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Rev Log message Author Age Path
34 -Version 7.0 Tomate-202285 2499d 10h 15m /
33 -Version 6-0 (for the challenge) Tomate-202285 2964d 09h 41m /
32 Missing class category localization. Tomate-202285 3298d 02h 53m /
31 Tomate-202285 3298d 03h 12m /
30 -Aadd newly added mount Tomate-202285 3303d 15h 34m /
29 -Sky golem could be use at land mount
-Tweak swimming detection for the use of the turtle
-Add an "Enabeld" mount panel that lists all your current used mount.
Tomate-202285 3451d 17h 06m /
28 -Update the mount list for patch 5.4. Tomate-202285 3479d 12h 51m /
27 -Update the mount list for patch 5.3. Tomate-202285 3584d 13h 22m /
26 -Update the mount list for patch 5.2. Tomate-202285 3639d 17h 36m /
25 -enhance debug feature. Tomate-202285 3762d 15h 22m /
24 -some fixes for 5.2b Tomate-202285 3767d 15h 55m /
23 v5.2b
-Toc bump for 5.1
-Update list mount.
-Fix an issue with same name mount.
Tomate-202285 3768d 16h 34m /
22 -Fix an issue with same name mount. Tomate-202285 3769d 14h 34m /
21 Tomate-202285 3782d 11h 22m /
20 -Fix Companion_Learned event not used. Tomate-202285 3782d 16h 03m /
19 -Fix issue with add cmdl
-Some code tweaking
-Fix issue with spell mount
Tomate-202285 3782d 16h 17m /
18 -Hide mount that you does not own in the option list.
-All mounts entries are not ordered.
Tomate-202285 3783d 09h 42m /
17 -Fix ground mount Tomate-202285 3789d 18h 19m /
16 -Fixes command line for adding/removing mount
-Fix ground mount add
Tomate-202285 3790d 09h 44m /
15 -Fixes Tomate-202285 3790d 12h 25m /

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