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26 - Minor code cleanup. Lombra-42051 4118d 14h 48m /trunk/AuraTracker.lua
25 - Remove water elemental from class pets as it's now treated as a permanent pet.
- Add Kill Command tooltip exception.
- Move aura tracker out of the filter module and into its own module.
- Aura tracker should now pick up auras even when no source was provided.
- Pet damage will now obey aura filtering.
- Fix error occuring upon attacking filtered targets.
- Add Berserking (battlegrounds), Spirit's Vengeance (Bloodord Mandokir) and Sunder Rift (Jin'do) to aura filters.
- Add new spell IDs for some Cataclysm raid auras.
- Add Ragezone (normal mode Deadmines), and remove it from target aura, since it no longer increases damage taken.
- Periodic healing done to yourself while under the effects of a filtered (healing-received-increased) aura should now be properly filtered.
- Periodic effects can now be registered if it ticks on a vulnerable target, as long as the effect was applied before the vulnerability aura. (somewhat experimental)
- Spells in the reset and announce lists will now be grayed out if they're filtered.
- Toggling short number format should no longer affect the Broker objects whose tree is disabled.
Lombra-42051 4119d 06h 47m /trunk/AuraTracker.lua