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16 Updated ChangeLog.txt Dagos-135966 4369d 15h 40m /branches/
15 Fixed problem with menu items which do not loading properly on startup Dagos-135966 4369d 15h 45m /branches/
14 Committing old versions for history sake. Dagos-135966 4369d 16h 42m /branches/
13 Dagos-135966 4369d 16h 44m /branches/
12 Moved DagAssist frame strata to high. Dagos-135966 4369d 16h 59m /branches/
10 Updated several SVN options Dagos-135966 4371d 21h 10m /branches/
8 Moving a section up or down will now trigger a save. Dagos-135966 4373d 06h 52m /branches/
7 * Added "/dagassist reset" command line to reset the menu to defaults Dagos-135966 4373d 07h 00m /branches/
6 * Fixed bug preventing the pickup of spells once placed in the menu
* Fixed taint issue if you tried to change the menu items while in combat
Dagos-135966 4373d 07h 01m /branches/
5 * Added instructions to the configuration panel
* Added move up/down buttons to the section editor
* Pressing ESC will now close the menu except while in combat
* Menu items are prepopulated with some defaults when first installed
Dagos-135966 4373d 07h 38m /branches/
4 Dagos-135966 4373d 11h 53m /branches/
3 Dagos-135966 4373d 11h 54m /branches/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4373d 12h 11m /branches/