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8 toc bump to 30100 AnduinLothar-18098 4570d 19h 05m /trunk/
7 v2.1
- Fixed a bug that broke non-table defaults
AnduinLothar-18098 4739d 16h 14m /trunk/
6 Comment update AnduinLothar-18098 4739d 16h 27m /trunk/
5 v2.0
- Added Meta-Indexing
Defaults are only saved in the default storage, not in the main table,
but still allows you to get them from the main table. Saves on run-time memory!
Defaults wont be accessable via pairs() from the main table,
unless you set the value to a non-default and then back to a default.
- Added Default Unloading
Removes defaults from the saved variables so that they aren't saved to disk. Speed up load time, yay!
- Added lib:Reset(addonName, varName) to reset an addons variable to default (and all table values to default)
AnduinLothar-18098 4739d 16h 31m /trunk/
4 fixed some comments AnduinLothar-18098 4742d 22h 40m /trunk/
3 - Added LibStub AnduinLothar-18098 4742d 22h 46m /trunk/
2 Initial v1.0 Import AnduinLothar-18098 4742d 22h 54m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4742d 23h 06m /trunk/