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17 - tagging for 3.3 dirtygurl-152904 4798d 20h 29m /trunk/
16 tagging for 3.2
minor updates
dirtygurl-152904 4932d 13h 42m /trunk/
15 FIXED: forgot to put in saved variables in toc file dirtygurl-152904 4970d 16h 10m /trunk/
14 NOTE: filled in more data
ADDED: anchor for seperate data
ADDED: hover + shift to view data
dirtygurl-152904 4974d 09h 51m /trunk/
13 NOTE: moved files to a named directory for better zip generation dirtygurl-152904 4978d 02h 38m /trunk/
12 FIXED: not showing on first login dirtygurl-152904 4978d 02h 42m /trunk/
11 NOTE: dont edit files while on the game >< dirtygurl-152904 4978d 07h 35m /trunk/
10 NOTE: started on adding in information for local db
ADDED: support for level up and talent switch
dirtygurl-152904 4978d 09h 10m /trunk/
9 blah.. guess not dirtygurl-152904 4981d 07h 56m /trunk/
8 testing something for wowi dirtygurl-152904 4981d 07h 57m /trunk/
7 REMOVE: LibStub.lua, LibQTip-1.0.lua
ADDED: libs directory
dirtygurl-152904 4981d 08h 00m /trunk/
6 NEW: auto grab class/spec(tank) dirtygurl-152904 4981d 08h 22m /trunk/
5 FIXED: line 1112 updated replaced variables dirtygurl-152904 4982d 04h 31m /trunk/
3 dirtygurl-152904 4982d 04h 42m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4982d 04h 54m /trunk/