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14 * Added option to show officer note instead of public note (applies to guild leave/join messages and history list)
* Greatly optimized scan duration; this should resolve any 'script ran too long' warnings during combat
* Feature: Option to disable scanning during combat
* Feature: Added achievement points changes (can be spammy!)
* Feature: Configurable minimum level for reporting changes in achievement points or level
* Feature: Merging of changes, so only the net result is shown in the history tooltip (optional)
* Change: Will now properly detect all different changes for a single player simultaneously
* Change: Empty officer/public notes are now displayed as 'empty'
dracula-35573 3191d 00h 31m /trunk/
12 * Fixed occasional error during guild roster update dracula-35573 3247d 01h 04m /trunk/
10 * Added change detection for officer notes
* Mass-leave fail-safe
dracula-35573 3295d 09h 49m /trunk/
8 * Auto-expire option
* Catch possible error on logout
dracula-35573 3316d 22h 21m /trunk/
7 Added optional minimap icon for standalone mode dracula-35573 3331d 21h 10m /trunk/
6 Packager compatibility dracula-35573 3334d 06h 36m /trunk/
4 Fix output to default chat
Tag as release 5.0.4-1
dracula-35573 3335d 22h 20m /trunk/
3 * Update TOC
* Confirmation dialog when clearing history
* FIX: Not activating when joining guild
dracula-35573 3338d 21h 26m /trunk/
2 Initial commit dracula-35573 3342d 10h 34m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 3342d 10h 37m /trunk/