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Rev Log message Author Age Path
158 curse update: beta.11b Draake-106453 5063d 18h 51m /trunk/
157 curse update: beta.10 Draake-106453 5072d 15h 07m /trunk/
156 curse update: beta.9 Draake-106453 5073d 14h 18m /trunk/
155 curse update: beta.8 Draake-106453 5073d 16h 35m /trunk/
154 Curse update. Draake-106453 5076d 18h 22m /trunk/
153 curse update Draake-106453 5077d 12h 06m /trunk/
152 Curse update. Draake-106453 5080d 06h 37m /trunk/
151 Curse update Draake-106453 5080d 15h 33m /trunk/
150 curse update Draake-106453 5082d 12h 52m /trunk/
149 Draake-106453 5082d 12h 53m /trunk/
148 Draake-106453 5090d 08h 48m /trunk/
147 Bounce back error fixed. Draake-106453 5090d 08h 59m /trunk/
146 Draake-106453 5090d 16h 54m /trunk/
145 ruRU typo fix. Draake-106453 5090d 17h 04m /trunk/
144 Draake-106453 5091d 18h 40m /trunk/
143 Added /edtoggle command for toggling quest states for quests that do not show up in an NPC's gossip window. Draake-106453 5091d 18h 41m /trunk/
142 ruRU update/fix StingerSoft-59681 5092d 06h 03m /trunk/
141 Fixed custom repeatable quest turn-ins. Draake-106453 5092d 11h 35m /trunk/
139 Version bump Draake-106453 5095d 18h 30m /trunk/
138 Fix for quests with similar names but different factions.
Fix for storing completed daily info.
Draake-106453 5095d 18h 33m /trunk/

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