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24 Tagging as 4.0.3 Lombra-42051 4603d 03h 37m /tags/
22 Tagging as 4.0.2. Lombra-42051 4607d 13h 36m /tags/
19 Tagging as 4.0.1. Lombra-42051 4616d 04h 43m /tags/
14 Tagging as 4.0.0. Lombra-42051 4626d 02h 01m /tags/
11 Tagging as 3.1.3. Lombra-42051 4733d 13h 47m /tags/
9 Tagging as 3.1.2. Lombra-42051 4760d 13h 56m /tags/
6 3.1.1
- Fixed adding spells to filter from the spell book.
- Fixed display moving on login when using a scale other than 100%.
Lombra-42051 4781d 02h 09m /tags/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4782d 12h 39m /tags/