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20 updated version numbers. acapela-52217 3272d 23h 10m /trunk/
19 updated version numbers. acapela-52217 3272d 23h 52m /trunk/
18 fleshed out various locales with basic english defaults. acapela-52217 3272d 23h 52m /trunk/
17 updated version numbers. acapela-52217 3284d 19h 22m /trunk/
16 additional/updated description. updated TODO list. acapela-52217 3284d 19h 22m /trunk/
15 reworded damage warning option tooltip. acapela-52217 3284d 19h 35m /trunk/
14 refactored order of conditionals in main checks, for efficiency. acapela-52217 3284d 19h 37m /trunk/
13 updated version numbers. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 37m /trunk/
12 fixed typo in string. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 37m /trunk/
11 updated version numbers. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 40m /trunk/
10 altered default config values to disable "afflict" messages, and message to ChatFrame1. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 40m /trunk/
9 updated version numbers. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 44m /trunk/
8 enabled whisper mechanism. fixed typo in PERIODIC_DAMAGE diagnostic. refactored unitName-related concatenation, to check intermediate results thoroughly at each step (was getting a "attempt to concatenate a nil value" error. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 44m /trunk/
7 expanded wording of whisper option tooltip. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 47m /trunk/
6 expanded wording of whisper option tooltip. acapela-52217 3285d 10h 47m /trunk/
5 Enhanced options for messaging (including chat windows), associated configuration infrastructure, refactored message handling, and a fix to PERIODIC_DAMAGE reporting. acapela-52217 3285d 15h 47m /trunk/
4 fixed typo in debuff removal tracking. acapela-52217 3286d 11h 11m /trunk/
3 Updated with options menu, LibSink-2.0, and whisper messaging options. acapela-52217 3286d 11h 52m /trunk/
2 Initial revision. acapela-52217 3287d 17h 17m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3287d 17h 22m /trunk/