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Rev Log message Author Age Path
12 - updated TOC for 5.4
- fixed typo in options panel
Seerah-39096 3479d 04h 37m /trunk/
11 - added support for group loot frames
- added support for loot won & money won frames
Seerah-39096 3802d 03h 39m /trunk/
10 - version 2.0a
- in the process of updating for MoP
- currently, only the main LootFrame is finished
Seerah-39096 3804d 07h 43m /trunk/
9 - updated libraries
- bumped TOC Interface number for 4.3
- fixed change in alignment of loot buttons
Seerah-39096 4118d 02h 48m /trunk/
8 - added option to hide dragon on elite group loot frame Seerah-39096 4258d 04h 51m /trunk/
7 - updated libs
- updated TOC number
- tweaked options layout for bigger window
Seerah-39096 4279d 03h 14m /trunk/
6 - updated libs Seerah-39096 4421d 06h 10m /trunk/
5 - updated libraries
- bumped TOC number for 4.0.1
Seerah-39096 4523d 04h 07m /trunk/
4 - added checkboxes to lock the LootFrame and GroupLootFrames
- *sometimes* the game will forget their position when logging in with them locked, but it seems to be behaving itself for the most part
Seerah-39096 4682d 09h 59m /trunk/
3 - forgot version number in TOC Seerah-39096 4730d 13h 56m /trunk/
2 - initial import Seerah-39096 4730d 13h 58m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4730d 13h 59m /trunk/