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29 Updating DressToKill to actually work correctly Cladhaire-15704 4859d 13h 08m /trunk/
28 * Fix the opening of the options menu Cladhaire-15704 4994d 16h 28m /trunk/
27 * Clean up some leaked globals, bad jnwhiteh! Cladhaire-15704 5017d 17h 49m /trunk/
26 * Recover from errors when the API tells us to equip something in a slot (such as 3.0.X where it says a 2-Hander can go in the offhand due to Titan's Grip) Cladhaire-15704 5017d 17h 59m /trunk/
25 Added error checking for ERR_CANT_EQUIP_SKILL Cladhaire-15704 5088d 13h 32m /trunk/
24 Fixed a rather nasty bug that would prevent you from equipping any boe items Cladhaire-15704 5105d 02h 12m /trunk/
23 Fixed an error that can occur when equipping an item with a higher required level Cladhaire-15704 5105d 22h 05m /trunk/
22 Re-add debug messages to the chat frame, when ending a round Cladhaire-15704 5110d 19h 56m /trunk/
21 Remove the base from weapon scores Cladhaire-15704 5110d 19h 59m /trunk/
20 Fixing a typo, compile before you commit jerkheadface Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 04m /trunk/
19 Fix an error that can occur when only one trinket slot has a winner Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 07m /trunk/
18 Adding error messages to debug function, fixed a typo Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 18m /trunk/
17 Fixed the scoring for mainhand/offhand weapons, at least I think Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 23m /trunk/
16 Adding more debug messages for when we're equipping Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 29m /trunk/
15 Changes the way the offhand score is calculated Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 38m /trunk/
14 Added more debug messages, along with a 'Copy Log' button Cladhaire-15704 5110d 20h 51m /trunk/
13 Make the start "winner" score (- math.huge) instead of 0 Cladhaire-15704 5110d 21h 28m /trunk/
12 Fix for mainhand/offhand code, and added a debug frame Cladhaire-15704 5110d 23h 29m /trunk/
11 Dry-coded support for equipped mainhand and offhand weapon combinations Cladhaire-15704 5111d 22h 46m /trunk/
10 Drycode of mainhand and offhand weapon support Cladhaire-15704 5111d 22h 57m /trunk/

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