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10 - updated Interface version number for Legion Seerah-39096 808d 19h 54m /trunk/
9 - updated ToC for WoD Seerah-39096 1240d 12h 06m /trunk/
8 - updated TOC number
- adjusted position of the scroll frame since it had "drifted"
Seerah-39096 2250d 16h 25m /trunk/
7 - updated TOC number Seerah-39096 2657d 19h 54m /trunk/
6 - oops forgot to remove a new debug statement >< Seerah-39096 2932d 12h 47m /trunk/
5 - removed debug "GBL loaded" message ><
- scroll frame only goes back to the top if you're switching tabs
- updated TOC for Cataclysm
Seerah-39096 2932d 12h 50m /trunk/
4 - fix 2 for stupid mistake Seerah-39096 3043d 00h 06m /trunk/
3 - fix 1 for stupid mistake Seerah-39096 3043d 00h 07m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3043d 00h 09m /trunk/