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81 EasyDND:
-toc update
-chat filters update for 3.1
Mera-92869 3620d 11h 53m /trunk/
80 EasyDND:
-fix of fix heh
Mera-92869 3696d 00h 49m /trunk/
79 EasyDND:
-fixe small issue
Mera-92869 3696d 02h 20m /trunk/
78 EasyDND:
-fix toc deps (thx bluenyx ;)
Mera-92869 3700d 05h 20m /trunk/
77 EasyDND:
-simplified interactive event system
Mera-92869 3700d 09h 18m /trunk/
76 EasyDND:
-simplified dnd system + reduced code size (now one function handles all dnd events)
Mera-92869 3700d 20h 37m /trunk/
75 EasyDND:
-simplified chat filters (thx Xinhuan for strgsub hint!)
-removed a few unused locals files
Mera-92869 3701d 03h 15m /trunk/
74 EasyDND:
- ruRU update
StingerSoft-59681 3701d 07h 38m /trunk/
73 EasyDND:
-fix a warning
-added whispered notification on new AntiParasites exception
Mera-92869 3702d 04h 17m /trunk/
72 EasyDND:
-some debug msg
Mera-92869 3702d 06h 29m /trunk/
71 EasyDND:
-DewdropLib now optional dep
Mera-92869 3702d 07h 03m /trunk/
70 EasyDND:
-LibDBIcon-1.0 now optional dep
Mera-92869 3702d 08h 00m /trunk/
69 EasyDND:
-didn't realized dew already embeds acelibrary
Mera-92869 3702d 08h 45m /trunk/
68 EasyDND:
-AddonLoader support
Mera-92869 3703d 19h 22m /trunk/
67 EasyDND:
-some cleanup
Mera-92869 3703d 21h 12m /trunk/
66 EasyDND:
-some cleanup
Mera-92869 3706d 01h 52m /trunk/
65 EasyDND:
-few omitted stuffs
Mera-92869 3706d 04h 00m /trunk/
64 EasyDND:
-now blocked trades can no more force the closure of BankFrame and GuildBankFrame
Mera-92869 3706d 06h 03m /trunk/
63 EasyDND:
-refined autodnd/afk system
Mera-92869 3707d 19h 27m /trunk/
62 EasyDND:
- koKR.lua - Modify the awkward part
bluenyx-147458 3708d 09h 49m /trunk/

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