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17 Updated TOC for Patch 3.2
Added proper load check using new API in 3.2
Removed temp bag fix (Blizzard finally fixed it)
p3lim-52096 4751d 03h 18m /trunk/
16 Fixed loading issue p3lim-52096 4798d 22h 10m /trunk/
15 Fixed modifier keys for all operative systems p3lim-52096 4813d 06h 01m /trunk/
14 Added add-on disabling if player does not have the spell required
Added arguments from showing when Trade/Auction/Mail/Bank fram is shown
Fixed bug issue with bag add-ons (Bagnon, cargBags and Combuctor)
Fixed toc file
p3lim-52096 4815d 11h 35m /trunk/
13 Added re-parenting on show
Added the right event for combat fading
Fixed possible combat tainting
p3lim-52096 4834d 23h 47m /trunk/
12 Removed some testing code p3lim-52096 4835d 03h 28m /trunk/
11 Added better handling of items
Added more specific match of modifier key
Fixed issue with ContainerFrame1 if player was tracking currencies
p3lim-52096 4836d 21h 52m /trunk/
10 Added a proper license
Changed the loading
p3lim-52096 4838d 04h 22m /trunk/
9 Added a custom license
Removed GPL license
p3lim-52096 4838d 23h 30m /trunk/
8 Added a temporary bugfix to the backpack (thanks Iriel) p3lim-52096 4844d 03h 32m /trunk/
7 Added a proper script hook p3lim-52096 4844d 07h 11m /trunk/
6 Fixed tooltip hook delayed argument checks p3lim-52096 4850d 20h 56m /trunk/
5 Added new animation color to ores p3lim-52096 4854d 04h 19m /trunk/
4 Added support for prospecting p3lim-52096 4854d 04h 58m /trunk/
3 Fixed odd behavior with stacks p3lim-52096 4854d 21h 08m /trunk/
2 Initial commit p3lim-52096 4855d 20h 45m /trunk/
1 Creating inital directory structure wowinterface 4855d 20h 49m /trunk/