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20 - added zone changed for trade city
- added public/private testmode
dirtygurl-152904 4845d 19h 08m /
19 - tagging for 3.3
- added support for languages english/french
- added command line for turning addon on/off
dirtygurl-152904 4847d 20h 06m /
18 FIXED: FINALLY dirtygurl-152904 4948d 22h 57m /
17 FIXED: stupid uidropdown bug dirtygurl-152904 4950d 17h 21m /
16 FIXED: okay, grecruitment channel dirtygurl-152904 4951d 04h 41m /
15 A: chinese food dirtygurl-152904 4951d 05h 25m /
14 NOTE: possibly guildrecruitment crap dirtygurl-152904 4951d 05h 27m /
13 tagging for 3.2 dirtygurl-152904 4987d 20h 17m /
12 ADDED: ChatThrottleLib
ADDED: sync option back
dirtygurl-152904 4995d 05h 29m /
11 NOTE: commented out this.owner dirtygurl-152904 4996d 01h 19m /
10 UPDATED: LibQTip-1.0.lua
REMOVED: sync due to crash
ADDED: default level variable as nil
dirtygurl-152904 4996d 01h 22m /
9 REMOVED: loadondemand from toc file dirtygurl-152904 4997d 06h 45m /
8 ADDED: argument option for configuration show dirtygurl-152904 4997d 06h 49m /
7 ADDED: reset option dirtygurl-152904 4997d 21h 02m /
6 ADDED: syncing of ad text
ADDED: interface addon gui panel
dirtygurl-152904 4997d 21h 06m /
5 ADDED: join/leave for guild recruitment spam dirtygurl-152904 5016d 23h 00m /
4 FIXED: variable error
ADDED: guild recruitment channel spam as default
dirtygurl-152904 5016d 23h 48m /
3 ADDED: options to spam in major cities or other and all dirtygurl-152904 5017d 23h 48m /
2 Initial project upload dirtygurl-152904 5018d 14h 46m /
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5018d 14h 48m /