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Rev Log message Author Age Path
29 Updated for 6.0.0 Dagos-135966 2865d 17h 34m /trunk/
28 Dagos-135966 3257d 17h 53m /trunk/
27 Dagos-135966 3369d 17h 09m /trunk/
26 Updated TOC version number. Dagos-135966 3453d 16h 45m /trunk/
25 Updated for 5.2 Dagos-135966 3453d 16h 46m /trunk/
24 Dagos-135966 3549d 15h 20m /trunk/
23 -Updated for 5.0 Dagos-135966 3589d 23h 38m /trunk/
22 Updated TOC for 4.3 Dagos-135966 3856d 00h 13m /trunk/
21 Updated for 4.1 Dagos-135966 4131d 16h 37m /trunk/
20 * Hearthstone will once again show the bind location Dagos-135966 4316d 17h 18m /trunk/
19 * Added Cancel button to config window
* Raised frame strata of config window
Dagos-135966 4316d 22h 58m /trunk/
18 Modified OnUpdate to set button actions if necessary. Dagos-135966 4321d 15h 38m /trunk/
17 Dagos-135966 4321d 21h 08m /trunk/
11 Merged from 4.03 Dagos-135966 4324d 02h 43m /trunk/
9 Merged 4.03 to trunk Dagos-135966 4325d 12h 23m /trunk/
2 Initial commit Dagos-135966 4325d 17h 30m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4325d 17h 46m /trunk/