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11 - Toc update

- Due to changes in Blizzard's API the translation option has been depreciated. Guild and Party channels now force to display text unaltered (as typed) with only a racial language prefix. Only /say and /yell still use racial language.

- Button UI adjustment to remove checkbox for translation toggle
Halya-96941 2118d 17h 44m /trunk/
7 TOC 50400 Halya-96941 2526d 18h 33m /trunk/
6 Updated lib calling and lib content Halya-96941 2585d 16h 18m /trunk/
5 toc update for 5.3 Halya-96941 2638d 17h 39m /trunk/
4 toc update
updating version to correspond to new patch for ease of use
Halya-96941 2715d 16h 57m /trunk/
2 Halya-96941 2729d 15h 56m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 2729d 16h 04m /trunk/