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11 - Shift-clicking the plugin will now toggle GroupCalendar if it is installed, Blizzard's Calendar if not.
- Add an icon (can be turned off if prefered).
- Added hints to the tooltip.
DarkImakuni-16655 5039d 00h 37m /trunk/
10 Coding late at night is bad, m'kay? DarkImakuni-16655 5040d 08h 06m /trunk/
9 Bugfix DarkImakuni-16655 5040d 18h 32m /trunk/
8 - Having the "Show Coloured Text" option should now make the text white instead of FuBar's default yellow.
- uClock options moved back into the dropdown menu (sorry).
- Added missing libraries.
DarkImakuni-16655 5040d 21h 23m /trunk/
7 Updated .toc for Patch 3.0.2.
Added Server Time display. Game Time can now be found in the tooltip.
Added options to show seconds and show 12hr format.
FuBar_uClock's options can now be found in Blizzard's Interface -> Addons frame.
Shift-clicking the plugin will now toggle Blizzard's Calendar.
Right-clicking the plugin will show uClock's options frame.
DarkImakuni-16655 5041d 20h 17m /trunk/
6 Restructure DarkImakuni-16655 5106d 21h 10m /trunk/
5 Fix typo DarkImakuni-16655 5108d 06h 42m /trunk/
4 Clicking on the clock will now toggle Blizzard's time manager UI DarkImakuni-16655 5109d 01h 00m /trunk/
3 Setting properties DarkImakuni-16655 5112d 07h 33m /trunk/
2 Importing project DarkImakuni-16655 5112d 07h 37m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 5112d 07h 43m /trunk/