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38 MorgDKP:
- another ruRU fix
- typo fix
- fix member not being found for waitlist
Morgalm-31569 5294d 16h 17m /
37 MorgDKP:
- added ruRU localization (thanks Mehanic)
- added Morgbid3.7 changes (for ruRU)
Morgalm-31569 5296d 19h 29m /
36 MorgDKP:
- fix the bug I created with last fix
Morgalm-31569 5304d 19h 20m /
35 MorgDKP:
- fix for waitlist not adding member who whispers "mbid wait main" when they are on their main
- WEB: fix for events not exporting with eqdkp+ and 0 pools
Morgalm-31569 5305d 16h 48m /
34 MorgDKP:
- WEB: fix for morgexport numbering DKP wrong if you delete eqdkp+ pools
Morgalm-31569 5309d 11h 57m /
33 MorgDKP:
- fixed a couple other loc errors
- fixed vashj switch to ffa/ml
Morgalm-31569 5311d 08h 01m /
32 MorgDKP:
- More deDE fixes and nailed a hiding bug
Morgalm-31569 5316d 18h 29m /
31 MorgDKP:
- fixed a bunch of deE localizations
- fixed quality menu still being english
Morgalm-31569 5331d 16h 07m /
30 MorgDKP:
- bunch of deDE localizations (thanks Dragooner)
Morgalm-31569 5338d 20h 08m /
29 MorgDKP:
- removed another unused translation from deDE
Morgalm-31569 5342d 20h 03m /
28 MorgDKP:
- Fix for SK all not saving itempoints for export
Morgalm-31569 5343d 17h 07m /
27 MorgDKP:
- WEB: Fix for special chars being replaced 2x in some cases and a couple bug fixes
- Fix nil error with undefined pool
- Changed automatic capitalization of main/alt when adding alias as capitalizing a special character made it unrecognisable (God I hate those things:P)
Morgalm-31569 5344d 14h 50m /
26 MorgDKP:
- WEB: Fix a couple DKP change errors
- Added boss fight timer
- Added Suicide Kings spend all DKP system
Morgalm-31569 5350d 16h 09m /
25 MorgDKP:
- Fix award DKP nil error
- WEB: Fix DKP export for eqdkp+ with 0 pools
Morgalm-31569 5354d 16h 32m /
24 MorgDKP:
- WEB: export no longer exports known aliases if still in eqdkp DB
- Fixed eqdkp+ single pool install not exporting properly (hopefully)
- Fixed current raid members not updating if mod disabled when people join/leave
Morgalm-31569 5358d 15h 34m /
23 MorgDKP:
- Fix a couple waitlist bugs
Morgalm-31569 5363d 15h 35m /
22 MorgDKP:
- Changed directory structure on SVN part3
Morgalm-31569 5372d 22h 07m /
21 MorgDKP:
- Changed directory structure on SVN part2
Morgalm-31569 5372d 22h 08m /
20 MorgDKP:
- Changed directory structure on SVN
Morgalm-31569 5372d 22h 14m /
19 MorgDKP:
- Fixed custom event time
- Fixed DKP/time event not starting if already in a raid
- Fix display of high bid in justenough mode
Morgalm-31569 5372d 22h 22m /

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