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10 readme update for FAQ AnduinLothar-18098 3908d 18h 02m /
9 v2.4 (Dridzt)
- Replaced 'this' with 'self' '(this' is deprecated)
- Replaced getglobal() with direct _G lookups (getglobal is deprecated)
- Workaround for EnumerateFrames() bug (thanks to Tayedaen)
- Prevent taint when opening the spellbook and a couple other frames in combat.
- TOC to 40000
AnduinLothar-18098 3908d 18h 11m /
8 toc bump to 30100 AnduinLothar-18098 4539d 19h 34m /
7 v2.3
- Added out of combat delays to re-hide and re-position secure frames that were moved in combat.
- Added dependent sibling frame detection to scale/resize/hide frames that had the same parent and whose position is exclusively dependent on the frame being scaled/resized/hidden or one of its other dependent sibling frames.
- Delayed SetParent and Show hooks to undo on the next OnUpdate so as to also catch dependent siblings parented or shown at the same time.
- Delayed SetPoint, SetParent and Show hooks to undo when you leave combat for secure frames.
- Refactored code to a number of files to make updating easier.
AnduinLothar-18098 4550d 15h 32m /
6 Added .pkgmeta File for curse-forge mirroring AnduinLothar-18098 4691d 12h 55m /
5 Update to work with LibStub Portfolio AnduinLothar-18098 4699d 10h 02m /
4 v2.2
- Enabled SendMailFrame, TokenFrame, and the PetPaperDollFrameCompanionFrame for dragging their parent frame
- Found a bug that was breaking UIChildWindows dragging, but then decided to just disable it by design, since those frames are all anchored to their parent frame, which are draggable.
AnduinLothar-18098 4716d 05h 41m /
3 Added Portfolio External AnduinLothar-18098 4722d 11h 24m /
2 Initial FluidFrames import v2.1 AnduinLothar-18098 4722d 11h 56m /
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4723d 12h 35m /