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Rev Log message Author Age Path
16 added resurrection Hati-EK-103009 4658d 00h 21m /trunk/
15 added teleport accept Hati-EK-103009 4664d 01h 59m /trunk/
14 removed modification print Hati-EK-103009 4664d 02h 40m /trunk/
13 revamped whole code - should now work better
LFDRoleCheck not yet in
Hati-EK-103009 4664d 11h 00m /trunk/
12 removal of debug messages ... Hati-EK-103009 4665d 02h 08m /trunk/
11 Clicks are now handled same way as enter /esc - so you don't have to do it twice ie. if you are eating :P and using your mouse anyway Hati-EK-103009 4666d 09h 05m /trunk/
10 blocking AH buyout ... blocked by blizzard Hati-EK-103009 4669d 01h 55m /trunk/
9 removed some print
addon now also 'ignores' enter for releasing corpse
Hati-EK-103009 4675d 01h 05m /trunk/
8 one more fix Hati-EK-103009 4675d 18h 32m /trunk/
7 forgot some ()
and also fixed an blizzard side issue ... where you can't use the addon for REPLACE_ENCHANT (thx blizz ...)
Hati-EK-103009 4675d 18h 36m /trunk/
6 again some bug fixes Hati-EK-103009 4675d 19h 18m /trunk/
5 fixed some small bugs Hati-EK-103009 4675d 19h 22m /trunk/
4 initial release Hati-EK-103009 4675d 19h 32m /trunk/
3 adding default files Hati-EK-103009 4675d 20h 18m /trunk/
2 wowi:dirname property change Hati-EK-103009 4675d 20h 19m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4675d 20h 22m /trunk/