over to the new database, but others (mostly procs and item effects) will be lost.
- Absorb effects are now stored as healing records. Uses the remaining absorb amount when you apply shields.
- Added option to use shorter number format for records. (eg 13 k instead of 13000)
- Added option to display records in its spell's tooltip.
- Spells that have different versions, but identical effects, (such as "Pyroblast!" and "Ravage!") are now treated as one and the same.
- Added compability for patch 4.1.
- Certain guardian type pets should once again have their records properly registered.
- Periodic damage is now annotated by an asterisk (*) or the word "tick" rather than DoT/HoT.
- Removed some legacy code.
- Some code and performance optimisation.
- Implemented basic filtering based on target auras. For now you have to be in combat log range when an aura is applied or removed for the addon to register it. See filters.lua for details.
- Implemented a basic aura tracker (mostly for debugging purposes). Type '/critline aura' to show or hide it.
- Removed option to invert spell filter. From now on unchecked spells are filtered, and new spells are not filtered by default.
- Added option to automatically filter newly registered spells. (disabled by default)
- Spell filter now shows spell tooltip and associated records on mouseover.
- Spells with no records are no longer kept in the database for the purpose of saving its filter flag.
- Added Drakeadon Mongrel and Exposed Head of Magmaw to mob filter.
- Added Power Generator, Engulfing Magic, Lightning Charge and Blessing of the Sun (heroic) to aura filter.
- The different panels' background color can now be changed as desired.
- The frame can now be scaled up to 200%. (from 150%)
- The frame's alpha can now be changed.
- It should no longer be possible to force show the frame when no trees are enabled, resulting in a weird appearance.

- Reset and announce spell lists had their appearance redesigned. Click to directly to your thing, instead of checking and then clicking.
- New records achieved in the last fight can now be undone in the reset module. Eligible spells will have a different button.
- Spell profiles should now display the correct used profiles at all times.
- Updated libraries.
Lombra-42051 4626d 00h 34m /
12 - Added Erudax to mob filter.
- New spell ID for Tidal Surge.
Lombra-42051 4732d 12h 08m /
11 Tagging as 3.1.3. Lombra-42051 4733d 12h 17m /
10 - Added Karsh Steelbender, Ragnaros (Mount Hyjal) and Debilitated Apexar to mob filter.
- Added Tidal Surge, Pyrogenics, Blessing of the Sun, Empowering Twilight,
Invocation of Flame, Red Mist, Ragezone and Frothing Rage to aura filter.
Lombra-42051 4733d 12h 18m /
9 Tagging as 3.1.2. Lombra-42051 4760d 12h 26m /
8 - Disabled adding spells to filter from the spell book to avoid tainting.
- Removed leftover debugging for when moving the display frame.
Lombra-42051 4760d 12h 27m /
7 - Clicking the Announce button rather than pressing enter should now properly announce.
- Added support for LibSharedMedia for selecting splash font.
Lombra-42051 4762d 00h 37m /

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